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Transcript of Intro to Ancient Greece - Loudoun County Public Schools · PDF file Intro to Ancient Greece....

  • Intro to Ancient


  • Geography

    Ancient Greece consisted mainly of a

    mountainous peninsula jutting out into

    the Mediterranean

     It also included

    about 2,000

    islands in the

    Aegean and

    Ionian seas

  • Geography

     The sea shaped Greek civilization just as

    rivers shaped the ancient civilizations

     Greeks rarely had to travel more than 85

    miles to reach the coastline.

     The Aegean Sea, the Ionian Sea, and the

    neighboring Black Sea were important

    transportation routes for the Greek


  • Trade

    As the Greeks became skilled

    sailors, sea travel connected

    Greece with other societies.

    Sea travel and trade were also

    important because Greece

    lacked natural resources, such

    as timber, precious metals, and

    usable farmland.

  • The Minoans Lived on the

    island of Crete

    Had great power in the Mediterranean Sea

    Made many trades with other countries

  • Minoan Decline No one knows

    why this powerful civilization stopped to exist

    THEORY: Volcanic eruption on Thera Toxic gas

    Caused Tsunamis

  • Indo-Europeans

    Began to

    settle in



  • The Mycenaeans Replaced the Minoans

    Lived and grew on Mainland Greece

    Leading City: Mycenae Surrounded by massive wall

    about 20 feet thick

    Adapted Minoan writing system

    Advanced in Bronze & Iron

  • The Trojan War 1200 B.C. –

    Mycenaean kings fought a 10 year war with Troy


    * Troy

  • Helen

  • Kidnapped?


  • Caused War

    achielles(trojan war).mp4

  • The TROJAN Wall!

  • How do

    we get


  • AH HA! The Trojan Horse of Course!

  • Fact or Fiction?






    this story may

    be TRUE!!

  • The Boring Theory Trojan war was over: Struggle for control of a crucial waterway in the Aegean Sea

  • The Dorians

    Less advanced then the


    Forgot the art of writing

    during this age

    No written record exists

    Little known about this time