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Transcript of Interconnected System Framework - PAPBS. System...  Interconnected System Framework ......

  • Interconnected System Framework Community & Enhanced Tier II / III Supports

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  • Donna M Halpin M.Ed. CLIU#21, Educational Consultant and Pennsylvania Positive Behavior Support (PaPBS) Facilitator

    Molly Flood, Ed. D. CLIU#21 Supervisor of Sp. Ed. and SS/HS Grant Supervisor

    Todd Breinich M.S. CLIU#21 SS/HS Project Manager

  • Objectives


    SS/HS Grant Universal Supports

    Secondary Supports

    Tertiary Supports

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  • Why We Need Mental Health Partnerships?

    1 in 5 youth have a MH condition

    School Guidance is defacto MH provider

    Juvenile Justice system is next level of system default

    1-2% identified by schools as ED

    Those identified have poor outcomes

    Suicide is 4th leading cause of death among young adults

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  • SAMSHA : SS/HS Grant

  • Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit #21

    Schnecksville Pa.

    CLIU#21 provides services to 14 public school

    districts, non-public schools and 2 Career

    and Technical Institutes of the Carbon and

    Lehigh counties.

    Lehigh Learning Achievement School


    Allentown Learning Achievement School

  • Lehigh County Pennsylvania

    Systems of Care

  • Health Choices Integrated


    D & A




    Additional Partners

    Allentown PD D.R.N

    . United Way Head Start Early


    Youth & Family

  • Comprehensive Planning Process

    Assessment SS/HS Framework Development of the Comprehensive Plan

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  • Needs Assessment

    and Environmental Scan

  • Needs Assessment Analysis (SWOC)

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  • Logic Model Core Elements

    Element 1: Promoting early childhood social

    and emotional learning and development.

    Element 2: Promoting mental, emotional,

    and behavioral health

    Element 3: Connecting families, schools, and


    Element 4: Preventing behavioral health

    problems (including substance use)

    Element 5: Creating safe and violence-free


  • Guiding Principals

    Building Capacity Collaboration and Partnership Policy Change and Development System Integration Technology

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  • Tier III/Tertiary Interventions

    1:1 instruction / Small Group

    Alternate assessment

    Increased time

    Tier III/Tertiary Interventions BHRS /Partial Hospitalization/ FBA

    Individual Outpatient Therapy

    Outpatient Medication Clinic

    Family Based MH Services

    D & A Counseling


    Tier II/Secondary Interventions

    DI - Academic Supports Reading and Math

    Credit Recovery

    Alternate Coursework


    Alternate Assessments

    Tier II/Secondary Interventions Small Counselor groups


    Community Partners

    Resource Officers

    Aggression Replacement Training

    Medication Monitoring

    Tier I/Universal Interventions

    Core Curriculum reading and math

    Course of Study

    CBM / State Testing

    Transition Services

    Curricular Match

    Tier I/Universal Interventions SWPBIS

    Positive Action Social Skills/

    Bully prevention

    D&A awareness

    Universal Screening- BIMAS

    Positive Support Plans/ Transition

    School-Wide Positive Intervention Supports - FRAMEWORK

    A Multi Tiered System of Support (MTSS) Model Supports

    Academic Systems Behavioral Systems

  • Lehigh Learning

    Achievement School


    Allentown Learning

    Achievement School

    Educational Placements for Student w/

    emotional support needs in grades 3-12.

    Identify individual goals -provide prevention

    strategies & interventions that advance

    school mental health supports and PBIS for

    at-risk students.

  • Universal School Wide Positive

    Interventions & Supports

    SWPBIS Teams Positive Action Social Skills/ Bully Prevention

    D&A Awareness

    Universal Screening- BIMAS

    School Police Officers

    Positive Support Plans/ Transition

    Classroom Behavior Management - C.H.A.M.P.S.

  • School Wide Positive Behavior

    Intervention & Supports


    Defined Behavior



    Daily Progress Monitoring

    Progressive Reinforcement Levels

    SWIS Data Collection

    PBISApps Assessment School Safety Survey, Benchmark of Quality, EBS -Self Assessment Survey ,Tiered Fidelity Inventory

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  • Tiered Fidelity Inventory

  • Daily Data Collection /

    Progressive Reinforcement Levels

  • Universal Screener

    Systematic Screening for Behavior Disorders (SSBD) (Walker & Severson, 1992)

    Student Risk Screening Scale (SRSS) (Drummond, 1994)

    Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) (Goodman, 1997)

    BASCTM2 - Behavior and Emotional Screening System (BESS) (Kamphaus & Reynolds, 2007)

    Social Skills Improvements System - Performance Screening Guide (SSiS PSG) (Elliott & Gresham, 2007)

    BIMAS Behavior Intervention Monitoring Assessment System

  • Universal Screener Protocol


    Behavior Intervention Monitoring

    Assessment System James L. McDougal, Psy.D.

    Achilles N. Bardos, Ph.D.

    Scott T. Meier, Ph.D.

    The Behavior Intervention Monitoring Assessment System (BIMAS) is a

    measure of social, emotional and

    behavioral functioning in children and

    adolescents ages 5 to 18 years.


    Universal Screening

    Student Monitoring

    Program Evaluation

  • BIMAS Data

  • CHAMPS Class Wide Positive Behavior

    Support (PBS)

  • Mental Health First Aid USA is listed in the

    Substance Abuse and Mental Health

    Services Administrations National Registry

    of Evidence-based Programs and

    Practices. Mental Health First Aid is an 8-

    hour course that teaches participants how

    to help someone who is developing a

    mental health problem or experiencing a

    mental health crisis. The training helps

    participants identify, understand, and

    respond to signs of mental illnesses and

    substance use disorders.

    Youth Mental Health First Aid


    ../../Documents/Mental Health First Aid.mp4 Health First Aid.mp4

  • Resources- Evidence-based Practices Guide What are the practices?

    Do they meet our needs ?

    Are they evidence-based practices?

    How are you measuring effectiveness

    of practices (data)?

    Who are the service delivery teams/personnel?


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  • Identifying Evidence-Based





    Intervention Central

  • The Hexagon Tool

  • The Positive Action program features scripted lessons that are easy to prepare and teach.

    Grades K-12

    Pre and Post Assessment

    Approximately15+ minutes instruction 3 days Classroom Kits- 140 lessons per Kit

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  • School Police Officer

    School Building Safety

    Crime Prevention Through Environmental


    Security and access to the building

    Promote Positive Relationship with Police

    Member SWPBIS Team

    Aggression Replacement Trainer of Trainer

  • Tier II/Secondary Interventions

    Small target group interventions

    Student Assistance Program (SAP)

    Community Partners

    School Police Officers

    Aggression Replacement Training

    Outpatient Clinic Services

  • Student Assistance Program

    The Commonwealth of Pennsylvanias Student

    Assistance Program (SAP), is a systemic

    process using techniques to mobilize school

    resources to remove barriers to learning.

    Trained Team Members include School staff

    and liaisons from community alcohol and

    drug and mental health agencies..