Installing In Slab Heat Piping

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Installation of the piping for the in slab heat system for our new auto repair facility in Bloomington, IN.

Transcript of Installing In Slab Heat Piping

  • 1. INSTALLING THE IN SLAB HEAT AT WORLD WIDE AUTOMOTIVEInstalled on: April 22, 2009EarthDay!

2. Dave from Simanton Mechanical designed and directed the installation 3. The first step in the installation in layingthe insulation blanket in place 4. The blanket has 5 layers 5. Wrestling the blanket into place 6. Next comes the rebar chairs that will hold the rebar sheets above the blanket 7. Then the sheets of reinforcement wire (rebar) are placed on top of the chairs 8. The chairs position the rebar sheetsso they end up in the middle of the concrete slab once in is poured 9. Next comes the plastic piping 10. The pipe is fed out across the sheets of rebar in giant loops 11. Areas where the shops lifts will bolt down are marked as no pipe zones 12. To keep the pipe in place during thepouring of the concrete 13. The great crew from Simanton wiredthe pipe to the rebar every few feet 14. That took a lot of wire! 15. The ends of the pipe had to be channeled to a central location 16. ..where they will meet up with the heating system in the mechanical room 17. Thank you Dave & crew!