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  • 1.CitationPeer ReviewsUsageSocial MediaAltmetricsOr alternativemetrics

2. slowCitationtakestimeScholarsperspectiveFocus onscholars;excludestudents,publicetc. 3. DisciplinebiasArts,humanities,socialscienceslesscoverage NarrowcontentFocus onpublishedpeer-reviewedjournals 4. 5. 6. 7. Conclusion: Tweets can predict highlycited articles within the first 3 days ofarticle publication. Social media activityeither increases citations or reflects theunderlying qualities of the article thatalso predict citations, but the true use ofthese metrics is to measure the distinctconcept of social impact. 8. Conclusion: We also find that thevolume of Twitter mentions is statisticallycorrelated with arXiv downloads andearly citations just months after thepublication of a preprint, with a possiblebias that favours highly mentionedarticles. 9. PaperCriticPublic Library of Science websitePlum and other beta tools 10. Funders : ROIResearchers/Faculty : social/researchimpactPublishers : popularityLibrarians : scholarly comm specialist