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  • Film Production CompaniesFilm production companies provide the physical basis for work in film, TV, video and more.They are directly responsible for the production of a film.They handle budgeting, scheduling, scripting, supplying resources and talent, distribution, marketing and the production itself.

  • Examples of film Production CompaniesJacob's Ladder: (Madness + Paranoia)Company: Carolco Pictures Inc. Budget: $25,000,000 (estimated)

    The Shining: (Madness + Paranoia)Company: Warner BrosBudget: $19 Million

    Shutter Island: (Madness + Paranoia, mystery)Company: Paramount PicturesBudget: $80,000,000

    These companies may be interested in producing our film because its based around madness + paranoia which they have had experience with in the past.

  • ConclusionWhat weve learnt about film production companies is that:

    Theyre responsible for the success and production of a film.

    Without them, or another parent company, the film wont be as successful as it can be.Their role is to support the film and stay with it until the end to make it the best they possibly can,

  • Film Distribution CompaniesA film distribution company is responsible for the marketing of a film. These companies may set release dates of a film and when it can be viewed by the public.A limited distributor may only deal with particular devices or products like DVDs and/or Blu-Rays.

  • Examples of Film Distribution CompaniesHostel: (Horror)Budget: $4,800,000Company: Lions Gate Entertainment (US)

    The Last house of the Left (Horror)Budget: $15,000,000 (estimated)Company: Rogue Pictures, Scion Films

    The Strangers (Horror, mystery, thriller - Home invasion)Budget: $10,000,000Company: Rogue PicturesThese sorts of companies might produce our film because one of our choices was to focus on a home invasion horror film.

  • ConclusionWhat we learnt about film distribution companies:They play a vital role in getting their film to local and global audiencesThey also get their film noticed and distributed through many countries.They make it adaptable to every device e.g. home viewing, cinema and purchasing through the internet.Their role is to sell copies to cinemas and companies around the world for profit and distribution.