Instagram & Pinterest For Business

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Pinterest & Instagram For Business Stefanie Herder | Grand Haven Area Convention & Visitors Bureau [email protected] @VisitGrandHaven @StefHerder
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Transcript of Instagram & Pinterest For Business

  • Pinterest & Instagram For Business

    Stefanie Herder | Grand Haven Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

    [email protected]

    @VisitGrandHaven @StefHerder

    mailto:[email protected]

  • The Crazy Stats Page


    100 million active users

    50 billion pins

    80% of all pins are repins


    400 million active users worldwide

    40 billion photos shared so far 80 million shared per day

    3.5 billion likes daily

  • Just because it

    exists, doesnt mean

    its right for your


  • Whats the most

    important part of

    social media




    & Authentic


  • Using Pinterest For Business

    How to Get Started

  • Pinterest In A Nutshell

  • Pinterest In A Nutshell

    Pinterest helps people discover the things they

    want to plan, buy, and do.

  • Pinterest In A Nutshell


    Pins can be almost anything a gift, recipe, or even a quote.

    Theyre like little bookmarks people add to Pinterest that always

    point back to the sites they came from (like yours!)

  • Pinterest In A Nutshell

  • Pinterest In A Nutshell


    Boards are where people collect and organize their Pins. Each

    board tells a unique, hand-crafted story about what that person

    cares about. People can follow boards whose Pins they likelike


  • Pinterest In A Nutshell

  • Why Do People

    Use Pinterest?



    Project Management

    DIY Crafts & Home

    Products Buying/Selling

    Travel Planning

    To Do/Bucket/Wish Lists

    Event & Wedding Planning





    Its important to know how users

    interact with a social media platform

    before you jump in on the


  • How Can You Use

    Pinterest for Business?

    o Branding You Exist!

    o Increased web traffic & SEO

    o Increased sales

    o Engagement

    o Analytics

    o Demonstrate expertise & credibility in any given area

    o Organize

    o Collaborate

    o Brainstorm

    o Gather ideas & inspiration

  • Ways Your Business Can Use Pinterest

    Link to Your Website As Much as You Can & With Photos!

    Post Products & Examples of Your Work

    Share News/Blog Posts

    Follow Trends



    It Doesnt Have to Be Used For Marketing & Promoting Your Business

  • Start A Business


    Already have an


    Easily convert it to a

    business account via

    your account


    Access to analytics, promoted pins, and more

  • Start A Business


    Create Username

    Create Description

    Add Profile Photo

    Add Website

    Start Following Other

    Accounts & Boards

  • Start A Business


    o Search For Topics That

    Apply To Your

    Business to Find

    Accounts to Follow,

    Pins to Repin, Trending

    Topics, Boards to

    Follow, ect.

  • Create Boards & Start Pinning!

  • Create Boards & Start Pinning!

  • Create Boards Collaborative Boards

  • Create Boards Secret Boards

  • Best Practices & Tools Pin It Button

    Install the Pin It button

  • Best Practices & Tools Download The App

  • Best Practices & Tools

    Create Pins From Your Website

  • Best Practices & Tools

    Create Pins From Your Website

    Helps Increase Website Traffic & SEO

    Pin Relevant Pins

    Pin To Relevant Boards Youve Created

    Or Create A New Board

    Customize The Pin Description If Needed

    Original: Tulips ---HomePageSlider

    Update: Tulips in Grand Haven Central

    Park Grand Haven, Michigan

    Pro Tip: Name Photos For Better Search Results

    When You Upload Them To Your Website.

    Remember People Could Pin Directly

    From Your Site And You Want Best Possible

    Ripple Effect

  • Best Practices & Tools Create Pins

  • Best Practices & Tools Create Pins

  • Best Practices & Tools Create Pins

    Once You Add The New Pin

    You Can Go To The Board You

    Pinned It To And Edit It To Include

    A Link To A Specific Link

    Only Create Pins This Way If You

    Own The Image Or Have Permission

    To Use It This Way

    Dont Grab A Random Image

    From Google Images Or Another


    Pro Tip: Create a Pin Specifically

    Made For Pinterest Further

    Highlighting Your Pin

    Examples: Image With Title,

    Infographic, Multiple Step Photos

  • Best Practices & Tools Analytics

  • Best Practices & Tools Analytics

    Your Profile





    Most Repinned

    Best In Search

    Power Pins

    Pins with a high mix of repins, clicks & more

  • Best Practices & Tools Analytics

    Your Audience



    Metro Area



  • Best Practices & Tools Analytics

    Your Audience


    What Your Audience is Into


    Boards of Yours They Like

    Brands Your Audience

    Engages With

  • Best Practices & Tools Promoted Pins

  • Best Practices & Tools Promoted Pins

    Choose Your Campaign Goal

    Boost Engagement

    Get Traffic To Your Website

    Pick A Pin

    Set Campaign Budget

    Choose Demographics

    Set Campaign Length

    Set Your Max CPE or CPC

    Cost Per Engagement

    Cost Per Click

  • Best Practices & Tools Promoted Pins

  • Best Practices & Tools Promoted Pins

  • VisitGrandHaven Examples

  • VisitGrandHaven Examples

  • Community Examples

  • Community Examples

  • Community Examples

  • Instagram For Business

    Visual Story Telling Through Photos & Videos

  • How Can A Business

    Take Advantage of


    o Branding/ Build Awareness

    You Exist!

    o Humanize Your Brand

    o Find New Customers

    o Promote Products & Services

    o Celebrate Corporate Culture

    o Promote Community


    o Find Volunteers/Donors

    o Find New Employees

    o Spread News

    o Increase Event Attendance

    o Engage With Customers

    o Community Building Get

    Ideas & Feedback

    o Increase Web Traffic**

  • Start A Business


    o There isnt one! Just start a regular account.

    o Download the App there isnt a fully web based alternative.

    o Pick A Username

    o Set Profile Photo

    o Create Description

    o Add Website

    o Do not make it a Private Account

  • Start A Business


    Next Steps

    o Start Following Other Accounts Relevant Accounts. Not Beyonc.

    o They will probably start following you back yay for followers!

    o Seeing is Believing. Gain Inspiration and Learn From Others.

    o Follow Your Competition

    o Like Posts Double Tap!

    o Comment on Posts

  • Post Your First


  • Select Your

    First Photo!

    o Make Sure Its

    In Focus!

    o Crop & Adjust


    o It Needs To Be



  • Add A Filter &

    Edit If Needed

    o This can be

    dangerous territory.

    o Dont Overdo It.

    o When in doubt, go


  • Posting A Photo

    - Final Steps

    o Write Description/Message

    o Use Your Brands Tone of Voice

    o Emojis Are Okay!

    o Tag Users If Relevant

    o Use Hashtags

    o Add Location If Relevant

    o Reshare on FB & Twitter - Optional

  • Best Practices & Tools Gaining Followers

    Use #Hashtags# To Your Advantage

    Search Hashtags to Find New Accounts to Follow and Engage With Like/Comment

    Use Hashtags in Your Posts so That New Followers Can Find You

    But Dont Over Do It

    Add To Post Description or Post in Comments

    Create Your Own Unique Hashtag and Use it in Every One of Your Posts

    Example: #VisitGrandHaven

    Be Sure Vet Your Brands New Hashtag First Before Your Fully Adopt it by Searching it and Seeing What

    Comes Up. Very Important.

  • Best Practices & Tools Gaining Followers

    Once You Have a Few Posts Under Your Belt

    Announce Your Brand is on Instagram Through Your Other Social Channels to Help

    Gain Followers

    Post Link on Your Website

    Encourage Employees, Family, & Friends to Follow & Help Promote the Account

    Add To Email Blasts

    Make Blog Post Announcing Youre On Instagram

    Promote Your #Hashtag

  • Best Practices & Tools

    Iconosquare.Com Free!

    Web Based

    Mobile Friendly Site Add To Homescreen On Your Phone/Tablet

    View Your Likes, Followers, Who You Are Following and Your Media

    Easily Search Users, Hashtags, ect

    Reshare Other Users Photos Able To Save/Copy Images

    Analytics Upgrade Option (Approximately $30/Year)

    Create Contests $$$

  • Best Practices & Tools

  • Best Practices & Tools -

  • Best Practices & Tools -



    o Used To Be Free

    o Plus - $28.80/yr

    o Elite - $149/yr

  • Best Practices & Tools Reposting

    Resharing Posts

    If Relevant

    Fan Photos, Community Photos, Events, Vendors or Partner Organizations

    Posts, Employee/Volunteer Photos

    Ask Permission & Always Give Proper Credit

    Use Iconosquare or a Repost App

    You Can Reshare Non-Candid Photos You Have The Rights To Use Give

    Credit If Needed

  • Best Practices & Tools Additional Apps

    Instagram Companion Apps


    Makes it easy to repost photos and videos on Instagram while giving credit to the original


    Layout by Instagram

    Create fun, one-of-a kind layouts by remixing. Basically a photo collage creator.

    Hyperlapse by Instagram

    Create time lapse videos takes a long video and shrinks it down to seconds.

  • Best Practices & Tools

  • Best Practices & Tools

    Instagram Feed on Your Business FB Page

    One Free Plan Per Facebook User (Person)

    If you manage multiple accounts, you only

    get to apply it to one of your pages

    Includes ability to pull directly from one

    #Hashtag feed Be careful with this one!

    Premium Plan Available for $14.90/Month or


    Go to Visit Grand Havens FB Page and

    Click on Instagram Feed for More Info

  • VisitGrandHaven Examples

  • Community Examples

  • Best Practices & Tools Instagram Ads

    Instagram Paid Advertising

    Create Ads Through Facebook

    Ad Manager

    Clicks to Website

    Mobile App Installs

    Video Views

    Mass Awareness

    Big Time Players Only

  • Best Practices & Tools Instagram Ads

  • In Review Pinterest & Instagram

    Create Consistent, Engaging, and Authentic Content

    Have A Tone Of Voice

    Have a Conversation With Your Followers & Build A Story

    Selling Products is Okay - Just Do It The Right Way

    Use Compelling and Correct Sized Images

    Link To Your Website When Relevant Link Properly Based On The Outlet

    Show That You Are An Expert In Your Industry, But Also Show That Your Are Human

    Monitor Analytics & Use Data To Your Advantage

    Pinterest Analytics

    Your Website Google Analytics

    For Paid Advertising, Start With Facebook Ads Before Jumping Into Instagram & Pinterest Ads

  • Links & Resources



  • Questions?

    Pinterest & Instagram For Business

    Stefanie Herder | Grand Haven Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

    [email protected]

    @VisitGrandHaven @StefHerder

    mailto:[email protected]