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Learn from Nat Friedman and Miguel de Icaza about Xamarin 2.0, including Xamarin Studio, building iOS and Android mobile apps in Visual Studio and the Xamarin Component Store.

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2. 3. 4. Native UI: No Compromises. 5. HeadlineYour own sub headline 6. Rich IDE Support 7. Rich IDE Support 8. Rich IDE Support 9. HeadlineYour own sub headline 10. Xamarin Studio. A new IDE that streamlines design, development,debugging and deployment of native mobile apps. Xamarin.iOS for Visual Studio. Visual Studio users can build iOS,Android and Windows apps in their favorite IDE. The Xamarin Component Store. An app store for code, wheredevelopers add third-party libraries with a few lines of code, andalso add beautiful native UI controls and design themes. Starter Edition. A free tier that makes it easy for small businessesand individual developers to get started and experience the power ofthe platform. 11. 12. Get one-on-one help with your mobile project from Xamarin experts at Evolve. The entire Xamarin engineering team will be on-hand to answer your questions, help debug your code, or provide advice on your mobile architecture. 13. Q&A