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  • 8/8/2019 Interviewer Panelist Handbook


    World Class OrganizationWorld Class Clients

    World Class ProjectsWorld Class Leadership

    World Class PeersWorld Class Learning

    Experience certainty.

  • 8/8/2019 Interviewer Panelist Handbook


    ! To assess the primary and secondary technical skills of the candid

    essential to execute the tasks & responsibilities subject to

    position/job opening applied for

    ! To evaluate the competence of the candidate for each skill set on

    scale of E0 - E4. (E0 Training, E1 Exposure, E2 Experience, E

    Expertise, E4 Excellence )

    ! To judge the suitability of the candidate based on his/her techn

    competence (recommended / not recommended).

    =The candidate must necessarily be E2 level competent in a

    one of the skills to qualify for the management review round

    =Highlight specific deficiency or lacunae, shortfalls and ar

    of improvement if the candidate is not recommended for

    next round of interview

    =If the candidate is recommended for the next rou

    highlight his/her strengths, specific aptitude, experien

    suitability for any specific role or projects along wtrainable areas (if any)

    ! To highlight possible areas of deployment / allocation in gene

    service line/technology mapping

    ! To provide an approximate estimation on the relevant experience

    the candidate subject to the prospective role in TCS (Refer to note

    relevant experience calculation)! To provide an insight into TCS Service lines, nature of projects be

    undertaken across domains, technologies, platforms etc.

    Role of a Technical Interviewer

  • 8/8/2019 Interviewer Panelist Handbook


    ! To determine the overall fitment of the candidate to the TCS cultu

    ! To review the technical interviewers comments on relev

    experience and systematically calculate the relevant years experience of the candidate along with the correspondin

    designation fitment (Refer to note on relevant experien


    ! To assess the candidates career aspirations and his/her potential

    handle key leadership roles in future.

    ! To recommend probable roles and responsibilities for

    candidate in the short term, mid term and long Term.

    ! To highlight the career path in TCS and opportunities for j

    enrichment and rotation

    ! To identify the key factors (push and pull) underlying

    candidates decision to look for a job change.

    Role of a Management Interviewer

  • 8/8/2019 Interviewer Panelist Handbook


    ! To assess the personality characteristics, attitude a

    communication skills of the applicant coupled with oth

    behavioral competencies like team work, ability and willingness

    learn, etc.

    ! To review the designation fitment proposed by MR panel and wo

    out a salary fitment for the candidate. To systematically articula

    the compensation package, sub-components, key HR policies

    the applicant and address other queries if any.

    ! To thoroughly review the academic track record, employme

    history of the candidate to explore if there are any caregaps/breaks and identify the corresponding reasons behind th


    ! To understand the preferences / constraints of the applicant

    terms of location, notice period of the previous company, joinin

    date, etc.


    To inform applicant about the pre-employment medical cheand the Background check formalities.

    ! To cross-check if valid references have been furnished in the TC

    employment application form

    ! To check if the candidate has any friends, relatives, colleagues

    acquaintances who may be interested to join TCS

    Role of a HR Interviewer

  • 8/8/2019 Interviewer Panelist Handbook


    ! Relevant experience is defined as the total professional experien

    that an applicant has acquired during his employment histoprovided

    =It is in the same career stream or function for which t

    applicant has applied to TCS

    =Is relevant to his/her current or future role in TCS.

    ! Relevant experience for any candidate should be atleast 50%

    total experience of the candidate else it is advisable not hire the applicant.

    ! The previous experience between bachelor and master degrees

    considered as relevant in case the work experience and cours

    pursued were of a full time nature.

    ! The following experience will not be considered relevant in TCS:


    Any teaching experience in subjects not related Engineering, Information technology, Computer Scienc

    Mathematics, Statistics and other related subjects.

    =Academic Internships.

    =Professional experience while pursuing academic studies.

    =Experience prior to graduation is not considered as relevant

    Guidelines to calculate relevant experiencefor a candidate:

  • 8/8/2019 Interviewer Panelist Handbook


    Designation fitment guidelines for a candidate

    Designation fitment for a candidate is the function of his/her releva

    experience to the role or position applied for at TCS.

    Relevant Experience Fitment

    1yr Less than 4yrs ASE/ASA/ABA

    4yrs Less than 7 yrs ITA / SA/BA

    7yrs Less than 10 yrs Asst. Consultant

    10yrs Less than 13yrs Associate Consultant

    13yrs Less than 16yrs Consultant

    16yrs Less than 19 yrs Sr. Consultant

  • 8/8/2019 Interviewer Panelist Handbook


    The Associate (S) miles Schemest

    (TCS Interviewer reward & recognition scheme w.e.f 1 April 07)


    ! Applicable to all local associates in TCS India IT services

    ! Applicable to IT Analyst (ITA) & above in Comput

    Consultancy (CC) and all HR (Non-Recruitment) associates

    How does the Associate (S) miles scheme work?

    Under this scheme, each associate will be entitled to a mileage accounThe computation of miles or mileage points will be activity based.


    Activity based (S)miles

    No. of (S)miles Unit of Measure Total (S)mileRecruitment TypeGuaranteed



    1. Weekday interviews X1 Per Interview X1

    2. Weekend Drives (Local) A X2 Per Interview (A+X2)

    3. Outstation drives B X3 Per Interview (B+X3)


    Local Campus/DT Y1 per day Y1

    Out-station Campus/DT Y2 per day Y2

  • 8/8/2019 Interviewer Panelist Handbook


    To view the status of mileage points earned during a given mont

    associates can log on to on the 15th the subsequent month. The miles will be transferred to the TCS gemportal on a month on month basis.



    Bonus (S)miles

    Bronze (S)miler 500 200

    Silver (S)miler 1500 500

    Chrystal (S)miler 2700 900

    Gold (S)miler 4200 1300

    Platinum (S)miler 6000 2000

    ! Associates can accumulate their mileage points in a mileag

    account for a time line of 6 months with the onset of every financ


    ! No carry forward of miles across half yearlys is permitted.


    Redemption against rewards will be based on the gems as per thTCS gems policy

    ! Every associate will be rewarded bonus miles after achieving

    milestone (See below table).

    ! On a half-yearly basis, interviewers will be classified into bronz

    silver, chrystal, gold or platinum (s)milers based on the mileag

    points earned, and conferred with certificates and medals durin

    the branchwise (s)miles awards ceremony.