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Transcript of Introduction to HR Team - Simplebooklet

Customer Service Committee• Strategic direction • New programming • Institutional Core
Values (T) 410-383-6616 (E-mail) [email protected]
• Coaches employees and managers on employment related matters
• Investigates concerns • Facilitates conflict
• Manages job postings • Coordinates changes
in employment (i.e. promotions, pay changes, transfers, separations)
(T) 410-225-2520 (E-mail) [email protected]
• Organizes visa petitions
(T) 410-225-2583 (E-mail) [email protected]
• Provides reports and data
(T) 410-225-2435 (E-mail) [email protected]
• Please read EEO policy found on
• If you need assistance, please contact HR.
Reasonable Accommodations • Employees with a disability are encouraged to advise
MICA of any accommodations that they believe need to be made for them to perform their duties.
• Please read the Reasonable Accommodation policy on .
• If you need assistance, please contact HR.
• Reasonable accommodations for students are managed by the Learning Resource Center.
Harassment • Definition: Unlawful harassment includes unwelcome
intimidation, ridicule, insult, comments, or physical conduct based on race, color, religion, sex (whether or not of a sexual nature), national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, or retaliation where:
(1) an employee’s acceptance or rejection of such conduct explicitly or implicitly forms the basis for an employment decision affecting the employee; or (2) the conduct is sufficiently severe or pervasive as to alter the terms, conditions, or privileges of the employee’s employment, or otherwise create an abusive work environment. • Please read the Harassment policy on .
20 U.S.C.A. section 1681(a).
Sexual Discrimination is prohibited.
Sexual Harassment = Sex Discrimination
Sexual Violence = Sexual Harassment
Sexual Violence = Sexual Discrimination
If you feel that you are being sexually harassed, or are aware of the occurrence of sexual harassment or sexual violence, you should contact one of the following:
Estevanny Turns, Associate Vice President for Human Resources
Michael Patterson, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs
Vice Provosts
Associate Deans