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Meaning of “free”Scarcity of suppliesTaxes vs. subsidies

Consumers vs. producersProducer, product and profit

Free Enterprise

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DEADLINESToday:Brainstorm individually. You can work individually or on a team, but your business partner will be picked by the teacher. If you decide to work on a team, you must tell your teacher by January 20th, otherwise it will be assumed you will work individually.

Browse the supply store, take pictures of supplies and brainstorm a product idea.***************************************************************************************************Friday, January 23rd-Product supply lists must be submitted. There is a $6.00 per project budget.

Friday, January 30th-Sketches of invention due.

Build a prototype. You will have class time and MakerSpace time (extra time) to build. There are information websites on QuickLinks.

February 19th-Prototypes due

No outside labor or materials may be used!

3D PrintingYou may use the 3D printer and this industry is being subsidized by the government for all costs of printing.Tinkercad website, Zote app, Makers Empire, Zotebook, BlockArt HD

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Past Winning Inventions2009: Scratch pad for dogs that damage doors.

2010: A magnetic apparatus that picks up pins and staples then safely releases them. U.S. Patent. 8641112.

2011: A dog drying suit. U.S. Patent 8371246.

2012: A UV-light box for disinfecting sponges.

2013: A sifter for cereal.

2014: Glow in the dark socks.

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March 27, 2015

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ReviewThink of a real world problem you want to solveBrainstorming Sheet and Supply ListBrainstorm while looking at available suppliesTake pictures of supplies

Return pencils at end, pleaseTake Brainstorming Sheet and Supply List with you