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  • 7/31/2019 Interviewers Play Safe



    One of the biggest concernsrelating to the nature of aninterviewer is the fear of making a mistake.

    No one likes to makemistakes, but making amistake in hiring is one of the

    greatest fears thatinterviewers have. Hiring

    mistakes cost money, time,energy and most importantly the reputation of theorganization. The wholeorganization starts asking

    This affects thecredibility of the interviewer.

    All of this can add up to a lotof anxiety on the part of theinterviewer.

    Most interviewers will never outrightly admit to the fear of making a hiring mistake.However, I can tell you; thisfear is a great driver in thedecision-making process.

    You don't have to be aroundbusiness or in business or have worked for someone

    very long to realize what adisaster a hiring mistake canbe. Hiring authority egos andreputations are on the line

    whenever they hire the wrong person.

    Therefore, we always look for candidates who communicate

    well an intelligent way tosave our skins. We are sure

    that these candidates willeventually impress other employees of the organizationand be accepted easily in

    various departments anddivisions. They demonstrateconfidence; bring energy,enthusiasm and initiative

    vital attributes to besuccessful at the workplace.

    Therefore, we are even ready to ignore small glitches in their qualifications, knowledgelevels or technical skills if thecandidate is a goodcommunicator. Anyway, mostcompanies have internal

    training programs for enhancing and customizing

    technical skills.

    Un-employment & Under Employment Due toUnconscious Incompetence

    Accept wrong career advices from unreliable

    sources, especially fair-weather friends. Attend Interview Training programs by

    those trainers, who have not succeeded in

    professional interviews on their own. Hold illusions about their ability to communi-

    cate- even though they cant convince, moti-

    vate, argue, brainstorm or negotiate in

    English. Attend those Communication programs with

    very low or no success rate. Believe that Someday, Somehow, Some-

    where, Some Company will select me.

    Let Me Tell You A SecretWe Interviewers Are Risk-Averse. And, We Play Safe.

    He has conducted over 5000 interviews for leading Professional Organizations.

  • 7/31/2019 Interviewers Play Safe



    We have our way of testing your communication abilities.

    We try getting answers for the following four, foundational, gut-level questions: Can you do the job? Do I/we like you? Are you a risk? What will you cost us?

    You may think you could manage these simple questions.But, we twist the question so that a stock answer will never suffice. How you formulate and articulate your answersdetermine your selection.

    Remember, all interviews test your communications skills throughout the interview process. Therefore,

    each interview question should be regarded as a test of communication skills.

    Most Interviewers Ask: Average Is Over.What Is Your Extra?

    Only Perfect Practice Can Make You Perfect.

    Beware! The skills, that interviewers are

    looking for in you cannot be acquired by acrash-course or a couple of mock-inter-

    views. Your success purely depends on your Quickness in understanding questions,Spontaneity in formulating an apt responseand the Articulation to deliver it effectively.

    , like aFlight Simulator, analyzes your personalprofile and create realistic new-new profes-

    sional interviews before the real interview.Never-Before Features Include:

    Customization Any Number of Interviews Every Time A New Interview. Sixteen Professional Specializations Live Video Recording

    More Details:

    Interviewers laugh at ill-prepared candidates.If You are not interested in your career, why should anybody else?

    Dr. Matthew SymmondsThomas Collier

    Jim Scott, Verman DSouza, Jeremy Gibbs, Angel Johns, Dr. John Verghese

    Mr. Suresh Nam-boothiri, M.Tech, MBA. Before venturing into entrepre-neurship, he was Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Tata

    AutoComp Systems Limited and Deputy-General Manager-Design at BPL-Sanyo (Now Panasonic)

  • 7/31/2019 Interviewers Play Safe



    The Good News is, Those who are Smart enough to adopt to Latest Methods &Technologies get enviable Job Opportunities & Renumerations.

    NASSCOM says 85% of Indian technical graduatesare not employable due to their poor English skills.

    According to Dr. Sam Pitroda, chairman of NationalKnowledge Commission, Government of India, 93%of Indian MBA holders are not employable due topoor English skills.

    If you think your English skills are good, please think again.Test it on Espoir Smart Interview Simulator and allowothers to review your video recordings.Surveys say, 97% of poor communicators think their English skills are good! They commit the corporate hara-kiri.

    Observe other good communicators. How did they acquire excellent communication abilities?Century Talent Track conducted a survey among 12,473(8,326 male & 4147 female) excellent communicators.They were asked to respond to the question: How did

    you acquire excellent communication abilities?

    According to , an adultcan acquire second language (Eg. English) skills only


    1. A theme he/she is passionate about.2. A theme which has an immediate application at the


    This method is called Content-based Instruction or Theme-based Learning. *

    Don't waste your time & money attending ordinary Spoken English classes, crash-courses, communication

    training programs, where they repeat those English

    lessons, you hated earlier. In a recent survey 88% of HR executives confessed that the short-termcommunication skills training programs they hold in

    their companies never give any tangible results!

    Espoir SMART Series, the World's No.1 in Content-based Instruction English enhancement softwareprograms has two types of unique products. Turn to thenext pages for

    1. Knowledge based Communication Programs2. Passion-based Communication Programs.

    Language is the expression of emotions and it is absorbed through the heart. Listen to your heart and choose your passionate themes and build great language skills quickly and easily.

    Welcome to the Sure-Fire Way of Learning!

    85% of Technical Graduates &93% of MBAs Remain Unem-ployed or Under-employed Due

    to Poor Communication Abilities.

    The Moment You Walk into the Interview Room,The Test on Your Communication Abilities Begins!

    Surveys Reveal, Crash-Courses & Language-Labs cant Build theSpontaneous Articulation Expected from a BE or an MBA!

    All over the World, it is proven that is the only way for an adult to acquire Second-language Skills - inmost cases English. All other methods are wastage of Time, Money, Energy & Opportunity.

    Act now. Dont waste your hard-earned academic degree for wantof suitable Communication/Interviewing Abilities!

  • 7/31/2019 Interviewers Play Safe



    When Communication Programs & Language Labs Fail, You Better Dont Fail!

    SMART Communication ThroughManagement Ideas(With Mirror-Like Body-language Recording Feature)

    Through One Hundred and Twenty-five Management conceptsprevailing in the industry today & Success Stories, Anecdotes,Quotations etc English from High-School level to GRE/GMATlevel is explained.

    Value addition from Day One! Infuses skills & knowl-edge on how to and what to communicate. Start communicatinglike a professional industry & society look for. Faster learning,Longer Retention & Easy Recall!

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    Programs That Ensure Success!

    Espoir Programs are Generations

    Ahead of Ordinary Communication

    Programs. Customize lessons to your level. Content-based Instruction. Learn

    through themes you are interested in. Mirror-like body-language recording. 700 Hours of Learning (Customizable)

    and over 270 Tests.

    Many More Patented Features!

    SMART English ThroughTechnology & Science(With Mirror-Like Body-language Recording Feature)

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    Value addition from Day One! Infuses skills &knowledge on how to and what to communicate. Startcommunicating like a professional industry & society look for. Faster learning, Longer Retention & Easy Recall!

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