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Transcript of Installation Instructions EPLAN · PDF fileInstallation Instructions EPLAN Education Version...

  • Installation Instructions

    EPLAN Education Version 2.1 Level: 10 / 2011

    EPLAN Software & Service GmbH & Co. KG Technical Information

  • Copyright 2011 EPLAN Software & Service GmbH & Co. KG

    EPLAN Software & Service GmbH & Co. KG assumes no liability for either technical or printing errors, or for deficiencies in this technical information and cannot be held liable for damages that may result directly or indirectly from the delivery, performance, and use of this material.

    This document contains legally protected proprietary information that is subject to copyright. All rights are protected. This document or parts of this document may not be copied or reproduced by any other means without the prior consent of EPLAN Software & Service GmbH & Co. KG.

    The software described in this document is subject to a license agreement. The use and reproduction of the software is only permitted within the framework of this agreement.

    RITTAL is a registered trademark of Rittal GmbH & Co. KG. EPLAN, EPLAN Electric P8, EPLAN Fluid, EPLAN PPE, and EPLAN Cabinet are registered trademarks of EPLAN Software & Service GmbH & Co. KG. Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and Notepad are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation. PC WORX, CLIP PROJECT, and INTERBUS are registered trademarks of Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. AutoCAD and AutoCAD Inventor are registered trademarks of Autodesk, Inc. STEP 7, SIMATIC and SIMATIC HW Config are registered trademarks of Siemens AG. InstallShield is a registered trademark of InstallShield, Inc. Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Inc. TwinCAT is a registered trademark of Beckhoff Automation GmbH. Unity Pro is a registered trademark of Schneider Electric. RSLogix 5000 and RSLogix Architect are registered trademarks of Rockwell Automation.

    All other product and trade names and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

    EPLAN uses the Open Source software 7-Zip (7za.dll), Copyright by Igor Pavlov. The source code of 7-Zip is subject to the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). The source code of 7-Zip as well as details on this license are available on the following Internet page:

    EPLAN uses the Open-Source-Software Open CASCADE, Copyright by Open CASCADE S.A.S. The source code of Open CASCADE are subject to the Open CASCADE Technology Public License. For the Open CASCADE source code and more details about this license, go to:

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    Table of contents

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    EPLAN Software & Service

    EPLAN Software & Service engineering solutions has been developing software to speed up the product development process for more than 25 years. Interdisciplinary expert systems assure productivity and data inte-gration to the highest degree. As a solution provider, we develop PDM and PLM concepts tailored to our customers' requirements, and offer comprehensive services like customization, consulting and training. Innovative expertise in development, consistently orientated to your day-to-day needs, and an international presence all contribute to our suc-cess. EPLAN is part of Rittal International and is therefore a subsidiary of the Friedhelm Loh Group, with 11,500 employees worldwide and sales of 2.2 Bn expected for 2011. EPLAN is therefore synonymous with continuity and investment security. Seven German EPLAN locations and our pres-ence in 50 countries support 19,500 customers with 65,000 installations worldwide. "Efficient Engineering" is our company's motto and it emphasizes our competency in optimized and efficient processes, which support our cus-tomers in staying competitive over the long run.

    EPLAN efficient engineering

    Our motto stands for high-end solutions for engineering disciplines in in-dustrial automation engineering, and individually tailored adaptations and integrations of our systems into existing IT landscapes. Our cooperation with autodesk underscores top competencies in the field of mechanical design. The customer request is the beginning this is where many develop-ment and design processes, which end up involving all kinds of disci-plines usually start. Data relevant to the processes must be exchanged and synchronized across all project phases. The main focus, aside from the requirement of interdisciplinary engineering and production integra-

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    tion, is creating machinery and plant documentation that reaches across all trades. The core challenges are factors like globalized markets, cost and time pressure, increasing demands on documentation, as well as the ever stronger growing competition. EPLAN products and services are geared to each other so that they op-timize your engineering processes and provide long-term support in the efficient and cost-effective realization of your projects.

    EPLAN Platform Your key to success

    The revolutionary EPLAN platform technology allows you to unlock the future of cross-disciplinary engineering. The platform provides core func-tions that are required in electrical, as well as in fluid or EI&C engineer-ing equally. All systems are fed from the same database. Furthermore, the platform contains uniform, interdisciplinary basic functions, like the graphical edi-tor, a common rights management, viewer, translation functions, and re-vision system. Of course it can be connected with third-party tools as well.

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    To install EPLAN Education you need to posses local administrator rights, and after the installation the "Change" right for all EPLAN directo-ries (local and network).


    You will need to have Microsoft .Net Framework 4 installed on the work-station. Please ask EPLAN for additional prerequisites.


    Recommended workstation configurations: Processor: Comparable to an Intel Pentium D at 3

    GHz or comparable to an Intel Core 2 Duo at 2.4 GHz

    RAM: 4 GB *1 Hard disk: 160 GB Monitor / graphics resolu-tion:

    2-screen solution 21" or 16:10 graphics system with a resolution of 1680 x 1050

    3D display: Graphics card from ATI or Nvidia with the latest OpenGL driver

    *1: Individual functions like PDF or DXF output require more memory in connection with projects or very extensive graphics.

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    Starting setup

    Put CD into the DVD drive of your computer. Setup starts automatically. If auto-run does not start on its own, double click the setup.exe file in the main directory of the CD.


    You must register to be able to use EPLAN Education. This is necessary to associate your activation and create an appropriate validation code. Please use the form integrated in the setup to send us your information.

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    Your data input will be checked by us for plausibility. Then, after the check, we can send your personal validation code to your email address. Should you not have internet access at that time, or missed the registra-tion, you can reregister at a later time via the internet by running the setup.exe file again.

    License agreement

    Please read the license agreement and accept it to continue the installa-tion.

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    Target directories

    Setup the target directories appropriately. The optimum basic settings for your system come from the setup file. If several parallel installations of EPLAN Education in various versions exist, we recommend you install all data (program and master data) completely separate from each other. Enter a unique code in the Company code line, for instance your last name or initials.

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    Standard installation

    The setup function installs the following program components of EPLAN Education:

    Start the installation.


    During the installation of EPLAN Education the following icon will be put on your computer's desktop as a link to the program:

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    Starting the software

    1. Double click the EPLAN Education icon on your desktop to start the software.

    You will be prompted on how you want to validate the license.

    2. Select "With a validation code".

    3. Enter the validation code, which you received per email, in the follow-ing New validation code dialog and confirm your entry with [OK]. (Note the sample email on the following page.)

    You have now completed the installation and registration. The software will start.

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    Sample email

  • EPLAN Software & Service GmbH & Co. KG An der alten Ziegelei 2 40789 Monheim am Rhein Germany Phone: +49 (0) 21 73 / 39 64-0 Fax: +49 (0) 21 73 / 39 64-25 [email protected]