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Presented to: Dr MoafiaPresented by: Saba IftikharPresented on:24/05/2016

WhAT IS INTERNET?Definition:The Internet is a global web of computers connected to each other by wires. The Internet is like a superhighway.Example:If you look at a map of big cities, smaller towns, and scattered houses, each is connected together with roads, railways, etc.. Internet connects people like computer connected by wires.

History 0f InternetThe internet first came about in February 1958 in AmericaA man named JCR Licklider invented it. He imagined a globally interconnected set of computers Leonard Kleinrock at MIT published the first theory in July 1961 and the first book on the subject in 1964 The internet began to grow rapidly in the 1970s It expanded further in the 1980s as public was becoming more aware of it.

Internet growth trends1977: 111 hosts on Internet1981: 213 hosts1983: 562 hosts 1984: 1,000 hosts 1986: 5,000 hosts1987: 10,000 hosts 1989: 100,000 hosts 1992: 1,000,000 hosts 2001: 150 175 million hosts 2002: over 200 million hosts By 2014, about 90% of the planet will be on the Internet


Internet termsWWWBrowserSearch EngineURLDomainhtml

WWW The World Wide Web

BrowserSoftware program that allows a person to view WWW documents. Examples of browsers are Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mosaic, Mac web, and Net cruiser.

Search EngineA web site that will help you search the Internet for key words, subjects, etc.

Why is it used?The internet is used for many different things such as:Talking to friendsOnline shopping- buying items Watching VideosResearchDownloading/listening to music

advantagesFaster Communication:The foremost target of Internet has always been speedy communication.Entertainment :People prefer to see online movies, dramas, study and for downloading games, movies songs documentary etc.

Cheap:Internet is one of the cheapest ways to communicate with each other, transfer data, posting of information etc.Online News:Today some newspapers are uploaded, we can see online news, matches, talk shows etc.Online Education:Now a days we can teach, study online very conveniently and easily

disadvantagesIt promotes violence and bad behavior within society, as it contains violent videos and other disturbing imagesIt can encourage negative activities such as pornography and pedophilia, these things can now be explored more openly due to the internetIt stops children from going out, as they wish to stay home and use the internet to talk to friends etc.