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This is a presentation made during the National Leadership Development Seminar (NLDS) of AIESEC in Togo held from 10 to 13 May 2012 with the participation of 120 delegates from Togo, Burkina-Faso and Benin. The presentation is about Introduction to Social Business. The objective is about introducing the concept of Social Business.

Transcript of Introduction to social_business

  • 1. Introduction To Social BusinessDuration: 45 min Facilitator : Mohamed N. SOUMANOU
  • 2. FLOW IntroductionA. Whats Social Business ? 1. Definition 2. Social Entrepreneurs 3.Social Business CharacteristicsB. Examples of Social BusinessC. Career Opportunities in the fieldD. Wrap up
  • 3. Quotes from Muhammad Yunus,Founder of the Grameen Bank
  • 4. A. Whats Social Business ?
  • 5. 1. Definition A Social Business is a financiallysustainable organization that directlyserves the needs at the Bottom of thepyramid (BoP) through its products or services.
  • 6. BoP
  • 7. BoP
  • 8. 2. Social EntrepreneursSocial Entrepreneurs are people, who dont want to choose between making money and making a difference.
  • 9. 3.Social Business Characteristics
  • 10. Social Business are organizations which:Offer a new product or service, meeting the needs of low income people.
  • 11. Social Business are organizations which: Make an existing product or serviceaccessible to lower income population, meeting their needs.
  • 12. Social Business are organizations which: Innovate in the process, including vulnerable people on the production chain.
  • 13. Social Business are organizations which:Develop a governance model which empowers the population benefited from the business.
  • 14. Social Business are organizations which:Have potential to increase scale or to be replicated.
  • 15. Social Business are organizations which:The activity which generates income is integrated with the social impact generated.
  • 16. Social Business are organizations which: Have Double bottom line: financial profit + social profit or Triple bottom line: financial profit + social profit + environmental profit
  • 17. Social Business is different from:Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), meaning traditional companies which dedicate part of its budget to social activities.
  • 18. Social Business is different from: Traditional NGOs which generateincome from an activity which is not integrated with the social impact.
  • 19. Social Business is different from:Green Business, meaning organizations which product / service has positive environmental but not social impact.
  • 20. Social Business is different from:Traditional companies which develop a strategy to target the Base of the Pyramid (BoP), but the main goal is to increase profit, not to meet the needs of this population.
  • 21. B. Examples of Social Business ?
  • 22. Grameen Bank Offers productive credits to low incomepopulation, offering lower interest rates but which still enable the bank to be self sustainable. Several microfinance institutions were created replicating this model.
  • 23. Aravind Eye CareBy innovating in the process, Aravind made cataracts surgery accessible for low income people, reducing blindness. Pricing strategy allows poor people to be operated, and at the same time allows Aravind to expand its activities.
  • 24. LifestrawA portable and extremely easy to use water purifier. Sold at low cost, it avoids diseases in the poorest regions of the planet.
  • 25. Kopm SUN, Light for allThis is an initiative of a social business based in Togo named Kopm Group. Kopm SUN, aims to provide low cost solar lamp to poor people in villages and help them avoid the usage of toxic kerosene lamp.
  • 26. Movirtu is enabling Mobile technology for the BoP.
  • 27. Other References
  • 28. C. Career Opportunities Global Business Associate Program (GBAProgram of EDGE : A * Year Apprenticeship of Ashoka: Etc.
  • 29. Wrap Up
  • 30. Thanks ! For more information, you can get in touch with: Mohamed Nassirou SOUMANOU National President of AIESEC in Togo Social Business Entrepreneur Consultant in Organization Management Email : /