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    I N S P I R I N G A N D E D U C A T I N G A U S T R A L I A N P H O T O G R A P H E R S

    David Darcy Off the leash

    Krystle Wright Extreme adventure

    Norman Shapro Not otherwise seen

    ISSN 1839-5899

    $12.95 INCL. GST Issue 58

    Travel Photography } Ten tips for trouble-free pics What gear to take ‘Convenience’ zoom lenses Location: Kangaroo Island

    Sharp shooting tips New autofocusing technologies+I S S N 1839-5899

    PR58 COVER Oct13.indd 1 6/11/13 5:31 PM

  • PR58 COVER Oct13.indd 2 6/11/13 5:31 PM


    The process by which we select our front cover picture is not terribly formal. During the course of production, our talented artist Melissa Kallis picks out several candidates from among the photographs supplied for the Inspirations profiles. Sometimes the editorial team will flag a particular image as well. Then, as we close in on the final stages of production, she’ll create a handful of mock- ups for the team to choose from.

    More often than not we all agree easily on which image ought to be used for the cover - and so it was on this occasion. But it wasn’t until we were just about to finish up that publisher David O’ Sullivan realised that we were also setting a precedent of sorts.

    Although we’ve published Inspiration profiles on photographers who’ve come to our attention via their participation in our Photo Challenge, Norman Shapro’s striking blue-eyed bird picture is the first time we’ve selected a reader’s image for our cover (see page 18 for more of his work). I’m confident that it won’t take us another 58 issues to publish our next reader’s cover!

    Speaking of the Inspiration section, I think I can say that we’ve assembled a diverse selection for your enjoyment. Joining Norman Shapro is adventure photographer Krystle Wright and Aussie working dog portraitist, David Darcy. As you’ll see, young Krystle isn’t afraid to put herself in some pretty extraordinary spots to capture an image, and David must surely be half photographer, half dog whisperer...

    On an arguably more radical note, Photo Review Issue 58 is also the first to be published without a single equipment review. And no, this doesn’t mean that technical editor Margaret Brown has decided to take a sabbatical from her test bench. In fact quite the opposite is the case.

    While equipment reviews are traditionally a significant part of a typical photography magazine’s editorial mix, for a quarterly like Photo Review there is always a problem with timeliness. As product release cycles have become shorter, the challenge has only become greater. With the proliferation of online review sites, it has become imperative for Margaret to source and review equipment within weeks of the official release date.

    As many readers will know, Margaret’s reviews appear on, in our newsletter, and in our new app edition at the same time or even ahead of some of the world’s largest equipment review sites.

    The contrast with the publication cycle of a quarterly magazine

    could hardly be more stark. Too often we would be publishing equipment reviews weeks or even months after the gear was released. Worse, it frequently happens that a major release occurs just after we’ve gone to press. Nor, due to the obvious space limitations of conventional publication, can the reviews be anything like as comprehensive as the online versions.

    So, we’ve re-jigged the editorial mix with issue 58. There are more images to inspire you and, as you’ll find when you explore this edition, Margaret is focusing her print editorial efforts on enlarging your knowledge of the technology and techniques of photography. This time around she acquaints you with the intricacies of modern autofocus systems, shows how to come back with sharp images and then turns her attention to planning and preparing for your next photographic expedition. And, just for good measure, she writes from personal experience about the many photographic and touring opportunities to be found on South Australia’s Kangaroo Island. } Don Norris, Editor

    Vale Lewis Morley

    Not long after going to press with our last issue, we learned that Lewis Morley, one of photography’s great practitioners had died. I consider it one of the highlights of my editorship, and indeed of my life, to have spent many hours in conversation with Lewis. I first met Lewis and his wife Pat when I contacted him in mid-2007 about possibly conducting an interview for the magazine. Not only did he agree, but he subsequently invited me back for a number of follow up interviews, the final results of which appeared in the Autumn 2007 edition. I’ll never forget spending several hours with Lewis, looking through archive box after archive box of his work. What had probably been the front parlour of his little house in Leichardt was stacked high with hundreds of boxes and albums filled with astonishingly vivid images from London in the Swinging Sixties. And every time he opened another box or folder, there’d be a dozen images I desperately wanted to publish... Vale Lewis. You were a true gentleman and it was an honour to have known you.

    Our Editor

    Photo Review editor Don Norris is reasonably certain that he took his first photograph with a well worn Leica IIIc at age 14. Every picture from that camera had a sort of soft, hazy look because the original screwmount lens was heavily scratched from years in the field with Don’s geologist father Robert M. Norris. But using the little camera ignited a passion for picture taking that is now into its fourth decade. Convert those 40 years into the cameras he’s used most intensively and the sequence reads: Leica IIIc, Miranda SLR, Nikkormat SLR, Nikon FM, Nikonos III, Bolex H16, Mamiya C-33, Wista 4x5, Olympus E10, Nikon D70s, Nikon D90 and Nikon D7000. A few years after taking up photography, Don discovered the second great passion in his life (after his family of course!) when a summer job in Hawaii coincided with buying his first surfboard. In 1984 he migrated from his native California to Australia and these days he lives on Sydney’s northern beaches from which he not only edits this magazine but also runs Australia’s most popular surfing community website,


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    Ringing a change or two Our 58th edition features a pair of firsts.


    The late Lewis Morley (see column right)

    PR58 Oct13.indd 1 5/11/13 10:06 PM


    1 Editorial

    5 Products & Trends The third quarter of 2013 has seen the

    options for enthusiast camera buyers expand significantly.

    8 Photo Challenge Wildlife winner and next challenge:

    The Sky’s the Limit.

    INSPIRATION 10 Off the leash: David Darcy David Darcy has become one of Australia’s

    best-known photographers by following his nose into specialising in the nation’s iconic rural dogs.

    18 What is not otherwise seen: Norman Shapro

    From his film beginnings to his digital present, for Norman Shapro photography has always been about the image and not about the technology.

    24 The Wright Way: Krystle Wright

    The problem with trying to interview an adventure photographer is that they’re often on adventures.

    32 Image Review Don’s take on images by Sasa Ivanovic,

    Ray Baker, and Ellen Wilson.

    INSIDER 36 New Autofocusing

    Technologies A look at some of the new systems

    camera manufacturers have developed to improve autofocusing performance.

    TECHNIQUE 38 Sharp Pictures Techniques for obtaining sharp

    images in most situations.




    PR58 Oct13.indd 2 5/11/13 10:06 PM

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