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A group of fundraisers, marketing gurus and friends are sharing with you their predictions about Internet fundraising trends.

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  • Internet Fundraising Trends 2008
  • A predictions game powered by
  • a group of fundraisers, friends and marketing gurus
  • They had a look at their crystall ball and
  • here you are their predictions
  • | Priscilla-Brice Weller
    • 1. NPOs will increasingly use blogs to engage the public more effectively, by giving them real stories from their work "in the field
    • 2. Organizations will begin to use Social Network to increase their supporter base
    • More NPOs will take up VoIP (e.g. Skype) to cut their telephone costs
    • 4. More NPOs will use SMS (text-messaging) to collect petitions or donations
    • 5. More NPOs will use Twitter to keep their 'friends' up-to-date on the organization's activities and to mobilize people to take part in a time-sensitive action
    Internet Fundraising Trends 2008
  • | Howard Lake 1. fundraisers' interest in Facebook etc lessens as apps don't offer enough access to or control of user data 2. yet another Facebook-for-the-charity-sector is launched 3. a major charity experiences public embarrassment over loss of personal donors' data 4. the link between online fundraising and telephone fundraising becomes more obvious in more larger charities' fundraising strategy Internet Fundraising Trends 2008
  • | Luca Conti 1 NGOs will open their Social Networks to their own constituents building a better relationship 2 online donations will become a key pillar of fundraising revenue but wont replace offline donations and text message fundraising; 3 NGOs alliances will become stronger giving them more awareness and confidence 4 Internet Cause related marketing will become more usual and more and more companies will offer a gift to encourage people to act 5 NPOs will learn to integrate Internet communication as a part of a multichannel campaign Internet Fundraising Trends 2008
  • | Daniele Fusi 1. WebTv and Iptv will become fundraising channels 2. Widget fundraising will be implemented with new services and in new markets 3. Mobile services and web will be matched (but not in Italy, with the exception of Poste Mobile) 4. Social lending for NPOs will be introduced, also in Italy 5. Italian NPOs will slowly move toward more partecipative web sites Internet Fundraising Trends 2008
  • | Francesco Santini 1. More and more NPOs will use a blog as a communication and fundraising tools 2. Non profit web sites will be designed with a better understanding of the Internet Communication with less animation, more usability, more emotional images and smart . First think about a good web 1.0 site then move towards 2.0. 3. Online donations trends will increase and NPOs will start using Paypal and Google Check Out. 4. NPOs will find out the key role of Search engine marketing and SEO. 5. The storytelling power will become part of NPOs communication strategy: rss, blog, videos, interviews, images will bridge the gap between donors and organizations. Internet Fundraising Trends 2008
  • | Sacha Declomesnil 1. The silver heads power: seniors are the only rising demographic segment on internet. They have time and money to spend and will be inclined to add value and visibility to charities in 2008. 2. The video power. Allowing donors to be at the centre of the action, thanks to videos, will be a key factor for fundraisers, and will likely help them increase the donations. 3. Transparency + accountability + measurability = professionalization. 4. An embedded giving legislation model. 5. Social networks activities. It will just not be possible for charities to avoid them and thanks to Google 2008 will be the year of mobile social network platform. Internet Fundraising Trends 2008
  • | Peter Deitz 5. By the end of 2008, internet users will carry to each social network a single set of friends. 4. The mainstreaming of fundraising widgets and applications will result in more individuals choosing to raise money for a nonprofit or independent project. 3. The success of Kevin Bacons matching grants will encourage more foundations and mega-philanthropists to invest in social media. 2. Fundraising consultants will find new ways to collaborate and offer services to nonprofits. Will bring us an open-source consulting. 1. The coming year will see a boon in the number of DIY independent social change projects. Internet Fundraising Trends 2008
  • | John Baguley 1. There will be a large internet fundraising scandle in 2008. 2. That will lead to improvements in security in regard to problems we dont now know exist. 3. This will lead to increased income via the internet. 4. Our celebrity culture will invade our currently very pure internet fundraising, with celebrity sites encouraging fans to donate to win sought after favours. 5. And fans will respond in surprisingly, maybe worryingly, large numbers.. Internet Fundraising Trends 2008
  • | Seth Godin 1. the Internet is something much bigger than direct mail fundraising for just about every non-profit. 2. The big win is in changing the very nature of what it means to support a charity. 3. The big win is in turning donors into patrons and activists and participants. The biggest donors are the ones who not only give, but do the work. 4. The internet allows some organizations to embrace long-distance involvement. It lets charities flip the funnel, not through some simple hand waving, but by reorganizing around the idea of engagement online. 5. Do you have to abandon the old ways today? Of course not. But responsible stewardship requires that not to try to force the internet to act like direct mail with free stamps. Internet Fundraising Trends 2008
  • | Justin Perkins 1. Many of the smaller, newer social networks focused on fundraising won't be financially sustainable and will start to phase out by 2009 2. There will several new social networks popping up that are focused on nonprofit fundraising 3. Only 1% or less of nonprofits will actually make a positive return on investment through social network campaigns, as measured by donations and man-hours 4. Someone will finally design a tool that enables people to message their supporters on Facebook Causes 5. Direct mail ROI will continue to decrease, and direct email will continue to drive most online fundraising results Internet Fundraising Trends 2008
  • | Pierre-Bernard Le Bas 1. Most people will carry on thinking "raising funds on the web" will not be a big fundraising channel...! Well, they are wrong...!!! 2. Web Fundraising will not work if... one forgets that "people give to people". So bringing humanity in our web work is what will make a difference between a lousy site and a great site. 3. Why re-invent the wheel...!!!??? Just go to the web, research the best sites and learn from them. Time is too scarce not to do so...!! 4. The best websites will be those with "human interests" stories, not those with all the "flashy" state-of-the-art techniques...!!! Internet Fundraising Trends 2008
  • | Paolo Ferrara 1. Non profit web sites will be designed with a better understanding of web accessibility, marketing and web 2.0 issues. Non profits internet strategies will focus more on engagement and will integrate strategies for using social media and mobile tools. 2. 2008 will be the year of viral marketing. In Italy we will start using widgets and personal fundraising (far from the north American success). 3. Online donations trend will increase, also thanks to the success of virtual gift platforms. The NPOs will bridge the gap between donors and beneficiaries and will build a stronger relationship with their donors; 4. 2008 will show us more events and partnership with companies. 5. We will see more and more nonprofit blogs bridging the gap between programs and donors. Internet Fundraising Trends 2008
  • | Roberto Vignola 1. 2008 will be the year of SMS promoted by the Internet. The all at once approach will replace a strategic approach to the Internet. 2. 2008 will be the year of non-viral videos, non-engaging and not up-to-dated blogs. It will be the begginers year. 3. Email marketing and web advertising wont be replaced by other fundraising means and the most qualified NPOs will be able to improve their performances. But new comers will be able to enter this market. 4. NPOs will search Web Marketing Manager and web consultants 5. 2008 well be the year of emergency fundraising and we will see a great competition among the NGOs Internet Fundraisin