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Internationalization & localization. Huy T. vu. DEFINITION. Internationalization : deploying a computer software internationally - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Internationalization & localization

Internationalization&localizationHuy T. vuDEFINITIONInternationalization: deploying a computer software internationally Localization: adapting an internationalized software for a specific region by translating into different languages and modifying contents to target the local market

***Problem in software industry: popular apps should be used internationally, but not everyone speaks the same language. EXAMPLE: The fifa world cup 2014

32 national teams participate in one of the world largest sport eventsMillions of fans WILL gather in Brazil & billions watching at homeDemand for mobile apps: Info, results, venues, analysesTravels, hotels, restaurant.Photos, clips.

*** very diverse languages and culturesHOW to localize resources?When localizing, there are 2 types of resourceChanging resources: String, Drawable, Animation, Audio.Unchanging resources: Layout

Solution: create sub-folders with codes (normally follow ISO 639-1 standard)Sample: international app

Create an empty app and define strings.xml as in the picture

Make a Japanese version

Step:create a sub-folder values-ja under folder res

within that folder, create strings.xml file and prepare texts for 4 different string variables

*** ja is ISO 639-1 code for Japanese, list of language codes can be found here:

Use custom locale on emulator

TYPICAL ISSUE #1NOT all languages are supported on every devices (especially lesser popular languages such as those used by African nations) Need another approach

Change locale dynamically

STEP 1: for simplicity, create a RadioGroup of languages (this works better with Spinner in Android, but for simplicity, I use RadioGroup)

STEP 2: modify the AndroidManifest.xml file by adding android:configChanges=localeto every activity that intends to change locale dynamically

STEP 3: add codes in the activity to change locale and update configuration


Both England and the USA are qualified for the World Cup. Both countries use English, butEnglandFootballWCPlazaFuelUSASoccerRestroomMallGas

Localization:Make another subfolder specifying Great BritainAssuming the default values are for US-localizationOnly include the strings that are different


Folder name convention: values-xx-rYYxx is ISO 639-1 language code (2 letters)r is region (must have)YY is ISO 3166-1 country code (2 letters)Use Locale constructor to interpret the code

People would like to see information about their national team localize drawable resourceTYPICAL ISSUE #3

For images, its a little different, the previous resource must be nullified before setting new resourceTYPICAL ISSUE #4Date and Time format varies between countriesTo localize date and time format, add the following codes

Design Standards for internationalization

Names are NOT translatable or localizableInternationalized conventions are used by default (SI units, symbols,) What about this?

Designs rule of thumb: ROMANIZATION

Texts should be displayed in Romanized formThank you