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Transcript of intra-mart Accel Platformaccel- ... Editing Configuration File Apache Cassandra Startup Apache...

  • Table of Contents

    1. Revision History 2. Introduction

    2.1. Document Purpose 2.2. Prerequisites 2.3. Target Readers 2.4. Terminology Description

    3. Setup Overview 4. Setup Flow 5. Middleware Setup

    5.1. Database 5.2. Web Application Server 5.3. Apache Cassandra 5.4. Apache Solr

    6. WAR File Creation 6.1. Project Creation and Module Creation 6.2. Editing Configuration File 6.3. WAR File Output

    7. Web Application Server Startup 8. WAR File Deployment 9. Tenant Environment Setup

    9.1. System Administrator Information 9.2. Tenant Information 9.3. Tenant Environment Information 9.4. Tenant Administrator Information 9.5. LDAP Linkage/Setting 9.6. Apache Cassandra Connection Information 9.7. Apache Solr Connection Information 9.8. Registration

    10. Uninstallation 10.1. WAR File Undeployment 10.2. Application Deletion 10.3. Storage Area Deletion 10.4. Middleware Product Deletion

    Please proceed to [ Introduction ].

    Quick Setup Guide VERSION 3 2014-08-01

    intra-mart Accel Platform

    1 index.html#document-index

  • Revision History

    Revision Date Updated Contents

    2014-01- 01

    Initial Version

    2014-04- 01

    Version 2 Following additions/changes have been made.

    Table of contents structure has been improved.

    2014-08- 01

    Version 3 Following additions/changes have been made.

    Added descriptions to each wizard page [Tenant Environment Setup ]. Added the link to [Solr Administrator Guide] to [Apache Solr ].

    intra-mart Accel Platform


    index.html#tenant-environment-setup index.html#configure-solr

  • Introduction

    Document Purpose

    In this document, easy way to set up intra-mart Accel Platform is described. Setup contents are for the users who set up intra-mart Accel Platform for the first time.


    [*] intra-mart Accel Platform to be set up is stand alone (minimum configuration). [*] Apache Cassandra and Apache Solr can be optionally set up.


    System requirements described in the release note should be met. Please refer to [Release Note ]-[System Requirements ] for details.


    If you use TRY version, setup can be made even when you are using the OS that is not listed in the server requirments in the release note above. intra-mart Accel Platform will operate on any OS which supports JDK. For example, setup can be performed in Windows 7 environment.

    Every environment such as the environment set up in this document and the environment accessed by Web browser must reside in the same enclosure (local environment).

    Target Readers

    Following users are the target readers.

    Users who set up intra-mart Accel Platform for the first time


    Please refer to [Setup Guide ] for the setup contents in detail.

    Terminology Description

    Directory which Resin is installed is abbreviated as %RESIN_HOME%. Directory to be used as Storage is abbreviated as %STORAGE_PATH%. Directory to be used as PublicStorage is abbreviated as %PUBLIC_STORAGE_PATH%.

    Go to [ Setup Overview ].

    Setup Overview

    intra-mart Accel Platform


    _images/ServerConfigurationImage.png index.html#setup-toppage

  • Setup overview is as follows.

    1. Set up middleware. Subjects for setup are JDK, Database, Resin, Apache Cassandra, and Apache Solr.


    If you do not use IMBox, you do not have to set up Apache Cassandra, but you must remove IMBox module. Details are described in [ How to remove IMBox Module ]. If IMBox module is included, connection error to Apache Cassandra would occur during setup.


    If you do not use IM-ContentsSearch for Accel Platform, Apache Solr setup is not necessary.

    2. Create WAR file using IM-Juggling.


    What is WAR file?

    It is a Web Application Archive file defined in JavaEE, and various types of files necessary for the operations of intra-mart Accel Platform are stored. WAR file for intra-mart Accel Platform is created by IM-Juggling. Various files necessary for the operations of intra-mart Accel Platform are stored, and by deploying the WAR file created by IM-Juggling to Web Application Server such as Resin, and by starting Web Application Server, intra-mart Accel Platform itself or various applications that support intra-mart Accel Platform stored in the WAR file will be started and be made available.

    3. Deploy(expand) the created WAR file on Web Application Server ( Resin ).

    4. Access from the browser and execute tenant environment setup (such as data input to the database).

    Go to [ Setup Flow ].

    Setup Flow

    Following flowchart shows the setup procedures. Please refer to the link destination of the list for the setup procedures for each step.


    Mandatory・・・Items which require the setup. Optional・・・Items for which setup process may be skipped.

    intra-mart Accel Platform


    index.html#how-to-remove-imbox-module index.html#flowchart

  • Name Description



    Database Database Server

    JDBC Driver JDBC Driver

    ApplicationServer Web Application Server

    Apache Cassandra Apache Cassandra

    Apache Solr Apache Solr

    Module Selection WAR File Creation - Project Creation and Module Creation

    Configuration File WAR File Creation - Editing Configuration File

    WAR File Output WAR File Creation - WAR File Output

    Startup Web Application Server Startup

    Deployment WAR File Deployment

    Tenant Build Tenant Environment Setup

    License Registration License Registration


    Middleware Setup

    Following should be installed and set for the setup of intra-mart Accel Platform.


    Following installations and settings which are required for Database setup should be performed.

    Database Server


    intra-mart Accel Platform

    5 index.html#document-texts/install/common/database index.html#document-texts/install/common/jdbc index.html#document-texts/install/windows/resin_windows index.html#document-texts/install/common/cassandra index.html#document-texts/install/common/solr index.html#document-texts/create_war/index index.html#document-texts/create_war/create_project index.html#document-texts/create_war/index index.html#document-texts/create_war/configuration_file index.html#document-texts/create_war/index index.html#document-texts/create_war/create_war index.html#document-texts/start_end/index index.html#document-texts/start_end/deploy index.html#document-texts/tenant/index index.html#document-texts/license_registration/index

  • PostgreSQL Build Example

    PostgreSQL Build Example

    PostgreSQL is used in this document.

    PostgreSQL Installation

    PostgreSQL can be downloaded from the URL below. After you download the one appropriate to the environment, please proceed on the installation. (English) In case of PostgreSQL 9.3 (32bit), click . In case of PostgreSQL 9.3 (64bit), click .

    Database and Log-in Role Creation

    1. Start up pgAdmin tool.

    2. Log-in rule creation

    Right click [Log-in Role] from [Object Browser] and click [New Log-in Role].

    Sub-window is displayed.

    Enter following items and click [OK].

    Property Tab [Role Name] (optional)

    Definition Tab [Password] (optional)


    Following contents are specified as an example in this document.

    Role name [imart]

    Password [imart]

    3. Database Creation

    Right click [Database] from [Object Browser] and click [New Database].

    Sub-window is displayed.

    intra-mart Accel Platform

    6 _images/database_pgadmin_user.png

  • Enter following items, select them, and click [OK].

    Property Tab [Name](optional) [Owner](log-in role which was created in [2. Log-in Rule Creation] described above)


    Following contents are specified as an example in this document.

    Name [iap_db]

    Owner [imart]

    Go to [ JDBC Driver ].

    JDBC Driver


    JDBC driver to be used by intra-mart Accel Platform is JDBC 4. JDBC 4.1 has not been verified yet.

    1. JDBC driver of PostgreSQL can be downloaded from the URL below.

    In case of PostgreSQL 9.3, please obtain file.

    Go to [ Web Application Server ].

    Web Application Server


    Obtaining Resin Installation Resin Setting JDBC Driver Placement

    intra-mart Accel Platform


    _images/database_pgadmin_database.png index.html#configure-jdbc index.html#install-resin-setting-jdbc

  • Obtaining Resin


    If you use TRY version, Resin can be downloaded from [TRY version Downloading Site] shown below.

    [*] Pleas