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Teaching in Wikiland Teaching in Wikiland An Introduction to Using Wikis in the An Introduction to Using Wikis in the Classroom Classroom

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  • 1. Teaching in Wikiland An Introduction to Using Wikis in the Classroom

2. What is a Wiki? A website that allows visitors to add, remove, edit content Like a Word Document online Easy to use and effective as a collaboration tool 3. Yes but can I learn to use it? You can learn to use a wiki in 30-60 min. There are several free sources for wikis. 4. Whats important about a wiki? Collaboration Hyperlinks 5. Wikis as Information Sources What do you know about Wikipedia? 6. Wikipedia: Wikipedia is: A free encyclopedia Multilingual Web-based Written collaboratively by volunteers Most articles can be changed by anyone Wikipedia has more than 3,210,000 articles 7. Wikipedia 8. Using Wikis in the Classroom Collaborative Tools for group work/Projects Data Collection Research Group/Individual Writing Peer Review Create a basic webpage with minimal skills Publish and Share work 9. Free Wiki Sites PB Wiki WikiSpaces Wetpaint 10. Steps in Creating a Wiki 1. Register as a user, its free 2. Create a Wiki 3. Set permissions and rights to enable sharing andcollaboration Public and anyone can contribute; Public and people who become members can contribute; Private and only invited people can contribute and viewwiki 4. Add content and develop pages 5. Invite members by emailWikis provide a backup and will show who modifiedthe content. This allows you to block or monitorwho is posting what to your wiki