Integrate eCommerce & Extend UPS WorldShip to Optimize Shipping

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Transcript of Integrate eCommerce & Extend UPS WorldShip to Optimize Shipping

UPS Presentation Template

Integrate eCommerce & Extend UPS WorldShip to Optimize Shipping

#U.S. Marketing / Business Planning | Confidential For internal use onlyAgendaOz Development Overview

Customer Case Studies

UPS WorldShip extensions


Q & A2

OzLINK: Payback for Thousands of UPS Customers3Oz Overview Integrating and extendingorder management applications 20 years experience in shipping Part of UPS Ready for 10+ years Rapid company growthA Solution for Every UPS Customer Scales down and up with size of business Integration from Excel to Enterprise ERP Handle complex business rules Premiere customer service 10,000+ UPS customers using OzLINK

OzLINK for UPS: A Solution for Every Customer4Degree of IntegrationValue

Target Customer Integration to any accounting/ERP Greater than 40 shipments per day Complex business rulesPricing Set up fee $999-$12,999 Monthly subscription $99-$594

4Big Ass Fans Streamlines Marketing5 Cut clerical work by 81% Saved $10K annually in address fees Increased fulfillment process throughput by 28%


Fulfillment requestsBatch address validationBatch shipping by campaignOzLINK improved our fulfillment dramatically, it is one of the best time-saving solutions we have implementedDiego Rich




OzLINK Custom Integrated with Virtually Any HostPre-Ship Address Validation7

Review pending orders Approval FulfillmentScreens periodically &highlights ambiguous ordersCorrect and update

Ready ToFulfillOrderEntryAddress correction feesAre $15 per errorERP

Packaging & Shipping Based on Weather8

OverviewProducer and distributor of healthy live insects Wholesale distribution topet stores, fishing outlets, etc.ChallengeEnsuring insects stay alive OzLINK SolutionAt pack time checks destination temperatureMaps to required packaging Other applicationsFresh food, live animals, medications, etc.Use time-in-transit to select UPS Service level

Integrating Groupon and UPS WorldShip


Commerce InterfaceBatch file of orders

Combo Packing Slip and UPS Label

OrdersPick/Pack& Label


Customer Example eCommerce Expanding Channels11

150 batch orders per event Combo pack/label Eliminated data entryMet Groupon vendor requirements Real time integration with UPS WorldShip eCommerce store Batch picking Real time Volusion integrationStatus & tracking updates Partner sales channel Batch picking CSV file processingImprove Customer Service and Follow On Sales

Provide real time e-mail status to customersInclude product line details confirming orderHighlight promotions to drivefollow on salesStreamline return instructionsRe-enforce your brandOzLINK Branded E-mails12

Automate Pack Slips Across Sales Channels

OzLINK Branded Pack SlipsEliminate manual processesAutomate across multiple drop ship customersSupport different brandsHere are a few more examples

On the left we can produce a branded email, beyond the regular capabilities of quantum view notify

This allows the customer to reinforce your customers brand by allowing for other promotions and or coupons. Really a great way for the customer to increase their revenue with repeat customers.

IN addition from a customers perspective, they can have the tracking information listed along with item details.

On the right this is a great tool and is used in a drop ship scenario. This really helps streamline and automate the pick pack process.

This really takes a portion of the risk of a human error occurring

13Time In Transit Optimization14Cost SavingsService Upgrade

Origin & Ship-To 2 Day Delivery Real time time in transit check

UPSGround 2nd Day Air

Origin & Ship-To Required Delivery Date Real time time in transit check

UPSGround 2nd Day AirCan Save $100s per dayAvoid customer penalties & chargebacksAnother area that we have helped customers is if they have several locations or if they need to downgrade or upgrade the service

On the left, is a cost savings opportunity where the original shipment was scheduled to use ups two day but by using ozlink we were able to look at the data of where the shipment was going and where to pick the order from the customer could then downgrade to ups ground knowing that it would be there in time. This was a cost savings opportunity

On the right, is the opposite where getting the parcel to the destination by a certain date. So we would look at the real time in transit check to see what service would be needed to get the parcel delivered in the required time. This would be automated for the customer eliminating penalties or charge backs to the customer.

14The team at OzLINK was extremely responsive. Beyond technology they had a clear understanding of how to improve our fulfillment processesBarry Bennett

Malibu Boats Creates Waves Outstanding Service

Auto-select between Ground& 2nd Day AirEliminated 4 steps in shippingCut shipping errors by 20%OzLINK Custom Handles Advanced Business Rules We charge shipping only on wholesale orders Gift retailerWhen we ship into Texas deliveries must be signed byan adult Wine retailerOrders over $250 dollarsmust be insured Electronics wholesalerOur parts deliveries needto be delivered within 2 days Boat manufacturerAutomate Selection of UPS Service & Options16OzLINK Demo17

SolutionDemoThe Growers Exchange:Weather-Based Batch Shipping18

Is Inventory Available?What is temp at destination?Should it ship?USDA PlantHardiness Zone

Weather API

Inventory123Additional Information19

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#U.S. Marketing / Business Planning | Confidential For internal use only