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Introducing Sportrons OOH

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  • 1. SPORTRONSReaching Sport Fans in America The Sportrons Network covers over 850 sports propertiesincluding professional sports, minor league sports,college sports, motorsports, and golf.The Sportrons Network reaches over 252-million fans atover 24,000 events per year!Any Sport, Any Venue, Any Time 1Sample BUSHS BEANS video w/audio (above)and LED strip (below)

2. Implied Sponsorshipis the ability to associate a brand toa sports team, event or venue at afraction of the cost of a regularsponsorship.SPORTRONSNot all brands have thebudget of Budweiser,AT&T or State Farm.With SPORTRONS,you can applyImplied Sponsorshipand compete inadvertising andsponsorship of sports fora fraction of the cost.2 3. SPORTRONS ADVANTAGESportrons: A POWERFULL Strategy! Interacting with sport fans is thegreatest marketing strategy availablein America. Become part of theSportrons Network as you seek to brandyour product or services in sports. With the use of Sportrons digital videodisplays, advertisers can interact withfans using video, mobile marketing,animation and interactive games. This interaction with sport fans allowsthe advertiser to gain and keep thefans attention while converting thosefans to brand loyal customers.Sportrons Facts Sportrons are located in nearly every stadium and arena Live Sports Broadcast Content to a Captive Audience Sport Fans are loyal Sport Fans respond to advertisers Sport Fans have clear demographics Sport Fans want to be entertained consider a feature Sport Venues provide certified attendance figuresSportrons Network Advantage One source to plan and buy digital ads in sport venues One billing statement One proof of performance report One source for sports industry marketing information3 4. SPORTRONSSportrons DeliverablesSportrons Network Coverage:o Professional Sportso Minor League Sportso College Sportso Motor Sportso PGA Golfo Concert Tours4Download a PDF of the Planning Guide: 5. SPORTRONS STANDARD ADVERTISING PACKAGE2- :30 second video ad spots/features per game on Sportrons w/audio2- :30 second text ad spots per game on LED strips when available no/audio2- :05 second Public Address System Announcements, brings fans attention to ScreenOther Opportunities:Add Mobile Marketing with unlimited branded text messages, and database access, 20% up-chargeSampling 15% Up-charge; e-mail/newsletters: 12% Up-charge; Internet 30% Up-charge;Print: 12% Up-charge, Use of Team Marks:15% Up-charge Hospitality.Call for rates on Venue Signage, In-Stadium/Closed Circuit TV, Team Television, Team Radio Network,Player and Mascot Appearances, Venue/Team Business Partnerships.SPORTRONS5 6. SPORTRONS RATES MLB Baseball from $3,750. Net (Per Game) MiLB Baseball from $ 375. Net (Per Game) NFL Football $17,500-$22,500. Net (Per Game) NCAA Football from $10,000. Net (Per Game) NCAA Basketball from $1,750. Net (per Game) NBA Basketball from $4,250. Net (Per Game) WNBA Basketball from $1,500. Net (Per Game PGA Golf Tournaments (Call) Concert Tours (Call) AFL Arena Football from $1,750. Net (Per Game) CAA Basketball from $1,750. Net (Per Game) NHL Hockey from $3,250. Net (Per Game) AHL-ECHL Hockey from $ 375. Net (Per Game) NLL Lacrosse from $1,750. Net (Per Game) MLS Soccer from $2,750. Net (Per Game) NASCAR Motorsports (Call) INDY CAR Motorsports (Call) Madison Square Garden All-Events (Call)6(See the attached Sample RFP Response)*We accept single game, monthly, half-season, full-season and custom requests 7. 7ADDENDUM: SAMPLE SPORTRONS PROPOSAL ALL SPORTS IN METRO DC 8. SPORTRONS POWER OF AVID SPORTS FANS8Profile Avid Passive Non FanAffluent (Median HHI) $67,000 $46,900 $42,100Educated (% College) 62% 48% 45%Good Jobs (% P/M) 27% 18% 17%Thought Leaders 163 85 60Super Innovators 179 81 49People ask me foradvise on products 184 79 47Consumption indexAvid Sports FanPassive Sports FanNon-Sports FanSource: MRI14290 ----------------57% 77 ---------------------------84% 9. SPORTRONS SPORTS ATTENDANCE9 10. SPORTS MEDIA RESEARCHSource: Sportrons ResearchSPORTRONS83%of ConsumersRecall Adson SportronsDigital Network94%of Consumerssaid SportronsEnhances TheirExperience96%of ConsumersNoticed theDigitalLED Screen10 11. 11BaseballFans57% of fans are male and 43% are female.61.6% are between the age of 18 and 49 years old.59% of fans are from households with an income above $75,000.81% are from households headed by college graduates.61% have households with children.58.8% watch 40 or more games on TV.FootballFans63% of fans are male and 37% are female69% are between the age of 18 and 49 years old55% of fans are from households with an income above $50,00057% are from households headed by college graduates59% have households with children66% watch 10 or more events on TVBasketballFans59% of fans are male and 41% are female.37% are between the age of 18 and 34 years old.48% of our fans are from households with an income above $50,000.62% are from households headed by college graduates.61% have households with children.66% Access the Internet RegularlyMotorsportsFans60% of fans are male and 40% are female.67% are between the age of 18 and 49 years old.42% of fans are from households with an income above $50,000.34% are from households headed by college graduates.59% have households with children.62% watch 40 or more events on TV.DEMOGRAPHICSDemographics for other sports hockey, soccer, golf, MiLB, etc.- available upon request. Source: Scarborough 12. SPORTRONS CASE STUDIES12ABC TV used SPORTRONSImplied Sponsorship topromote its new TV show NoOrdinary Family as a non-exclusiveadvertiser/sponsorin MiLB Parks. The campaignstarted in early August insixty (60) Minor LeagueBaseball Parks and concludedat the end of the regularseason. The campaignincluded sixty minor leaguemarkets using a digitalcampaign for under $60,000.More Campaign Summaries: ran a campaign topromote the brand as a non-exclusiveadvertiser/sponsorin three sports arenas. Theprogram ran for 3-24 games ineach park at a media cost ofapproximately $51,398total. The teams ran thesespots on the SPORTRONS(large formatted digital videoscoreboards) at least twotimes per game and wereaccompanied by LED screensand PA announcements,drawing the fans attention tothe scoreboard.McDonalds ran a campaignto promote the brand as anon exclusive advertiser/sponsor in three sportsarenas. The program ran for3-24 games in each park at amedia cost of approximately$51,398 total. The teams ranthese spots on theSPORTRONS at least twotimes per game and wereaccompanied by PAannouncements and LEDscreens, drawing the fansattention to the scoreboard.Creating Implied Sponsorshipat a discount, Purina ran anImplied Sponsorship of Barkin the Park in forty marketsworth $500,000. The sponsorreceived o.ver 39 millionbrand impressions for$120,000 Purina wasmentioned in all PressReleases as the sponsor ofBark at the Park. Thisoccurred in over 65 differentpress releases whichappeared in local newspapersand on the internet. BonusImpressions=18,127,017Best Buy used SPORTRONSImplied Sponsorship topromote the brand as a non-exclusiveadvertiser/sponsor infour Sports arenas. Theprogram ran for 1-10 gamesin each park at a media costof approximately $43,502total. In total over 4,081,900impressions were deliveredon behalf of Best Buy tobrand loyal Sport Fans. BestBuy campaign delivered animpressive CPM of $10.66. 13. SPORTRONS IMAGES13MLBMore Images: NBA 14. 14SPORTRONS DisclaimerProposed prices and advertising locations are provided for informational purposes only and do notconstitute an offer.Final terms and conditions for the specified Sportrons services is contingent upon execution of a mutuallyagreeable written advertising contract for those services between your company and Sportrons.Such advertising contracts are subject to inventory availability, compliance with Sportrons's standardadvertising requirements, pre-existing contractual commitments, and applicable law.Sportrons neither reserves nor guarantees advertising inventory on the basis of any proposal.This proposal does not constitute a contract between your company and Sportrons, and its terms, and allcommunications with respect to the proposal, create no reliance interest.Advertising category and Advertisers creative subject to team approvalTerms: All Rates are Net. 50% down with the contract with the balance due prior to the campaign starting. 15. CONTACT:Kevin J. Jack KinneyVice President, Business DevelopmentAtlanta, GAOffice: 470.299.4469Cell: 770.331.1960kevin.kinney@sportrons.comSPORTRONSsportrons.com15