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  • 8/10/2019 Institution of Engineers Malaysia's Journal


  • 8/10/2019 Institution of Engineers Malaysia's Journal


    1 Exploring the Barriers and Driven Factors in Implementing

    Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the Malaysian

    Construction Industry: A Preliminary Study

    by Zahriza Zakaria, Nasly Mohamed Ali, Ahmad Tarmizi Haron,

    Amanda Marshall Ponting and Zuhairi Abd Hamid

    11 Bifurcation Behaviour of the Buck Converter

    by Ir. Dr Ng Kok Chiang, Dr Nadia Tan Mei Lin and

    Dr Michelle Tan Tien Tien

    24 Novel Bimetallic Tin-Manganese Oxides/Carbon Nanotube

    Nanocomposite and Their Charge Storage Properties

    by Ir. Dr Ng Kok Chiang, Ms. Siew Shee Lim and Dr Chuang Peng

    40 Numerical Simulation of the Decay of Grid-generatedTurbulence in a Shock Tube

    by Mohammad Ali Jinnah

    49 Guideline for Authors

    51 Referees Form

    Vol. 75, No. 1, June 2014KDN PP5476/10/2012 (030203) ISSN 0126-513X

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    MAjlIS BAGI SESI 2014/2015 (IEM CouNCIl SESSIoN 2014/2015)

    YANG DIpERTuA / pRESIDENT:Dato Ir. Lim Chow Hock


    NAIB YANG DIpERTuA / VICE pRESIDENTS:Ir. P.E. Chong, Ir. Prof. Dr Wan Mahmood bin Wan Ab. Majid,Y.Bhg. Dato Ir. Dr Andy Seo Kian Haw, Ir., Prof. Dr. Lee Teang Shui, Ir. David Lai Kong Phooi ,Ir. Lee Weng Onn, Ir. Gopal Narian Kuy

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    Ir. Prof. Dr Mohd Zamin bin Jumaat


    WAKIl ElEKTIK / ElECTRICAl REpRESENTATIVE:Ir. Ali Askar bin Sher Mohamad


    WAKIl KIMIA / CHEMICAl REpRESENTATIVE:Ir. Prof. Dr Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Raman

    WAKIl lAIN-lAIN DISplI N / REpRESENTATIVE To oTHER DISCIplI NES:Ir. S. Kumar a/l Subramaniam

    WAKIl MulTIMEDIA / MulTIMEDIA REpRESENTATIVE:Engr. Abdul Faah bin Mohd. Yam, M.I.E.M.

    AHlI MAjlIS / CouNCIl MEMBERS:Ir. Dr Tan Kuang Leong, Ir. June Lau Yuk Ma, Ir. Assoc. Prof. Dr Norlida bt. Buniyamin, Ir.Ishak bin Abdul Rahman, Y.Bhg. Dato Ir. Abdul Rashid bin Maidin, Ir. Lee Cheng Pay, Y.Bhg.Dato Ir. Samsuddin bin Ismail, Ir. Lee Boon Chong, Ir. Tu Yong Eng, Ir. Lai Sze Ching, Ir. Lee

    Weng Onn, Ir. Yap Soon Hoe, Ir. Li Thang Fai, Ir. Juares Rizal bin Abd. Hamid, Ir. Norazmanbin Mohamad Nor, Ir. Ellias bin Saidin, Ir. Assoc. Prof. Dr Jimmy Mok Vee Hoong, Ir. Dr.Tan Chee Fai, Ir. Kok Hee Poh, Ir. Tiong Ngo Pu, Ir. Yau Chau Fong, Ir. Teh Piaw Ngi, Ir.Tay Yuh Her, Ir. Chong Chin Meow, Ir. Chin Kuan Hwa, Ir. Assoc. Prof. Dr Vigna KumaranRamachandaramurthy

    pENGERuSI CAWANGAN / BRANCH CHAIRMAN:1. Pulau Pinang Ir. Paul Phor Chi Wei2. Selatan Ir. David Lee Loke Hai3. Perak Ir. Dr Perumal Nallagownden4. Kedah-Perlis Ir. Chua Teik Seng5. Negeri Sembilan Ir. Hj. Baharuddin bin Ahmad Nasir6. Kelantan Ir. Hj. Syed Abdul Rahman bin Syed Abdullah7. Terengganu Ir. Mohd. Azmi bin Ali8. Melaka Ir. Vellan a/l Vengo @ Perumal9. Sarawak Ir. Haidell Heli

    10. Sabah Ir. Tan Koh Yon11. Miri Ir. Goh Soon Boon12. Pahang Ir. Tuan Haji Ahmad Kamal bin Kunji

    AHlI jAWATANKuASA INFoRMASI DAN pENERBITAN /STANDING CoMMITTEE oN INFoRMATIoN AND puBlICATIoNS 2014/2015:Pengerusi/Chairman: Ir. Prof. Dr Lee Teang ShuiNaib Pengerusi/Vice Chairman: Ir. Dr Tan Chee FaiSeausaha/Secretary: Ir. Lau Tai OnnKetua Pengarang/Chief Editor: Ir. Prof. Dr Lee Teang ShuiPengarang Bulen/Bullen Editor: Ir. Mohd. Khir MuhammadPengarang Prinsipal Jurnal/Principal Journal Editor:Ir. Prof. Dr Dominic Foo Chwan YeePengerusi Perpustakaan/Library Chairman: Ir. C.M.M. Aboobucker

    Ahli-Ahli/Commiee Members: Ir. Ong Guan Hock, Ir. Yee Thien Seng, Ir. Tu Yong Eng,Ir. Chin Mee Poon, Y.Bhg. Datuk Ir. Prof. Dr Ow Chee Sheng, Engr. Aida Yazrin Mohd. Khairi,Engr. Abdul Faah bin Mohamed Yam, Ir. Dr Kannan a/l M. Munisamy, Ir. Siow Yun Tong,Engr. Kok Jing Shun

    lEMBAGA pENGARANG juRNAl/jouRNAl EDI ToRIAl BoARD 2014/2015:Penyunng Utama/Chief Editor: Ir. Prof. Dr Dominic Foo Chwan YeePenyunng Subjek/Subject Editor: Ir. Prof. Dr Hew Wooi Ping (Civil Engineering), Ir. Assoc.Prof. Dr Low Kaw Sai (Civil Engineering), Ir. Dr Ramlee bin Karim (Chemical Engineering),

    Ir. Dr Saiful Amri b in Mazlan (Mechanical Engineering), Assoc. Prof. Dr Zubaidah binIsmail (Civil Engineering), Engr. Assoc. Prof. Dr Intan Zaurah bin Mat Darus Grad. IEM(Mechanical Engineering), Ir. Lim Kim Ten (Electrical Engineering), Ir. Jagathisen s/o SivaPerumal (Mechanical Engineering), Engr. Dr Aminudin bin Abu (Mechanical Engineering)

    IEM Secretariat: Pamela Jitab, Mirdeeliani bin Amir

  • 8/10/2019 Institution of Engineers Malaysia's Journal


    Journal The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (Vol. 75, No. 1, June 2014) 1

    Exploring the Barriers and Driving Factors in ImplementingBuilding Information Modelling (BIM) in the Malaysian

    Construction Industry: A Preliminary Study

    (Date received: 02.05.13/Date accepted: 20.12.2013)

    Z., Zahrizan1; Nasly, Mohamed Ali1; Ahmad, Tarmizi Haron1; Amanda Marshall-Ponting2; and Zuhairi, Abd. Hamid3

    1Faculty of Civil Engineering and Earth Resources, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Gambang, Kuantan2School of Build Environment, University of Salford Manchester, Salford, United Kingdom

    3Construction Research Institute of Malaysia (CREAM),

    Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB), Cheras, Kuala Lumpur



    In Malaysia, Building Information Modelling (BIM) has recently gained attraction from construction players and

    some of them have applied it to several projects. By utilising the BIM process, the construction players have the

    opportunity to plan, coordinate and design in an integrated approach. This is one of the many benets that they could

    gain and resulting in increased productivity. Despite these benets, the implementation of BIM in the Malaysian

    construction industry is still lagging behind Singapore, for instance. Thus, it warrants a study such as the present to

    determine what are the actual barriers that hamper its implementation and what are the driving factors that could

    enhance its pace of implementation in the Malaysian construction industry. In this study, a questionnaire survey

    based on Convenience Sampling Method was carried out to gather the possible barriers and driving factors for

    BIM implementation among the Malaysian construction players. Additionally, Relative Importance Indices (RII)

    were used to analyse the data obtained and to identify those barriers and driving factors for the implementation ofBIM in this country. Consequently, results of this study revealed that the main barriers for implementing the BIM

    are: 1) Lack of knowledge about BIM, 2) Reluctance and/or no insistence shown by the Malaysian construction

    industry players (Clients, Contractors and Consultants alike) on the use or implementation of BIM. The driving

    factors, on the other hand, that could lead to the speeding up of the implementation of BIM are: 1) Support and

    enforcing the implementation of BIM by the Government, 2) promote BIM training program and 3) Initiatives of

    senior management of the related industry players. In conclusion, for successful wide spread application of BIM

    in Malaysia, a good push from the government alone is far from enough. All other construction industry players

    mentioned must assume their roles well in promoting the use of BIM in their construction projects.

    Keywords: Building Information Modelling, BIM, Malaysian Construction Industry, Barriers, Driving Factors


    In Malaysia, the construction industry has been identied

    as an area that plays an important part in contributing to the

    Malaysian economy and contributes to approximately 3 to

    5 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) annually

    [1]. Although the Malaysian construction industry plays asignicant role contributing to the growth of Malaysias

    economy, in the era of globalisation the Malaysian

    construction industry needs to evolve. The Malaysian

    construction industry must upgrade the current construction

    approach, whether in terms of practice, management or

    technology in order to be globally competitive because

    since the 1960s, construction industry has not transformed

    much in term