Introduction to WSO2 Private PaaS 4.1.0

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Transcript of Introduction to WSO2 Private PaaS 4.1.0

1. Introduction to WSO2 Private PaaS 4.1.0 Product Lead, WSO2 Private PaaS Committer, PMC Member, Apache Stratos Imesh Gunaratne Platform as a Service at its best! 2. Agenda o Apache Stratos Architecture o Apache Stratos Component Architecture o Private PaaS Architecture o Cartridge Component Architecture o Configurator Component Architecture o VM based Multi-region Deployments o Container Cluster Management with Kubernetes o Container based Deployment o Container based Multi-region Deployments o Autoscaling o Cloud Bursting o Monitoring 3. Apache Stratos 4.1.0 Architecture 4. Apache Stratos 4.1.0 Component Architecture 5. Apache Stratos Source Repository 6. WSO2 Private PaaS 4.1.0 Architecture WSO2 Private PaaS = Apache Stratos + WSO2 Cartridges 7. WSO2 Private PaaS Source Repository 8. Cartridge Component Architecture 9. Configurator Component Architecture 10. VM based Multi-region Deployment 11. Container Cluster Management with Kubernetes 12. Container based Deployments 13. Container based Multi-region Deployments 14. Autoscaling 15. Cloud Bursting 16. Configuring the PaaS 17. Designing Composite Applications 18. Monitoring the Deployment 19. Getting Started with WSO2 Private PaaS Download & Start ActiveMQ 5.10.0 Download tar -xvf apache-activemq-5.10.0-bin.tar.gz sh apache-activemq-5.10.0/bin/activemq start Build & Start Private PaaS 4.1.0 git clone mvn clean install unzip sh wso2ppaas-4.1.0/bin/ Run ESB Sample with Mock IaaS cd product-private-paas/samples/applications/wso2esb-481/ scripts/mock sh Login to the Private PaaS UI https://localhost:9443/console 20. Stratos/Private PaaS Customers Deputy Director and State Chief Information Officer, State of Arizona v=9UIUt_zowuw 21. Contact us !