International Airline Career Pilot ??Welcome to our brand new 2015 International Airline Career...

download International Airline Career Pilot ??Welcome to our brand new 2015 International Airline Career Pilot Program ... terms of professional opportunities ... courses for aspiring airline

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Transcript of International Airline Career Pilot ??Welcome to our brand new 2015 International Airline Career...

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    International Airline Career Pilot Program

    The best way to

    touch the sky!

  • Welcome

    Dear Aviation Enthusiast,

    Welcome to our brand new 2015 International Airline Career Pilot Program brochure, we hope you find the content informative and stimulating.

    This is an ambitious and innovative program, in that its aim is to obtain and hold dual flight commercial pilot licenses one from the FAA and one from EASA. The advantages are numerous in terms of professional opportunities and recruitment. Holding both licenses should double your chances of landing an airline piloting position.

    BFS and ATP have teamed up together to deliver this training program which has been especially developed in order to meet both the FAA and EASA regulatory requirements, while also complying with the airlines demands and expectations.

    We provide high quality and enjoyable training courses for aspiring airline pilots as well as for active crew members wishing to receive recurrent training.

    Our philosophy is based on safety, quality and proficiency.

    BFS and ATP are both recognized nationally and internationally as leading providers of aviation training services and general aviation support.

    We all share a genuine passion to offer you the very best quality training, facilities, equipment and a customer service experience to ensure that you leave us with the highly developed skills that you seek.

    We are all extremely proud of our partnership, our staff, our customers, our training centres and the quality of training and customer care that we provide.

    Enjoyable reading,

    ATP and BFS Team

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    About us BFS History Established in 1981, BFS started as a school for private pilots. A couple of years after that, the school moved to the airport of Charleroi Brussels South in order to expand its activities. In 2004, BFS became a fully certified European ATO (Approved Training Organisation) and started offering airline pilot training programs, according to the new regulations. The school is approved by the Belgian Civil Aviation Authorities (BCAA) under the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to train pilots (from private to airline pilots) according to the Flight Crew Licensing regulations In 2014, we trained more than 80 students at our two Belgian campuses, on more than 20 aircrafts with 50 fully certified flight instructors and close to 15 dedicated administration / operations officers.

    BFS fleet Our fleet of airplanes consists of more than 20 training aircrafts, allocated between our training facilities in Belgium. These aircrafts are all perfectly equipped for training and have proven their reliability and redundancy, in order to ensure the highest level of safety possible. 2 Beechcraft BE77 Skipper (basic VFR trainer) 7 Cessna C150 (basic VFR trainer) 3 Cessna C172 Skyhawk (advanced VFR trainer) 1 Piper PA28 Archer II (advanced VFR trainer) 3 Cessna C182 Skylane (advanced IFR trainer) 2 Piper PA34 Seneca (advanced IFR twin-engine) 1 Diamond DA42 Twin Star (advanced IFR twin-engine)

    BFS simulators BFS currently uses two modern simulators built by the Swiss company ELITE, known for the quality and reliability of their products. Although these devices are primarily used for instruments training, the 120 to 150 wrap-around visual system allows the students to practice visual circuits and other VFR exercises as well. Our simulators are certified under the current FSTD-A regulation. Their cockpits are designed to reproduce a standard environment, very close to the cockpit of the airplanes used for flight training.

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    BFS Training Centres Brussels South Charleroi Airport - Belgium Our headquarters are located at the airport of Charleroi Brussels-South. This airport is internationally known for its fast development. Located only 50 km from Brussels, the airport is the second most active airport in Belgium. The airport, licensed by the Belgian Civil Aviation Authorities and the European rulemaking agency has 2 opposite runways (25/07) full lighted and equipped for instrument procedures and commercial operations (control tower, radar, ILS, NDB, VOR, DME). Students will share the runway with airline jets and other general aviation traffic. Located in the heart of Belgium and in the heart of Europe, airline pilot students will be trained in one of the worlds most complex airspaces, almost entirely controlled and severely organised. This, combined with the challenging weather conditions, contributes highly to the quality of training and to the reputation of the school.

    With a modern, airline-style training centre, our facilities are perfectly equipped to provide student pilots with all the necessary tools required to learn and complete their programs effectively and efficiently using the very last technologies available.

    Liege Bierset Airport Belgium

    Tthe airport of Liege is known as one of Europes most important hubs for freight and cargo flight operations. The airport has 4 opposite runways (23L/R-05L/R), fully lighted and equipped for instrument procedures and commercial operations (control Tower, Radar, CAT III ILS, VOR, DME, NDB). This airport is a perfect platform for professional pilot training. Being mostly active during the night for commercial traffic (typical to cargo operations), this international airport is available during the day for flight training.

    The fact that we are based in Charleroi and Liege doesnt mean that we only fly in and out of these two airports. We fly all over Belgium, and even across boundaries, over to France, Holland, Germany, Luxembourg, or even Switzerland. Europe (especially Central Europe) is covered with hundreds of airports and airfields. From major international airports to remote small grass strip aerodromes, our students will experience cross-country flying and develop their skills thanks to this unique network.

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    About us ATP History Founded in 1984 by its current President and executive management team, ATP has steadily grown to become the largest flight training company in the United States. Through efficient, highly focused training towards FAA pilot certification, ATP prepares men and women for professional pilot careers with airlines, corporate flight departments, air charter companies, flight schools, and U.S. military pilot slots. Our course offerings include its Airline Career Pilot Program, an ab-initio training program for U.S. students to train from Private Pilot thru Commercial Pilot with Flight Instructor Certificates as well as an International Airline Career Pilot Program designed to train international students from Private Pilot thru Commercial Pilot with a conversion to EASA option. These highly successful programs led ATP to become the number one source of pilots to the airlines, placing over 500 pilots with airlines each year.

    ATP fleet ATP owns and operates the largest multi-engine training fleet in the world, with 104 multi-engine Piper Seminoles. Over half of the Seminole fleet are model-year 2000 and newer. Older aircraft are fully refurbished, and all are equipped with Garmin moving-map GNS-430 GPS and HSIs. 104 Piper PA-44 Seminoles 55 Piper Archer TXs 5 Diamond DA40-180 Diamond Stars Cessna CE-525 Citation Jet 99 Cessna CE-172 Skyhawks

    ATP simulators The ATP simulator fleet is just as impressive as our aircraft fleet with all of our devices approved and certified by the FAA. 4 CRJ-200 Regional Jet FTDs 19 Frasca Piper Seminole Truflite FTDs w/GNS 430 Frasca Piper Seminole FTD w/GNS 430 3 ELITE RC-1 FTDs w/GNS 430 21 Precision Flight Controls CRX AATD 12 Redbird FTDs:

    1 FMX - Motion Simulator 2 LD Systems 9 G1000 Systems

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    ATP Training Centres 38 Flight Training Centers Across the US ATP is headquartered in Jacksonville Beach, Florida where its flight operations center provides 24/7 nationwide dispatch. For our international students ATP offers eastern and western US locations perfectly suited for those student who have a preference.

    Daytona International Airport Daytona Beach, Florida Daytona Beach International Airport is located 3 miles southwest of Daytona Beach city center and adjacent to Daytona International Speedway. The gateway to Central Florida, Daytona Airport is close to the Orlando, Florida, Kennedy Space Center and St. Augustine, Florida. The airport has two terminals, Domestic Terminal, serving Delta Airlines, US Airways and Air Gate, and International Terminal with flights to the Bahamas. Daytona Beach International Airport offers a 24/7 FAA manned control tower with services that include radar, ILS, VOR, DME.

    Daytona Beach is known for its world famous beach as well as its strong connection to the racing world where it hosts the Daytona 500.

    Furthermore, Florida trains more pilots than any other state as its year round flying weather and level terrain are ideal for ad-intio pilot training.

    PhoenixMesa Gateway Airport Phoenix, Arizona

    PhoenixMesa Gateway Airport is located southeast of Pheonix and is the pilot training location for Arizona State University, which ATP is the pilot training provider. The phoenix location offers the finest in the american lifstyle known for its warm climate and perfect for active individuals with hiking, siteseeing, and a half days drive Grand Canyon. PhoenixMesa Gateway Airport services include a control Tower, Radar, ILS, and VOR.

    This airport is a perfect platform for professional pilot training. Being mostly active during the night for commercial

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    Classrooms & Equipment BFS Students have always achieved consistently hi