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Transcript of Instructions for uploading powerpoint to wiki

  • Uploading PowerPoint to Wiki
  • Lets Get Started
    This is pretty easy to do, but there are several steps.
    After you have made your presentation you need to go to
    Open an account. It is free and easy to do
    Once you have an account upload your presentation.
    Using the non-flash uploader option seems to work the best.
    While your presentation is uploading you can give it a description.
    Make sure you save details after you have finished
    When your presentation has been converted and uploaded to slideshare you are ready for the next step.
    Check your email and confirm your account information.
    Once that is done go to your account on slideshare and click on my uploads
    Click on your presentation and copy the embed code.
    If you have gotten this far you are awesome
    Now that you have the embed code you are ready to put it on your wiki
  • Uploading on to Wiki
    Go to your class wiki page for the Cat Dissection Project
    Click on Widget
    Click on other
    Paste your embed code in the box
    Click save
    Preview your presentation.Job Well Done
  • Need Help?
    If something didnt work please let me know