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This presentation was developed to introduce small business owners to the world of brand publishing. If "every company is a media company," every company may want a manual for making meaning (and dollars) with media.

Transcript of Intro to Brand Publishing

  • 1. Bonehook is a brand publishing company. We help you find, shape and share your best brand stories. December 19, 2013

2. Brand storytelling is not new 3. EC=MC is new"Every company is a media company." -Tom Foremski 4. Owned and Shared Media is new 5. Content connects when it meets prospects and customers at shared points of interest. 6. For Thule, kiteboarding is a shared point of interest, not roof racks. 7. For Patagonia, daily life in a mountain town is a shared point of interest. 8. Red Bull doesnt bother to sell you a drink, they sell what the drink does for you. #lifestyle #content 9. Content fuels brand experiences and helps create the right conditions for customer interest and brand loyalty. 10. When your brand content is also the content people seek, youre golden. 11. Teds Montana Grill points to new Bison Finder app to connect customers to their food source. 12. Podcasts are perfect for going deep. 13. Chuck is great content.If you're seeking attention, you are competing with Chuck. And Chuck's a handsome devil. 14. Make a human connection. Empowered shoppers have all the pertinent "sales information" at their fingertips today. Yet, we continue to do business with the people we like. So don't be afraid to inject personality and life into your communications.01 15. The real fact of the matter is nobody reads ads, they read what interests them, and sometimes its an ad. Howard Luck Gossage 16. Find me @bonehookAlso, please see for more on the subject.