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Transcript of Instructions KOWA Eyepiece | Optics Trade

  1. 1. @/ (awaC'0mpa/ Izy. l/td. Electronics & Optics Division 4-14 Nihonbashi-honcho 3-chome,Chuo-ku,Tokyo 103-8433, Japan Phone:(3)5623v8062 Facsimile:(3)5623-8060http: //www. kowa-prominar. ne. jp e-mail:[email protected] ne. jp20001 So.Vermont Ave.Torrance,CA 90502, U. S.A.Phone:(800)966-5692 Facsimile:(310)327-4177http: //www. kowa-usa. com e-mail:[email protected] kowa. oom/ nou Europe G/ nb/ -/Immermannstrasse 43B 40210 Duesseldorf,FR.Germany Phone:(211)1793540 Facsimile:(211)161952 e-mail:[email protected] com2% n tie it e t $if$$$ $103-B433 ietsiK= i=9&EiEI2lrl~79"J3>71:l7"}337'7t'f'J*' 25%L_l: l1'Lf. :fEfL/ (t Eil: &')7J: )F_"LL7: o 71{ELlZf. E%aTiLC.Z0)HY}lt9?.3}51i$}&J2< 85758 l, f. :f5iEl,
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