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Transcript of Intelligent City Surveillance system for Indore City Surveillance ¢  Intelligent City...

  • Intelligent City Surveillance system for Indore city

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  • Intelligent City Surveillance system for Indore city

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    No./SP/HQ/147/2014 Dtd 27 Jan 2014

    Tender Notice Sealed bids are invited by the Superintendent of Police (HQ) Indore from

    Manufacturers /Authorized Systems Integrators of the following items:-

    No. Name of Item(s) Qty.

    1 Intelligent City Surveillance system for Indore city with

    below options:-

    (1) with wireless connectivity

    (2) with OFC connectivity provided by the department

    01 System

    Objective of work :- The objective of City Surveillance Systems is for Keeping an Eye on

    the City. All cameras will transmit their video feed to centralized Control Room or at a pre

    decided place , where the feed of all cameras can be previewed live and Data can be stored

    for minimum 30 days . The system shall also have capability to capture number plate of


    1. Bid is for integrated system wherein either wireless connectivity will be used for

    linkage between camera and control room or OFC connectivity from the camera to control

    room which may be provided by the department. Bid will be submitted for both options


    2. Each bid shall comprise of

    a) Pre –Qualification Bid b) Technical bid b) Commercial bid

    3. Pre-qualification bid, Technical bids and Commercial bids shall be in separate

    and sealed envelope for “Intelligent City Surveillance Systems for Indore City”.

    4. Sealed BIDs are invited in three bid system i.e. bid eligibility documents, technical

    bid and commercial bid by the undersigned from the manufacturers, authorized distributors, system integrator and also from Government/Semi-Govt. organization including Public Sector Undertakings for supply, installation, configuration, testing

    and operations of Intelligent City Surveillance System for Indore city on turnkey basis for use of Indore Police. The BIDs can be sent through Registered post, Courier or put personally in the sealed BID box kept in the Reception of office of the undersigned on or before 14 March 2014 at 1600 hours and the BID will be opened on 14 March 2014 1700 hours in the Control Room. In case the due date is declared a holiday, BID shall be opened on next working day but BID box will be sealed on the scheduled date and time. The BID document can be downloaded from Indore Police website or or can be obtained from the

  • Intelligent City Surveillance system for Indore city

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    office of the SP(HQ), Indore on payment of Rs.1000/- by D.D. on any working day from 10.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M.

    5. Bidder has to show technical Live Demonstration of the technical capability of

    quoted Equipments and Softwares at given date, time and place. Bidder who is not able to show demonstration on given dates, will be rejected and no communication in this regard will be entertained.

    6. As per Madhya Pradesh Stores Purchase Rules, 30% preference shall be given to entrepreneurs /Suppliers belonging to SC/ST category of the state who are duly registered with District Trade And Industries Center, (Attach documents in proof o f the more than 50% share of SC/ST category in the firm).

    10. BID will not be accepted without earnest money. EMD shall be submitted with Pre – Bid Qualification.

    11. BIDER shall have to deposit firm registration number, TIN No. and earlier or previous years Sales tax clearance certificate etc.


    INDORE (M.P.)

  • Intelligent City Surveillance system for Indore city

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    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 Scope of Work Page 5-7

    Chapter 2 Pre Bid Conference 8

    Chapter 3 Pre- Qualification Bid 9



    5.1 Specifications for IP IR - Outdoor Speed Dome PTZ Camera 17-18

    5.2 Specifications of 3 MP camera 19-20

    5.3 Technical specification of ANPR and required hardware 21-24

    5.4 Technical Specifications for Wireless Connectivity 25-26

    5.4.1 Specification for Pole and Masts: 26

    5.5 Specification for network switches for location 26

    5.6 Specification for Video Management, Analytics 27-44

    and Video Synopsis software

    5.7 Specification for video wall solution 44

    5.8 Specifications for Unified Storage – For ANPR and Video 45

    storage having 200 TB capacity scalable up to 400TB

    5.9 Specifications for Client PC 46

    5.10 Specifications for Video Management and ANPR Server 47

    5.11 Specification for Layer 3 Network Switch for Central Control Room 48

    5.12 Specification for UPS for Power Backup: 49

    Chapter 6 Bill of Quantity

    6.1 Option with Wireless Connectivity 50-52

    6.2 Option with Optical Connectivity provided by the department 53-54

    Chapter 7 Annexure Forms 55-66

  • Intelligent City Surveillance system for Indore city

    Page 4

    Important Dates

    S. No. Details Date – Time Remark

    1 Date of release of NIT


    2 Sale of Tender form Starts from


    3 Last date of Sale of Tender form


    4 Pre – Bid Meeting 06.03.2014 1100 Hrs

    5 Submission of Bid 14.03.2014 Till 1600 Hrs

    6 Opening of Pre- Qualification Bid

    14.03.2014 At 1700 Hrs.

    7 Opening of Technical bid of Eligible Biders

    14.03.2014 At 1800 Hrs.

    8 Demo of Eligible Bidders

    18-20 March, 2014 18th is for setting of

    the CCTV


    9 Opening of Financial Bid of Technically Qualified Bidders

    22.03.2014 1600 Hrs

  • Intelligent City Surveillance system for Indore city

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    Chapter -1

    Scope of Work

    Supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Surveillance system to

    achieve the below mentioned objectives at given location in the city of Indore

    (locations of camera point are described in Annexure – B) and can further be

    extended or modified. IP based CCTV cameras will be used to monitor happenings in

    the Indore city. A mix of HD IP based fixed, PTZ and ANPR Cameras, will be used for

    this purpose. Both IP based CCTV Cameras should work either with wireless or fiber

    based network provided by the department as per feasibility. This network should be

    zero interruption based communication for the links among control room and IP

    camera installed and spread over various locations in the city as mentioned in the

    Annexure – B

    a. In the case of an option of Wireless Connectivity, the successful bidder shall

    be responsible for end-to-end implementation of connectivity of all the

    locations under this tender and shall quote and provide/supply any item of

    latest make and model not included in the bill of materials but required for

    successful implementation, commissioning as well as its management of the

    system. Items, which are not mentioned in the bill of material, shall be

    separately quoted. Any such items, which have not been quoted by successful

    bidder in the bid but are required for successful completion of the project no

    extra cost would be paid by the Department. The scope is deemed to include

    all components, accessories and equipment required to implement a fully

    functional intelligent CCTV city surveillance system regardless of whether

    they are explicitly mentioned or not.

    b. In case of OFC connectivity provided by the department the successful bidder

    will have to provide the necessary network equipment at the Terminal Ends of

    the OFC network.

    c. The bidder shall supply all the installation materials/accessories/consumable

    necessary for the installation of the system.

    d. The bidder at each location shall provide the required networking equipment

    for end-to-end connectivity from Control room to individual Surveillance


    e. The complete ownership of the network over the wireless will that be of

    Madhya Pradesh Police, therefore proposed network shall be a dedicated

  • Intelligent City Surveillance system for Indore city

    Page 6

    network build for this purpose, and not hired from a telecom operator.

    However the complete maintenance will be in the scope of the Bidder

    including rectification of minor or major fault, breakages in the network.

    f. Wireless communication should be fully secured and shall support 128 bit

    encryption or better.

    g. Access Points shall be placed in such a way that it covers the entire location

    under surveillance. The bidder shall provide associated planning and diagram

    of the placement of the Access Points.

    h. The system thus proposed should be scalable and have capability of

    integration with existing or future systems of Police Departments.

    i. The successful bidder should have one or proposed to setup a Service Center

    within Indore City. Resident Engineers