Internet Marketing: Benefits Of Seo And Methods To Choose An Efficient Seo

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This presentation is all about the benefits of Search Engine Optimization and methods to choose an efficient SEO. This is a very helpful resource for all the people looking to expand their online business. SEO has been a major attraction for internet marketers for a long time. This presentation starts with emphasizing the importance of the higher rankings in the search engine (e.g. Google) and how it influences the online buyers. Further it explains the relevance of SEO in terms of attracting traffic. Also discussed are On/off-Page optimization, PPC, Organic Searches and the malpractices in SEO. Further the presentation elucidates the methodology in choosing an efficient SEO. It describes the factors to be looked into before choosing an SEO.

Transcript of Internet Marketing: Benefits Of Seo And Methods To Choose An Efficient Seo

  • 1.


  • Modern world of cut-throat competition of e-commercemakes SEO imperative.
  • More and more sites are clamouring to optimize their rankings
  • It leads to more visibility, leading to more business.
  • Behind the scenesevery internet search involves complex software.
  • It is intelligent enough to se which pages are the most relevant to the search.
  • Customer typically buysfrom a company which comes up top in the search list.


  • SEO is the process of figuring out key words, potential customers might use to find what the website is offering.
  • Further it involves doing whatever is necessary to move to the top of the search results so that these searchers visit that site.
  • Simple analysis of traffic(in the adjacent figure) to Google reveals29 percent of internet users worldwide visit the Google site on a daily basis.
  • This clearly reveals an opportunity with search engines

4. 5.

  • Facts in previous slide( on an average 7 pagesof Google are viewed everyday ) emphasize onsearch engine marketing.
  • Making it to the first page is a barometer of a sites success in SEO.
  • Higher probability that the relevant link will be clicked on when its rank is high.
  • SEO utilises tools and methods in making the site top ranked in the results of search engines.
  • Getting the website in the top half of the pageensures that the site will generate public awareness.
  • It subsequently generates more traffic that could lead to potential income and business.


  • SEO refers to the process of optimizing both the on-page and off-page ranking factors
  • Is theindustry that revolves around obtaining high rankings in the search engines for desirable keyword search terms
  • Refers to an individual /company that optimizes websites for its clientele.
  • SEO usually refers to an individual/firm that focuses on optimizing for organic search engine rankings


  • On-page SEO is working on the pages of a website to maximise its performance.
  • Off-page SEO is working off the pages of a website to maximise its performance related to keywords in off-page direct-links.

8. Organic Search PPC

  • Is accomplished by optimizing the web pages and by increasing "link popularity"
  • Done by paying for links that point to the requisite web site.
  • Purchasing"clicks" from a search engine is called "pay-per-click" (PPC) search engine advertising (or PPCSE).
  • Is a long process
  • Length of time involved to achieve higher rankings may be extended.
  • Helps to quickly get top search engine placement
  • Done by "bidding" (paying) for keywords related to the relevant product.

More searchers click the natural search engine results Less traffic is expected through this process Cost involved is quite less as its a one time investment. Cost involved is a big disadvantage. It can even reach to thousands per day Link Popularity is a real plus . Very beneficial if one seeksfast results . 9.

  • Black Hat SEO-
  • A tactic intended to misrepresent a website by displaying different information to the search engine v/s the user.
  • Link Farms
  • Provision ofthese links in exchange for links to their site in an attempt to improve their rankings.
  • Google Bombing
  • E stablishing links with certain anchor text in order to achieve a high ranking for that term.
  • Any of the above practicessighted by the Search Enginecould lead to the immediate exclusion.


  • 1. Goal
  • Growing the business at a good ROI is generally the ultimate goal.
  • Value can be determined to place on each lead that comes through SEO efforts .
  • Budget could also be a constraint when choosing a SEO firm or product.
  • Value proposition of each SEO firm or productevaluated in accordance with the future goals and required ROI.


  • 2. Every Website is Unique
  • An SEO firm would have to do customised work on each of the unique website.
  • Human resource deployment by a firm also leads to customized work by the SEO firm .
  • A small firm would have less resources(copywriter, development team ,public relations etc)on hand and would expect the SEO firm to provide resources.
  • While choosing an SEO the unique needs of your website should be kept as the focus


  • 3. Experience of SEO provider
  • Number of projects handled by an SEO is a good indication of the experience .
  • Request references before agreeing to move forward , in the early stages of an SEO campaign .
  • It highlights the SEOs success rate, work ethic, customer service efforts, strategies and techniques.
  • Request and Search the SEOs Keywords.
  • Searching and viewing how well the SEOs rank is a direct indicator as to how the client company will be ranked / handled.