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Andrew Mackenzie’s is an award winning interior designer who designs world class interiors. He has been awarded with many prestigious awards for his contribution to the field of interior designing styles. His company is situated in Johannesburg, South Africa but his customers are all over the world. Unique quality about his interiors is he promises to utilize the space properly and satisfy the needs of his customers. He always thinks about the individual for whom he is designing and then accordingly starts his work. Giving importance to his client is considered to be his prime duty. He not only focuses on residential but also deals with corporate interior designing styles and hospitality management. The main inspiration in Andrew comes from his travelling experiences and the different dishes he prefers. This is the main reason that his interior designing styles have created a buzz worldwide. Not only designing interior designs but attending interior workshops, inspiring people for interior designing and coming on TV shows related to interior designing styles. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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