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Transcript of Integrating Aerial Photography And Global 5... Aerial photography is the process of taking...

  • Integrating Aerial Photography And Global Positioning Systems (GPS) To Map Governor Dodge State Park In Dodgeville, WI

    Mark D. Aurit Remote Sensing 338

    Aerial photography is the process of taking photographs above the earths surface. There are many applications of aerial photographs in areas such as real-estate, land use, traffic control, and mapping. In the area of cartography, maps can be created from aerial photos to present a guide, such as a map of trails in a national or state park. One way aerial photos can be obtained is through a large University. In the University of Wisconsin system aerial photographs can be obtained through the Robinson Map Library located in Science Hall on the University Wisconsin-Madison Campus. Other sources which carry aerial photographs are your local Department of Transportation, County Land Records Office and several others. The aerial photograh above is of the area surrounding Governor Dodge State Park.

    Global Positioning Systems (GPS) provide users with accuracy for mapping and navagational purposes. GPS systems are space-based radio positioning systems that provide 24 hour three-dimensional position, velocity and time information to suitably equipped users anywhere on or near the surface of the Earth. The Trimble Asset Surveyor, as seen above, was used to map Goveronr Dodge State Park.

    By the combing data collected from a GPS and a detailed ground analysis, a detailed guide for tourists, such as the one above can be created by transposing the collected information upon an aerial photograph of a specific area. By a detailed interpration as such, one can physically see the distinguising features of the various locations making it easier for visitors to manuver around the park.


    Aerial photography is used to gather information about an area without being in direct contact with it. Besides satellite imagery, air photos are most commonly taken from planes that fly specific paths to gather spatial information of an area. Air photos can be applied to a variety of uses that can vary from, analyzing traffic congestion in a city, to land use/land cover analysis, real estate, and mapping.

    A Global Positioning System (GPS) was created by the military for navigational and locational purposes. Over the past several decades the GPS has become a useful mapping tool. By taking specific latitude and longitude points, a GPS system gathers points, lines, and regions aiding cartographers in creating a more accurate map of an area.

    Governor Dodge State Park is located in Dodgeville, WI, its one of the most scenic and beautiful parks in the state. By gaining aerial photographs through the Land Records and Zoning Office, and using such resources along with the GPS information, one can map a scenic region such as a national or state park. This is accomplished by combining data collected from a GPS unit and a detailed aerial photo/ground analysis of the given area (in this scenario, Governor Dodge State Park). Air photos are proved to be accurate by using the GPS unit to ground truth the actual trails, thus providing visitors with an accurate and extensive trail guide.

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