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Richmond Times-Dispatch.(Richmond, Va) 1917-10-25 [p FIVE].n v
Mrs. EJ. Lorraine RufTln and theMisses Weddell, who hare been guestsof Mlnton W. Talbott at his countryP'ace, "Talbott Hall," near Norfolk,have returned to their home In Rich¬ mond. Mrs. Ruffln aud the Misses Wed- doll attended the garden fete which was Given at "Talbott Hall" last week. Of Interest Here. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Charlton Thorn,of Atlanta, Oa., have announced the
engagement and approaching marriage of thoir daughter, Helen, to Lieutenant Thomas Simons Slnkler, Jr., United Stated Army, formerly of Charleston, S. C., now stationed at Fort McPheraoq,tia. The ceremony will take place at tho home of the bride's parents In Druid Hill some time during November. The announcement Is of much Interest to fashionable society in Virginia, where the groom Is prominently relat¬ ed, and u number of gueutB from hero will attend the wedding this fall In the Bouth. Arrive Thla Week. Mrs. H. J. Redfleld ana MIbs Francis
Redfleld, of Montclalr, N. J., will ar¬ rive In Richmond the latter part of this week to bo the guests of Mrs. W. H. Urquhart at her home, 105 East Franklin Street. Mrs. Redfleld and MIbs Redfleld will be Joined here by Lieutenant J. J. Redfleld, who is sta¬ tioned at Camp Lee, VUHIns Here.
Mrs. 15. T. Brady, of Roanoke, Is spending several days In Richmond this week as the guest of her sister, Mrs. John W. Richardson, and Colonel Richardson, at their home, on Grove Avenue.
Miss Mary Ward, of Lynchburg, Is also vlBltlng Colonel and Mrs. Rich¬ ardson for a short stay. Pretty Howe Wedtfi»B. Palms, potted plants and autumn
flowers decorated the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jefferson Noble, of Gln- ter Park, yesterday for the marriage of their daughter. Miss Wane Coleman Noble, to Alexander Mason Harris, of this city. The ceremony was perform¬ ed by Rev. Charles Franklin Myers, of the First Presbyterian Church. Greens¬ boro. N. C., and took place at 11 o'clock In the presence only of relatives and a
few close friends. The bride wore a smart traveling
suit of midnight blue cloth, with a
hat to match, and carried a bouquet of Bride roses and lilies of the }'allcy- She was given away by her father, .with whom sh<.- entered the parlorB, and they were met at the ImprovlBcd altar by the groom and I'hlllp W. Murray, of Newport News, a fraternity brother of Mr. Harris, who acted as best man.
Miss Lillian Victoria Noble, who was
her sister's maid of honor and on y attendant, wore a two-toned gown of wisteria satin, with a picture hat of the same shade, and carried a bouquet of pink roBebuds.
Mr. and Mrs. Harris left Immediate¬ ly after the ceremony for a Northern wedding trip, and they will be at home on their return at 301 North Addison Street. A number of informal affairs have beeen given thia week in honor of the bride. Prominent Wffldln^« A wedding of Interest in Virginia so¬
ciety. which will take place on Thurs¬ day evening. November 1. at S1. I auIs Episcopal Church. Norfolk, will be that of Miss Jano Nelson Marr to Martin Nlsbet Shaw, of Carne.vs Point. N. J.
The wedding will be a quiet one. and the ceremony, which be T,pe.r/formed at 6.30 o'clock by Rev. H. H. Covlncton, rector of the church, will be witnessed only by relatives, a few Intimate friends, and a number of out- of-town guests.
Th«; bride is the attractive daughter of '"olonel end Mrs. Robert Athlestan Marr, a granddaughter of Mrs. Hope an.l the late James Barron Hope, well known a*? "poet, patriot, scholar. Jour¬ nalist and the knightly Virginia gen¬ tleman." and a great-niece of John Quinrv Marr, who was first Confederate oilier* killed In the War Between the HUte*. Mr. Shaw is a son of Mrs. H. 1*. Shaw, of Charlottesville. ItU'lt School linnet.
The Junior French Club of John Mar- rhull High School will give a Hal¬ lowe'en da nee
* to-morrow after school,
in 'he gymnasium, for the benctlt of tiic French orphans.
:.5r.- Robert Davy Eaglesfleld and her RHinll son. Robert Davy Eaglesfte'.d. Jr., of'polls, Ind.. will arrive shortly ii> be t1'" guests of Mr. and Mrs. Has- Vim iirthsoii. at Bon Air.
y, Katheryn Riggs. of Washington,)U1V ;,.>sn :Me recent guest of friends In Gir.ter Par!:.
Mrs. t'her.ter Markley, of Roanoke.1 who hns been visiting friends here. Is now the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. It. Brltt, in Norfolk.
Miss Eliza Montgomery will leave to¬ morrow for Norfolk to attend tho Wigg-Slmmons wedding, which takes place there Saturday.
L. L. Llttlepage, of King William County, Is visiting Mra. W. P. Turner for a short tlm*s.
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Jones, of Norfolk. are spending a few days in this city. Mrs. Joel Kldd, of Ruhmond, has
been a recent guest of Mrs. W. P. Tur¬ ner. at "Be'.levlew." Mr. and Mrs. R. I. Bartlett have been
the recent guests of friends in Rich¬ mond for a brlof stay. Judge and Mra. Samuel Cecil Gra¬
ham. of Tazewell, are spending this week at the Jefferson Hotel.
A meeting of the Godmothers' League will be held this afternoon at 4 o'clock In room 630, Jefferson Hotel. Reports will be made by the chairmen of each district and also from the various mili¬ tary organizations.
Mrs. C. W. Massie, chairman of the Godmothers for the Blues, requests all women interested in the soldiers' wel¬ fare to meet this morning at 11 o'olock In room 630, Jefferson Hotel. This meeting is for tho purpose of semiring a godmother for each soldier in the Blues* organization, and women who are interested are urged to attend.
HIade.-Brlgga. [Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
WAVERLY, VA., October 24..Yester¬ day James William Green Slado and Miss Anna Atkinson Brlggs. of Sussex County, were Jolne In matrimony at Homevllle. The ceremony wa» per¬ formed by Rev. George E. Booker, D. D. pastor of Court Street Methodist Church, Lynchbutg, Va. The groom is a son ot Dr. J. F. Rlade, a physician of Stony Creak. Va. The bride Ih a daugh¬ ter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Brlggs. of Homevllle. They will reside at "Fair- view."
Feregoy In Acquitted. C. B. Peregoy, of Ashland, charger]
with assaulting Walter Day at the [Richmond branch of the American Lo comotlve "Company, was acquitted yes¬ terday by a Jury in the Hustings Court.
Serr1c*a of Teacher* and RthvUn B«- ln« KilUtnl to Make Work Sne¬
er** In Virginia. Preparation for the State-wide food
conuervation campaign, to be waved the week of October 28-November 4. takes another long stop forward to- ''a.v when clrcularB from State Super¬ intendent of Public InBtructton Stearnes and AsnlBtant Food Conservation Cam¬ paign Director Montgomery are Bent to every school officer, toacher, pupil and county director of the State. ThcKO circulars emphasiso tho ur¬
gent necessity for enlisting everybody in the movement. In the week of the campaign, all householders will be asked to sign a card pledging them¬ selves to follow Instructions to be mailed them by the National Food Ad¬ ministration from time to time. These instructions will have for their purpose the conservation of foods most needed by America's allies and will suggest the best and most wholesome substi¬ tutes for these foods. Jt is pointed out that the administration asks no one to suffer hardship or to go hungry. Tho idea Is merely to afford every one an
opportunity to aid In winning the war. Mr. Montgomery's circular announces
that C. Edwin Michael, of Roanoke. State campaign director, has challeng¬ ed the East to a contest In which vic¬ tory will go to the section of tho State securing the greatest number of pledges. Mr. Montgomery calls upon all county directors to accept the chal- lenge and to do their utmost to win. The circular Intimates that there
might be agents of the German govern¬ ment at work In the rural communities in an effort to defeat the purpose of the campaign. Wherever opposition I* found, It Is (suggested that It be re¬ ported at oncc. Federal secret ser¬ vice will Investigate all such reports
LIBRARY FUND GROWS .South Boston and Blackstane Add $221
to Help Provide Boaka for Moldlrra.
The War Library Fund was swelled yesterday by checks from South Boston and Hlackstone for 1100 and $121 re¬ spectively. A letter from the director of the work In York to Dr. H. II. Mc- Ilwalne. State director, also was en¬ couraging. It stated that $300 would soon be raised there.
I Even wltlj these contributions, how- ever. Virginia is far short of its ap¬ portionment of $25,000. Nearly $20,- 000 more is needed, and Dr. Mcllwaln'e is bending every effort to get this sum before the middle of November. His greatest trouble now is to get direc¬ tors for the several counties. He says that with little help In getting the matter before the people ho is con¬ fident that Virginia would quickly contribute her share in this work.
Dr. Mcllwaine says that he does not wish any more old magazines sent to his oliice for shipment to Camp Lee. The camp, he explains, is glutted with these and cannot use any more. Cur¬ rent magazines, however, are wanted ami can be sent to camp by any one.
PARADE AT FAIR Cheslrrflcld County Plans to Honor
Selectman at Courthouse To-day.
An Important feature of Chesterfield County Fair, opening at CheBterfleld Courthouse to-day, will be the parade <'t the county's men who have been drafted Into the National Army. A re¬ union of the men and their relatives has been planned for the afternoon. Congressman Montague will speak. This afternoon the cornerstone of the
new county courthouse will be laid with appropriate exercises arranged by directors of the fair. Chesterfield has planned long for this
event. It expects attendance to break all previous records, and has prepared to entertain large crowds.
Sell Plxdnl's' Effceta. An order has been entered by Judge
Edmund Waddlll, of the United States District Court, subjecting tho furnish- ini-*s of the William B. l'iczinl heme, at William Byrd Park, to public auction. The sale will be made Tuesday morn- ing at 10:30 o'clock.
AMUSEMENTS Hour's Travel Festival. Travel tie luxe via "Howe's Special"
will be the treat of patrons at the Academy to-night, Friday and Saturday matinee, when Lyman H. Howe will present his new production. It will conduct spectators to Southern France, take them to the world's highest alti¬ tudes In tho Alps, and aboard Uncle Samp's super - Dreadnoughts "some¬ where in the Atlantic."
Science and Comedy at tyrie. More fascinating and thrilling in the
rrrlm horrors they depict tinn the first two episodes of "The Ketrcat of the Germans," presented at the Lyric the first-half of the week, will be the sec- ong and third to be exhibited as a sup¬ plement to the vaudeville show that comes to-day for the latter half of the week. Prominently featured on the vaudeville bill is the amazing feath¬ ered songster. "The Mystic Bird," which will sing and whistle all sorts of tunes, from grand opera selections to ragtime, under the direction of Master Paul, the boy violin virtuoso. Other features on the bill include Elliott and WeBt, ec¬ centric novelty dancers; Nevlns and Gordon, character comedy duo, present¬ ing the laughing skit, "The Typist and the Typo"; Brown, Harris and Brown, a trio of all-around entertainers, and Fred La Kcine, In his scientific exhibl- tlon, "Taming Electricity," a combina- tlon of science and comedy.
TO DAY'S BEAUTY TALK You oan enjoy a delightful sham¬
poo with very little efTort and for a
very trifling cost, if you get from your druggist a package of can- throx and dissolve a teaspoonfal in a cup of hot water. This makes a
full cup of shampoo liquid, enough so it is easy to apply It to all the hair instead of Just the top of the head. Your shampoo is now ready. Just pour a littlo at a time on the scalp and hair until both are en¬ tirely covered by the daintily per¬ fumed preparation that thoroughly dissolves and removes every bit of dandruff, excess oil and dirt. After rinsing, the hair dries quickly, with a flufliness that makes it seem heavier than it is, and takes on a rich luster and a softness that makes arranging it a pleasure. Adv.
Demo*«4ra4lea To-Morraw Mght In Hoaor of Men (aolng <.
Camp L«ra /
. All preparations have been made for the patriotic celebration to be givenby the colored branch of the Ameri¬ can Red Cross to-morrow night at 7 o'clock for the colored drafted men who are to leave for Camp Lee Sat¬ urday morning, thus completing: the flrst quota from this city. Beveral committee meetings were held last night, as a result of which those In chhrge feel greatly encouraged anil are of the opinion that the event will be the lnrgent ever inaugurated by the colored cltizons of Richmond. The final meeting of the commltteen will be held to-night at 0:30 at the South¬ ern Aid Koclety, and then the line of march will be announced.
Colored men and women are pleased that many of the white people of the city are doing all In their power to help make the celebration a succcss, and they hopo that the white employ¬ ers will allow their employees to leave thflr work at 4 o'clock In the after- noon, so that they can get In the line of march.
Following the street parade, several speeches will be delivered, and mes¬ sages from the Governor and Mayor will be read. Those speaking ot the City Auditorium are: John Stewart Bryan, Mrs. John Stewart Bryan and Mrs. I). B. Munford, Maggie L. Walker, colored; Dr. Roscoe C. Brown, colored; Dr. R. V. Peyton, colored, and Dr. W. T, Johnson, colorcd. J
Besides the speaking at the Audlto-
rlum. all the colored choirs and musi¬ cal olubi la the city and student* of the Armstrong High School will ren¬ der muslo for the occaalon. The col¬ ored (selectmen will be given comfort kite as sqUvenlro. Following the meeting at the Audi¬
torium, a reception will be given at W. I. Johnson's Hall.
New Vhorrh for Glsler Park. The Methodlstn of dtnter Park, who
have been conducting Sunday school In the Chamberlayne School building for the past f«w months, will m«et to¬ night for church organization. It In proposed to ask for a pastor at tho coming session of the conference which opens In I^ynchburg on Novem¬ ber 14. A site has been secured upon which a suitable building Is to be «reoted as soon aa It Ib deemed prac¬ ticable.
SafeTIlUfc Infants m* Invalids
MALTED MILK Rich milk, malted grain, in powder form. For infants, invmlideuJgrowing children. Pure nutrition, upbuilding ike whole body.Invigorate* nursing mother* mm the aged.Mors nutritious than tea, coffee, etc. Instantly prepared. Requires no cooking. S6b»titotes Cost YOU Same Pries
When you get the famous "red, white and blue" package you KNOW the "Aragon" quality is in it.what a relief, after buying loose goods, which vary from week to week.
"Aragon" Brand Tea Coffee Rice
Uniformity Try them on our guarantee.your money back if you are not delighted. Never loose; never in tea stores.
ARAGON COFFEE CO. Telephone Madison 154.
8c Allowed for Empty Cans in Good Order.
Our Liberty Loan Booth will be in charge of the Ladies of St. Paul's Church to-day.
There is a brave array of these Coats in sizes 13,15, 17 and 19.
Plaids and mixtures in browns, greens and grays.
Large roll collar or the new scarf collar in con¬ trasting color.
Deep cuffs, wide belts, trimmed with large but¬ tons.
Good heavy weight and exceptionally stylishand pleasing. Third Floor.
Mew B©©tee§, Miitteirns amsdl Sweaters foif tine Balby
Mothers by the hundreds are finding our Infants* Department to be the most complete in Richmond. and prices the lowest. Dainty little Bootees hand
crocheted wool or all silk, in all white or trimmed with pink and blue, 15c to $2.08 pair.
Infants' Mittens of hand crocheted wool, in white and solid colors and white
trimmed with pink and blue. 25c to 75c.
Infants' Sweaters, made of fine all wool yarn, hand crocheted in white, trimmed with blue and pink and solid blue and pink trimmed with white. $1.50 to $2.50.
Third Floor.
Air© Yom Kntitting for tihe Soldiers? Yarns.the kind and shade you want have been hardto got and high in price. We have Just received five hundred hanks in the realolive drab shade, guaranteed all wool.
75c Per Hairak The price is very reasonable and the supply Juat as wesaid.five hundred hanks. You'd better buy at once. Main Floor. v
"The moet comfortable corset I ever had. I like my figure In, It better than ever before."
ANOTHER WELL-KNOWN WOMAN RE-ORDERED WITH THIS REMARK: "I am solos away, and want another to take with me. They are entirelysatisfactory."
STILL A THIRD AGREED WITH US: "This corset really does revolutionize."
THE Sta-Rite introduces to women comfort, convenience and advantages that cannot be secured in any other corset in the
world. Sta-Rite is a twentieth-century invention intended to add to
the comfort of corset-wearing and to make the putting-on and taking-off of a corset a pleasure. It also provides style and elegance that, combined with the marvelous self-opening and self-closing front clasps, place the Sta-Rite beyond even the approach of any other make.
Have the Sta-Rite demonstrated for you, whether you need a corset now or not. It is the one you will eventually buy. See it and be prepared for the corset comfort and exquisite style that you will get by wearing a Sta-Rite."
Delicious Home Cooking Bat Bread* a Specially.
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»!j1; Eli
mt B
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T. 10-25-17
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Glass, Varnishes, Taints. j
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