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Shri Tavariaji met his mater Shri Ram when he was only seven years old. Over a period of seven years he learnt the practices of a very secret system of yoga from his master. He said that this system was passed from master to disciple in the guru shisya parampara originating from Maharishi Patnajali who is credited with the compilation of the yoga sutras. Shri Tavariaji condensed the system into few simple exercises together with the three step rhythmic breath, so that the benefits of such a rich system of yoga could easily be available to everyone. His teacher advised him to be a householder, and so he lived a family man throughout and is survived by his wife and two children. He said the real test of yoga is in family life. Shri Tavariaji has two degrees in engineering and two in master of arts. He had tremendous control over his body brain system brought about by yoga practices, even though he ate only three meals a week, he was able to lead a very normal and active life. He has written two valuable book; 1) Yoga sutra explanation and exposition. 2) The purpose of birth and death. More over he has left a tremendous amount of notes. He left his physical body at the age of 76. INTRODUCTION I met Shri Tavariaji in 1988 and very soon my whole life began to revolve around him. Till he left his physical body in 1994 not a day passed without some kind of connection with him. It was as if I was a small child learning how to walk with the help of someones hand. Never have I met a more simple and unassuming human being, and his simplicity was a kind of living poetry. The manner in which he performed the normal day to day activities of life that had a beauty purpose and creativity of a painter spraying his canvas with innumerable colors. That he was a teacher of the deepest sciences of yoga was hidden in his simple approach to life. Yet his teaching is so simple, but scientific and complete. It weaves its way into our daily normal lives without upsetting it in the least. As we continue the practices and the rhythmic breath as shown in the book, one day, transformation appears. Shri Tavariaji said that every student has his master or teacher within themselves. If you follow the practices with intensity and regularity as Shri Tavariaji would say with white hot heat then one day this inner teacher will reveal and guide the student to the very heart of yoga. It is with this purpose that a few excerpts of Shri Tavariaji teaching are given for interested students. I hope that it will give the student a basic outline and glimpse of Shri Tavariajis deeply revealing science of yoga. What makes an ordinary man a Mahayogi (one who has bought about transformation consciously)? The question is a wrong one, for there is no making or becoming. We are what we want to be. Dose a man flower or bloom form within like a rose i.e. gain full transformation, or is something to be added or introduced or added to him from an outside source. Is not grace really the flowering or blooming from within and there by releasing a flood of possibility and power for infinite good, rather than depend on an outside agency working on him. In this case his

autonomous state which is his birthright is denied to him and the thought that God and nature have given him free will is contradicted. If it is an outside agency then, science if not today then in some distant future can stimulate the same condition. It will nullify the idea of God and his creation based on certain cosmic laws. If the answer is no, it is from within, then the question arises how dose it happen? How is he able to bring out the possibility of transformation? Cannot science tomorrow program the proper functioning of man and can such technology bring about the state of a Mahayogi. Is this possible? In the first place is the human being is nothing more than or not beyond a computer organism, only then these thoughts are valid. But thee fact is that he is much beyond, and that side of his being is dormant and cannot be awakened unless he wishes so himself and then sincerely works towards that end. This is free will. He is autonomous and for that matter each cell Is autonomous. The idea of free will is this intrinsic inbuilt autonomy of every living cell in his body brain system. It is noted that anything that is added from an outside source by way of preaching morality or religion will not be Imbibed or digested, though like a tape recorder it can be reproduced faithfully for ulterior reasons for each cell in his system is autonomous, and that is why religion mortality and the efforts for all ages have not succeeded. Man today in spite of being able to walk on the moon and in space is as helpless and near animal in nature as he ever was. So the idea of programming by science would never result in making him a Mahayogi for the simple reason that he cannot be made, for he already is. What is the factor that creates the difference between programming and a naturally achieved state bought about by one owns spontaneous and willing efforts along proper lines? Let us once again clear our minds as to the process of thought formation, because that is the only way we function on this planet. The incoming impulses the sage calls it the effect producing cause, from persons and objects around us enter our body brain system at the rate of 30,000 per pulse beat. Of these 120 per pulse beat creates thought processes. They in turn pull out near identical memory patterns from the unconscious or the memory pools at the rear of the brain and together rush to the fore or conscious brain, where they are worked upon by the four centers, intellect/emotions/sex/movement, (I.E.S.M) and intensified and developed depending on the basic structures of the centers resulting in automatic reflex action. The cortex aids the process and the entire process takes place very fast in 1/120 of a pulse beat. If the 4 centers (I.E.S.M) in the area of the conscious brain were to become dormant, we have a person in deep coma or dead, because it is the working of these centers that make the fore brain conscious. This automatic reaction is in thought word or deed. From all of this arises all the religions philosophies because we have been told time and again that the automatic reflex reactions have to be good. But no one has cared to show and explain how this is done. So man has been paralyzed in into submission by introducing the theory of heaven and hell, karma and Dharma which is rampant in the whole world and holds man in mental slavery. Fearing negative consequence after death which no one has proved or disproved man is held spellbound. Rituals prayers and priest have survived with religious heads holding firmly the reins in their hands, even in our age of nuclear since and the space age. Hence a need for a break through from these numbing fretters on the human mind and brain. Over the ages this has gone on from the beginning of creation, and therefore it is not only difficult but near impossible to erase these memory patterns. Deep rooted fear of punishment of after death dose not allow the

brain to entertain a new thought. Even on attempting to do so one finds this lurking fear at the back of ones mind. We know that normally unlearning is not possible. Yoga for long had tried to work with this indoctrinated human mind and brain, yet keeping in mind the absolute autonomous state of each human being no successes is possible. Hence at first entered the ideas of Japa, Tapa, Bhajan and Satsang. This has not helped and till today many indulge in such escape methods. So what is the remedy for the mass of humanity? The sages who discovered the science of Sarv Nadi realized that breath is a powerful and tremendous force. St first they came out with various breathings aided by various asana. Hence came a bout the creation of the important branch of Hatha yoga, Bhakti yoga, Gnana yoga, etc. But all these remained exercises that one could not indulge in for the whole day, and so the rest of the day the old deep rooted patterns re established their sway over the mind and brain. To avoid this many left their homes for an ashram life and that of a Bramacharya little realizing that this was a big step to escape the realities of life, and that God and nature will force them again and again into the householders life. So the sages finally arrived at a way of breathing, a natural and full 24 hour of rhythmic breathing (the last noted exponent being Sage patanjali) which could have the effect of the various special breathing exercises together with the noted asana and that such a natural and effortless breathing based on sound scientific fact would give the desired result. The human brain is a highly volatile and explosive substance. If one practices any exercise, pranayama or so called meditation and controls it for some time, no sooner dose one stop such practice (for it cannot be done for 24 hrs) than this devil of a conscious brain will with vengeance torment the individual and normal life will again be miserable. So it boils down to the fact that along with certain exercises a certain kind of pranayama must be included that can relentlessly be carried out for 24 hrs. the key to this eternal vigilance is the introduction and the establishment within the body brain system of three step rhythmic breathing 3SRB. For this is the natural rhythmic breath that we are born with. Only then will the conscious brain surrender and when it dose, the individual mind is no longer polluted, the vision becomes pure and the mind turns inward. Over our mind and brain we have no direct control. Breathing is unique in that, it is the only function that we can control and make rhythmic, even for all twenty four hrs. if breathing is controlled and rhythmic then thinking is also controlled and rhythmic. The circulation of blood to will be controlled and rhythmic with the pulse rate dropping form 72 to 60 and below. The breathing is called rhythmic bec