Introduction to the Waffle-Crete Precast Concrete Building System

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06/08/2022 1 Overview of the Waffle-Crete ® Building System Waffle-Crete International, Inc. Disaster Resistant Construction Faster, Greener & More Affordable

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The versatile Waffle-Crete building system makes it uniquely possible to construct attractive, disaster-resistant, reinforced concrete buildings in a fraction of the time and with half the raw materials of solid panels of the same thickness.

Transcript of Introduction to the Waffle-Crete Precast Concrete Building System

  • 1.Overview of the Waffle-CreteBuilding System 1 Disaster Resistant Construction Faster, Greener & More AffordableWaffle-Crete International, Inc. 12/1/2011

2. More than 1.6 billion people in developingcountries around the world currently live in unsafe, substandard housing.~ A United Nations Human Settlement Program StatisticWaffle-Crete International, Inc.2 12/1/2011 3. Urban Populations Living in Slums 3THE NUMBERS ARE EXPECTED TO DOUBLE IN THE NEXT 20 YEARS!Waffle-Crete International, Inc. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL 4. The Risks of Substandard Construction 4Waffle-Crete International, Inc. 12/1/2011 5. This Could Have Been Avoided!! 5Waffle-Crete International, Inc. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL 6. The Global Housing Dilemma 6 Durable housing construction costs too high Conventional construction takes too long Skilled workers are hard to come byTHE WAFFLE-CRETE BUILDING SYSTEMADDRESSES ALL OF THESE ISSUES!Waffle-Crete International, Inc. 12/1/2011 7. The Waffle-Crete Solution 7 Govt subsidized housing, Indonesia Office Building, California AFFORDABLE DISASTER-RESISTANT CONSTRUCTIONWaffle-Crete International, Inc.12/1/2011 8. The Waffle-Crete Advantage8 When compared to conventional brick & block construction,the Waffle-Crete precast concrete building system will: Reduce material & labor costs Slash construction time Eliminate the need for skilled labor Very low life cycle cost (low ongoing maintenance) Waffle-Crete International, Inc. 12/1/2011 9. The Waffle-Crete Advantage 9Insulated Waffle- At the heart of the Waffle- Crete Curing Cover Crete Building System Insulated Waffle-Crete Mold Waffle-Crete molds arelightweight and portable Concrete panels can be castright on the job site Panels can be cast one dayand erected the nextWaffle-Crete International, Inc. 12/1/2011 10. Unparalleled Construction Speed 10 Wall, floor and roof panels can be cast while the building site is prepared.At a central casting facility Or Directly on the Job SiteWaffle-Crete International, Inc. 12/1/2011 11. A Typical 6m Waffle-Crete Wall Panel 11An entire side of a house can be cast in one panelWaffle-Crete International, Inc.12/1/2011 12. The Strength Is In the Ribs!12The vertical ribs act like columnsWaffle-Crete International, Inc. 12/1/2011 13. The Strength Is In the Ribs! 13 The horizontal ribs act like beamsWaffle-Crete International, Inc.12/1/2011 14. The Strength Is In the Ribs! 14 Up to 60% of the concrete and steel is eliminated between the ribs.Waffle-Crete International, Inc.12/1/2011 15. 60% Less Material Without Loss of Strength 15 Waffle-Crete panels retain the design strengths of traditional precast panels, yet are 60% lighter than standard panels of the same thickness.Stephen AndrewsCertified Structural EngineerWaffle-Crete International, Inc.12/1/2011 16. Waffle-Crete Weathered Hurricane Katrina 16We have used your molds for overten years and built large grocerystores, multi story office buildingsand small storage buildings withyour concrete bolt together system.We built multiple buildings in NewOrleans, which went throughhurricane Katrina. None of thebuildings suffered major damage.There was no wind damage to any ofour buildings in that incident.Chester Miller Alfred Miller Contracting Louisiana, USWaffle-Crete International, Inc.12/1/2011 17. Panels Meet Rigorous Intl Test Standards 17PASSED ICBO Evaluation (US structural bldg standards) Performed by ICBO Evaluation Service Comply with 1997 Uniform Building Code & 2000 Intl Residential CodePASSED Floor Panel Load Test Performed by Bucher & Willis, Kansas City, MO Complied with ACI318-71 building codePASSED Agrement Series, South Africa Performed by Hugo & Partners, S. AfricaPASSED Seismic Testing Performed by Research Institute for Human Settlement, Jakarta, Indonesia Approved for Seismic Zone 3PASSED Seismic & Structural Strength Testing` Performed by Testing Engineers, San Diego, CA Panel strength in excess of design and local seismic loadsPASSED Fire Endurance Testing Performed by Consulting Engineers Group, Glenview, IL Met CAN4-S101 and ASTM E119 standards (2 hour interior rating)Waffle-Crete International, Inc. 18. Anatomy of a Waffle-Crete Mold18Impact & UV Rigid Extruded ResistantAluminum RailsABS PlasticFully InsulatedMold & CuringCoverCutaway of Waffle-Cretemold & curing cover withwire mesh and rebarreinforcement installed Waffle-Crete molds are lightweight and portable and useful for all kinds of projects. A typical mold can be used up to 500 times before needing repairs or replacement. With care, curing covers will last indefinitely.Waffle-Crete International, Inc.12/1/2011 19. Mold Shipment & Delivery19 Waffle-Crete molds can be shipped anywhere in the world by ocean container (left), then trucked to their final destination (above).Waffle-Crete International, Inc. 12/1/2011 20. Waffle-Crete Can Involve the Local Community 20 Local unskilled workers can be trained in hours. No carpenters, masons, welder s or other skilled labor is needed.Government subsidized apartmentsconstructed in GuatemalaWaffle-Crete International, Inc.12/1/2011 21. Panels Go Together Quickly & Easily 21 Unskilled workers can erect panels as well. A team of four workers can erect up to 25 Waffle-Crete panels a day.Waffle-Crete International, Inc. 12/1/2011 22. First Waffle-Crete Project in the Marshall Islands22 PII chose Waffle-Crete because it makes concrete construction on the islands faster and more affordable. PII erected its first Waffle- Crete building (a 24-unit, 3- story apartment complex) in a record six days.Completed Well Ahead of Schedule and Under Budget Waffle-Crete International, Inc.12/1/2011 23. Entire Communities Go Up in Record Time! 23Waffle-Crete International, Inc.12/1/2011 24. Products We Sell 24 Wall and floor molds Insulated curing covers Accessory molds Grade beam, stairs and eave trim Specialized casting equipment Panel and cover lifters, screeds, blockouts Specialized casting supplies Bolt & notch formers & Nifty Nailers Waffle-Crete International, Inc.12/1/2011 25. Waffle-Crete Panels Produced 25 Standard wall panel Harmonized wall panel Standard floor/roof panel 15 & 20 cm thicknesses Shown w/door & window blockouts 15, 20 & 30 cm thicknesses Waffle-Crete molds available in a range of standard sizes up to 10 meters Molds can also be fabricated in custom sizes Length & width can be reduced with wood or steel blockouts Rail extenders can be added for insulated sandwich panelsWCI CONFIDENTIAL12/1/2011 26. Key Waffle-Crete Specs2624 hour compressive strength:2,500 psi to de-mold28 day compressive strength: 4,000-5,000 psi*Max wall height (15 cm): 6 m*Max wall height (20 cm thick): 9.7 m*Max unsupported 20 cm floor span:6 m*Weight of 15 cm panels:875 kg/sm Weight of 20 cm panels: 1,112 kg/smTime to cast an 2.4 m x 4.8 m panel: 8 man hours* Rate of erection for 4-man crew:20-25 panels/day** Approx benchmark that can vary based on application and other factors.Waffle-Crete International, Inc. 12/1/2011 27. Waffle-Crete in 30 Countries Worldwide 27RESIDENTIAL GOVERNMENT Subic Bay housing (Philippines) Sternberg Museum (Kansas)1000 units Govt Apartments (Indonesia) 600 Papelera Apartments (Guatemala) units16,000 units Govt low income housing (Indonesia) Savitur Townhomes (Trinidad) 500 1,000 unitsunits Officer housing Kwajalein, Marshall IslandsCOMMERCIAL Cebu City (Philippines) 5-story officeLARGE BUILDINGSbuilding Nelson Arena (Canada) Cineplex Oden (Canada) 8 theaters Distribution Warehouse (New Mexico) Silver City Theaters (Canada) 20 200,000 sq. ft.theaters Southgate Trade Technology Building HOTELS/MOTELS(Canada) 27 Days Inn Hotels (Philippines) 50 Kelowna Business Center (Canada)to 150 rooms Franklin Supply Warehouse (Canada) Outrigger Hotel (Majuro) 150 roomsWaffle-Crete International, Inc.12/1/2011 28. What Can You Build With the Waffle-Crete System? 28Several Examples Follow:WCI Waffle-Crete International, Inc. 12/1/2011 29. Large Buildings 29Zone 4 Seismic175 mph winds Subic Bay Apts. (1000 units) - PhilippinesWCI Waffle-Crete International, Inc.12/1/2011 30. Small Buildings 30 Restroom Facilities Hays, KSWCI Waffle-Crete International, Inc.12/1/2011 31. Low Income Housing 31Row House in The Philippines Model Home in JamaicaWCI Waffle-Crete International, Inc.12/1/2011 32. Retail Buildings32 Shopping Center - Alexandria, LouisianaWCI Waffle-Crete International, Inc. 12/1/2011 33. Relocatable Buildings 33Hazardous Materials StorageWCI Waffle-Crete International, Inc.12/1/2011 34. Conventional Buildings34 Hampton Inn Washington, D.C.WCI Waffle-Crete International, Inc.12/1/2011 35. And Some Unconventional 35Artificial Reefs US East Coast > Manure Tank KansasCooling Towers @ Biosphere II ArizonaWCI Waffle-Crete International, Inc. 12/1/2011 36. Even on the Rim of a Volcano 36 Philippines Days Inn ResortWaffle-Crete International, Inc.12/1/2011 37. And to Keep People Out & Landfill In.37Barrier Wall Ellis County Power Plant, Kansas Earth retaining wall - Albany, New YorkWaffle-Crete International, Inc.12/1/2011 38. Sometimes the Waffles are Invisible38Days Inn/General Santos Hotel PhilippinesWCI Waffle-Crete International, Inc. 12/1/2011 39. Sometimes They Show on the Outside 39Warehouse in Kansas CityOffice Building in CaliforniaWCI Waffle-Crete International, Inc.12/1/2011 40. And Sometimes on the Inside. 40Low IncomeHouse InteriorPep Boys Auto Parts Store Puerto RicoWCI Waffle-Crete International, Inc. 12/1/2011 41. More Examples of Waffle-Crete Projects 41Warehouse Exteriors withWaffle-Crete wall panelsWCI Waffle-Crete International, Inc.12/1/2011 42. More Examples of Waffle-Crete Projects42Steel columns supporting Roof Waffle-Crete panels supporting roof Waffle-Crete panels used as a curtain wall WCI Waffle-Crete International, Inc. 12/1/2011 43. More Examples of Waffle-Crete Projects 43Officer Housing Kwajalein Military BaseMiddle Income Apartments - MajuroWCI Waffle-Crete International, Inc. 12/1/2011 44. More Examples of Waffle-Crete Projects 44Examples of Waffle-CreteOffice BuildingsWCI Waffle-Crete International, Inc.12/1/2011 45. More Examples of Waffle-Crete Projects 45Examples of middle incomeapartment complexes in the USWCI Waffle-Crete International, Inc.12/1/2011 46. More Examples of Waffle-Crete Projects46 Marriott Hotel, Kansas CityWCI Waffle-Crete International, Inc. 12/1/2011 47. Waffle-Crete Applications Abound 47TRADITIONAL SPECIALTY Mass housing Parking Structures Commercial Storage Tanks Government Buildings Cooling Towers Motels/Hotels Barrier/Sound Walls Warehouses Retaining Walls Manufacturing Facilities Artificial Reefs Movie Theaters Relocatable Bldgs Condominiums Haz Mat Storage Medical Centers PrisonsWCI CONFIDENTIAL12/1/2011 48. Waffle-Crete Recap 48 Portable precast concrete forming system Useful for a wide range of building types Cuts concrete & steel by up to 60% More sustainable solution Provides superior structural strength Requires no skill and minimal training Dramatically accelerates construction speedWaffle-Crete International, Inc.12/1/2011 49. There Is No Need For This To Happen Again! 49Waffle-Crete International, Inc.STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL 50. For More Information 50www.waffle-crete.comWCI Waffle-Crete International, Inc.12/1/2011