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Marketing Plan: INTI College EXECUTIVE SUMMARY INTI College is preparing to offer new courses for its IT faculty starting early year of 2009. With fierce competitions from other local and private education institutions, INTI College believe these new courses will be choose by their potential customers as all courses introduced are still new in Malaysia. With the return on investment on 1.46%, it is profitable for INTI College to proceed with their plan in introducing the new courses in IT faculty. We believe that we could compete with other universities or colleges as we offer new and unique courses to our customers. With the collaboration with other international universities, INTI College is able to provide a well-certified certification for our fresh graduates which then will help them to land a better job once they are finish. INTI College is targeting a specific target segments in the consumer and business market as we believe that education now required by many regardless of their level in the society. In order to maintain the quality and our well-known education reputation, INTI College ensures that all lecturers meet the qualifications required by our partner universities. They are experts in their fields, approachable as well as understanding towards the students needs. The primary marketing objective of INTI College is to achieve first year market share of 2 percent with unit sales of 200 students. The primary financial objectives are to achieve first-year sales revenues of RM600 000, and to keep first year losses of the new introduce courses to less than RM150 000 and break even early in the second year.


Marketing Plan: INTI College PURPOSE AND MISSION It has been our mission to provide quality education that will enrich every student. The College uses its resources to offer various quality programmes. Counseling, guidance and other educational support services are available to enrich students intellectually, culturally and socially. By providing the basic needs, we aim to reach all the potential of a person beyond intellectual. This can be proved by INTI College milestone statement; A college degree is not a sign that one is a finished product but an indication a person is prepared for life. To further explain about the uniqueness of INTI College, it can be described by its Vision, Mission and Values that has been acknowledge not only among the students but also to the public. This statement has been part of INTI College since the beginning as to emphasize the importance of not only being a provider of knowledge but also becoming a center for human development ability. Vision Mission To develop human capital with global To be the preferred provider of holistic education competencies through career focused quality education To cater the intellectual, social and cultural needs of learners To enhance all stakeholders values Values Quality Objective Quality To Provide education through effective and Integrity efficient academic programmes and processes Innovativeness Professionalism Quality & Policy To continuously improve the quality of academic programmes and services towards excellence

Founded in 1986, INTI College is governed by a group of concerned academics and professionals who believe the College has an important role to play in the human


Marketing Plan: INTI College resource development of the country. It provides a caring and conducive study environment for inculcating in its students a POSITIVE attitude and PROGRESSIVE approach leading to PRODUCTIVE effort. It adopts a holistic approach to learning and training while widening the intellectual horizons of students.


Marketing Plan: INTI College SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS The ability of private tertiary education to give emerging economies a shot in the arm has been debated by many globally. In a conference briefing note, it explained: "In the past five years it has become evident that private education can have a significant impact on emerging countries. Many governments are promoting private sector growth to increase educational capacity at all levels, while working to meet relevant standards and quality benchmarks. Maintaining their reputation as one of the states best educational institution, INTI College continues to chart the course of distinction through the provision of a wide range of academic programmes. It has gained international recognition for its quality educational programmes and uncompromising academic standards, making significant inroads overseas with international associate campuses in Beijing, China; Jakarta Barat, Indonesia and Hong Kong. The new main branch for INTI College which is INTI UC is located in the vicinity of the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC). The college has been received diverse student population, 25% of whom are international students from more than 47 countries providing true international exposure to all INTI college students. The institution's holistic education focuses on academic achievements, leadership qualities and social responsibilities. Besides all the courses that INTI College offered to the local and international students, the College also cooperates with other overseas educational institutions to expand our programme offerings. The programmes offered at INTI-UC include American Degree Transfer Program, Australian Degree Transfer Programme (Commerce & Science), Pre-University Programmes, Business/ Commerce Programmes, Computing & IT Programmes, Engineering Programmes, Law Degree Programme, Pharmacy Programme, Professional Programmes, English Language Programmes, and PostGraduate Programmes.


Marketing Plan: INTI College INTI College is very aware of its services and support to its customers, therefore the College willing to provide all the facilities needed at any expenses. By doing so, INTI College is able to compete with their competitors at any rate to ensure their services will be customers first choice. The main rivals that INTI College is having are mostly private universities and college such as Multimedia University, AIMST University, HELP University College (HUC), KBU International College, Kolej TAFE Seremban, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (LUCT), and many others


Marketing Plan: INTI College However, to differentiate INTI College from many other that available all around the country, a detail analysis on its SWOT analysis has been done. Such results are as followed: SWOT ANALYSIS FOR INTI COLLEGE WEAKNESSES Greater costs are required in order to maintain the facilities for the students.


Degree offered by our partner universities are recognized worldwide. Students will be awarded prestigious degrees.

INTI College has created a conducive English speaking environment that helps students improve their English Proficiency.

With relatively smaller class size, students and lecturers can interact actively both inside and outside classrooms

OPPORTUNITIES Save up to 75% from tuition fees and living costs, and almost half of your study time. INTI College graduate are acknowledged by business in the region. INTI International Education Group has transferred thousands of students to accredited universities in US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

THREATS Diversification of students may create conflicts that need a longer period to overcome. INTI College try to adopt an out-going culture where all students regardless of nationality, gender and other factors could assimilates as one.


Marketing Plan: INTI College MARKETING STRATEGY & OBJECTIVES INTI College aims to position their product based on customer needs. By identifying their target, INTI College aims to minimize their work operation so that it is more effective and efficient. Having a smooth operation will help INTI College to provide best services to satisfy the customer and assist INTI College to focus on services that most profitable. However, as much as it is important to identify the potential customers, it is also vital to find the most efficient ways to deliver the company services to attract them. Starting of the year 2009, INTI College will be offering a few new courses in the Information Technology faculty. The introduction of these new courses is as to fulfil the demand of other business sectors that requires specialist in these IT areas. Similar to other courses before, INTI College main target for the course are students who have just finished from primary school with SPM certificates and students that have finished STPM certificates. Besides that, INTI College are also targeting students who have professional certificates in IT courses or A- Level certificates to further their studies. To assist student make selection on their career path, INTI College provide four parts of studies which are; Foundation Certificate, Diploma, Degree and also Professional Certificate. For fresh graduate student that hold SPM or STPM certificates, they may choose to continue their education by doing Foundation Certificate, Diploma or Degree level. INTI College has set a minimum requirement for student to apply for the courses. For SPM students, a minimum of 5 credits in the subjects such as Mathematics, English, any Science subjects, History and Bahasa Malaysia are sufficient for them to apply for Foundation Certificate, Diploma or Degree level. As for STPM students, they can apply with the result of CGPA 2.0 that include three best subjects and General Paper. As for holders of A-Level certificate or any other certified education record they also encourage to apply for courses in INTI College.


Marketing Plan: INTI College

Figure 1: INTI College Academic Pathway


Marketing Plan: INTI College

To build profitable relationships with target customers, INTI College has