Interactive Digital Art

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Interactive Digital Art COMP 4640 Homework #7 Fall 2008 Martin Lindsey
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Interactive Digital Art. COMP 4640 Homework #7 Fall 2008 Martin Lindsey. Some of the Categories include…. Digital Art Interactive Art Interactive Video Internet Art New Media Art. Fractals. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Interactive Digital Art

  • Interactive Digital ArtCOMP 4640 Homework #7Fall 2008Martin Lindsey

  • Some of the Categories includeDigital ArtInteractive ArtInteractive VideoInternet ArtNew Media Art

  • Fractals

  • Algorithmic ArtAlgorists used plotters to illustrate their outputUsed random or psuedo-random processes to produce variability

  • Early PioneersFrieder Nake

    A. Michael NollGeorge Nees

  • AnimationCGI Computer Generated Imagery

    3D Graphics

  • Internet ArtA genre used by net artists

    Some of the works of Thomas Briggs

  • Internet ArtIncludes online video, audio and radio

  • Interactive VideoApplied on broadband , computer games and cinemaThe technique blends interaction and linear film or video

  • GamingWilliam Higinbothams Tennis for Two on an oscilloscope from 1958Programmers and graphic designers create todays popular games such as Ghost Recon

  • LanguagesJava web applets and GUIs from COMP 1210Processing used for creative coding and computational artGML Geography Markup Language