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Transcript of Introduction to Project Management Training Slides/DCM Learning...¢  Defining a project /...

  • Introduction to Project Management

    Damian McCourt

  • HELLO! I am Damian McCourt

    Training full time since 2014

    IT infrastructure project manager, BT & FBD

    You can find me at

  • Today! ▰ When to use a project management approach

    ▰ Project management methodologies

    ▰ One fundamental project management tool

    ▰ Budget, schedule, change management

  • Project Management Defining a project / defining a project manager

  • Project? “A temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique

    product, service or result. A project is temporary in that it has

    a defined beginning and end in time, and therefore defined

    scope and resources”

  • Project?

  • The Triple Constraints

  • Project Manager Qualities

  • Failures

  • Failures

  • Failures Deadlines missed

    Repeated work Budget overruns

    Reputational damage

    Quality issues

    Annoyed stakeholders

    Scope creep Loss of relevance

  • Failures

  • Top 4 reasons projects fail ▰ Poor or incomplete requirements

    ▰ Scope creep

    ▰ A lack of a structured project management methodology

    ▰ Lack of change control

  • Expert Knowledge ▰ Industry awareness

    ▰ Subject matter expertise

    ▰ Political/organisational skills

    ▰ Attitude to documentation

  • Project Management Project Management Methodologies

  • Waterfall and Agile

  • Agile

    Short, iterative cycles

    End-user closely involved

    Requirements unclear

    Collaborative work


    Gated progress

    User Quality Assurance only

    Well-defined requirements

    Strictly managed work

    Waterfall and Agile

  • Agile

    Gradually more refined

    Avoids assumptions

    Can go on forever ☹

    Needs an experienced PM


    Easier to budget and schedule

    Easier to manage

    Assumptions can kill a project

    Requirements may change

    Waterfall and Agile

  • Assumptions! ▰ NASA/ESA Mars Climate Orbiter

    ▰ US$ 193.1m

    ▰ Thrust specified in Pounds

    ▰ Programmed in Newtons

  • Project Management Some basic tools

  • Business Case

  • Project Charter

  • Project Management Plan ▰ Requirements management plan

    ▰ Schedule management plan

    ▰ Cost management plan

    ▰ Quality management plan

    ▰ Resource management plan

    ▰ Risk management plan

    ▰ Scope statement

  • Project Management Plan

  • Work Breakdown Structure ▰ Project Charter includes a Scope Statement

    ▰ Which includes a Main Deliverable:

    “A new sales office”

    “Customer relationship management software”

    “A wedding planning service”

  • Work Breakdown Structure

  • Work Breakdown Structure

  • Work Breakdown Structure ▰ Sets out what is going to be delivered

    ▰ Allows you to start planning the ‘how’ and ‘when’…

    ▰ …blueprint for schedule and budget

    ▰ Clarity for stakeholders – ‘this is what you’re getting’

    ▰ Forces stakeholders to focus on deliverables rather than


  • Work Breakdown Structure

  • WBS Activities ▰ Each work package consists of a list of activities

    ▰ Used to create the project schedule and budget

    ▰ Have an expected duration

    ▰ Consume budget and/or resources

    ▰ Are usually verb-noun format (build frame, test brakes)

  • Budget Creation

  • Change Management ▰ Scope creep: unmanaged changes to project scope

    ▰ Any change can be mapped to the WBS

    ▰ Change to an Activity, Work Package or Key Deliverable?

    ▰ Cost of the change can be accurately estimated

    ▰ Great way to highlight the triple constraints

  • Project Management ▰ Unique endeavour – time, cost, scope limited

    ▰ Very easy to get wrong without a framework

    ▰ Defined approaches tested in the real world

    ▰ Every project document exists for a reason!

    ▰ Work Breakdown Structure

    ▰ Main deliverable – key deliverables – work packages – activities

    ▰ Budget, schedule, change

  • Project Management