Internal Quality Assurance Cell Welcomes NAAC Peer Team Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore 1

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Transcript of Internal Quality Assurance Cell Welcomes NAAC Peer Team Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore 1

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  • Internal Quality Assurance Cell Welcomes NAAC Peer Team Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore 1
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  • Establishment Informally in 2006 Formally from November 21, 2008 following 2 nd Cycle NAAC Peer Team recommendations 2
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  • NAAC Peer Team Suggestion in 2008 Intensification of quality sustenance and quality enhancement activities on continuous basis through formalized Internal Quality Assurance Cell and Academic and Administrative Audit Committee as per the norms of NAAC & UGC respectively. 3
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  • ABOUT IQAC ( Estt. 21.11.2008 ) 4 Prof. D. P. Singh, Vice Chancellor Chairperson Prof. Raj Kamal, Professor in Computer Science and IT Director Padamshri TGK Menon, Indore Dr. Nageshwar Rao, Pro-VC, IGNOU, Delhi Dr. Sudhir S.Bhadauria, Director, SGSITS, Indore External Experts Prof. P.N. MishraProf. P. K. Gupta, Prof. Anil KumarProf. Ganesh Kawadia Prof. Ashutosh Mishra Prof. Sanjiv Tokekar Prof. Suresh ChandProf. S P. Singh Senior Professors Shri R. D. Musalgaonkar, Registrar Senior Administrator Member
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  • Departmental IQACs Student feedback, analysis, actions and recommendations Performs Academic Audit each year Implements Quality policies 5 Each School of Study IQAC Committee 02 Faculty members Responsible for
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  • To ensure continuous improvement in the entire operations of the University To ensure stakeholders connected with higher education Objectives 6 ParentsTeachers & StaffEmployersFunding AgenciesSociety
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  • IQAC Guiding Spirit IQAC logo Dereck Redmond theMost-ispirational-Thing-You-II-Ever-See-1169.html 7
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  • Guiding Spirit Never Give up, keep striving, never loose heart with setbacks and reach the Goal 8
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  • Guiding Spirit Derek Redmond went down in a race with a pulled hamstring, he did something so courageous and brave at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona 400 meter semi-final but continued the race limping and reached the destination 400 meter sprint won gold medals in the 4x400 meter relay at Olympics and many International games. 9
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  • IQAC AQARs AQARs every year 10 (i) 28/12/2009 (ii) 27/12/2010 (iii) 26/12/2011 (iv) 28/12/2012 (v) 27/12/2013 Online AQARs 26.12.2012 2011-12 28.12.2012 2012-13
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  • Quality Policy Leadership identification of the organizational needs and strives to fulfill them Collective Wisdom and Participative Management Focuses on 11 DAVV IQAC Value Based Education Quality Higher Education. Environment Friendly Practices Research & Innovation
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  • Participative Management Setting up of cells and task groups 12 Task Groups Departmental Committees Participative Management
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  • 13 Frequent meetings between IQAC and Departmental IQACs on Quality Aspects Number of joint Meetings held between IQAC and Departmental IQAC(s) 2012 - 32 Meetings 2013 - 76 Meetings Coordination between IQAC and Departmental IQAC
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  • Student Feedback 14 Each Departmental IQAC takes student feedback each semesterEach DIQAC analyses the feedbackAssessment Meeting or Workshops Recommends actions on the feedbacks to improve quality of Teaching Learning Processes (TLPs) Feedbacks hosted on website to assure the stake holders for Quality aspects in our teaching learning processes (TLPs)
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  • Student feedback for Student Support Services 15 Feedback taken for assurance and enhancing the quality of Student Support Services. HostelDaycare CenterHealth Center Feedback for IT Center Required Actions Analyses Feedbacks
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  • Task Groups 16 ICT for Learning and Support and administrative services Effective Teaching-Learning and EvaluationStudent Support and ProgressionEnergy and Environment ManagementFostering Excellence in ResearchPromotion of Human Values and Professional EthicsWomen Empowerment
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  • Cells 17 Career Counselling and Opportunities Cell International Cooperation Cell University-Industry Partnership Cell Technical Cell
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  • Lectures on the award winning researches and topics A unique conference Organised by the University during July, 17-19, 2009 18 PadamBhushan Dr. T. Alex of ISRO and PadamVibhushan Dr. Anil Kakodar delivered lecture on India and its Nuclear Energy Strategy Twenty Four Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Awardees Big impact on promoting research culture and sensitizing the young researchers Awardees for Physical, Biological, Mathematical and Engineering Sciences gave for sensitising the researchers National Conference of Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award Winners
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  • Workshop for Fostering Excellence in Research Organised on January 2013 with objective of sensitizing the Faculty and students for promoting research culture. 19 Prof. Priyankar Upadhyay, UNESCO Chair Professor, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi Prof. V. K. Singh, Director, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhopal Prof. H. Padh. Vice-Chancellor, Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidya Nagar, Gujarat Speakers
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  • Measures taken to Initiate Research Projects and Improve Research Quality 20 Promotion of research like seed money Grants for National/International conferences Publications support
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  • Promotion of International Level Researches University reimburses Membership of Top International Research Societies Reimburses Internet Charges to Ph.D. Guides Top e-Journals, such as IEEE subscribed 21 50 % Professor 75% Associate Professor 85% Assistant Professor
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  • Activities undertaken by the task groups/cells 22 IT PolicyEstablishing Virtual Class roomsWomen Empowerment and Gender SensitizationEfforts towards International CooperationEfforts for Industry-University CooperationEnhancing quality of Student Support servicesVision document for the UniversityValues and Ethics policy
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  • Promotion of Studies by Virtual Class Rooms Virtual class operational since June, 2012 at IET Virtual Class rooms being setup in number of Schools/Institutes 23
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  • Development of New Quality Indicators Indo-Canada quality issues in higher education workshop at MS Univ. Baroda on15 th February, 2012 the DAVV IQAC team suggested Raj Kamal, Vrinda Tokekar, D. S. Bhilare, Pratibha Sharma, Paresh Atri and Jitendra Singh 24 Services Computers & IT Hostels for the Students Daycare for the Students and Faculty Quality Indicators in centers
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  • Issues and Challenges IQAC Chairperson Prof. D. P. Singh presented a paper at Conference on RUSA on Issues and Challenges of Higher Education 25
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  • Papers Neena Sohani and Nagendra Sohani, Developing Interpretive Structural Model for Quality Framework in Higher Education: Indian Context J. Engg. Sc. Mgmt. Ed. Vol-5 Issue-II, 495501, 2012 Juhi Kamakoty, Nagendra Sohani and Neena Sohani, Determinants of service quality in education: service providers perspective , 2013 26
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  • Expert Lectures Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) , Prof. (Ms.) Priti Rege, Dean (Academic), College of Engineering, Pune May 15, 2013 27
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  • Workshops Workshop on Quality Issues in Question Paper Setting at School of Computer Science and IT Sept 26, 2012 Workshop on Quality issues in Teaching Learning Processes , at School of Computer Science and IT May 09, 2013 28
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