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Transcript of Inspecting what you cannot see ROPEQ WIRE ROPE · PDF fileInspecting what you cannot see ROPEQ...

  • Inspecting what you cannot seeROPEQ WIRE ROPE INSPECTION

    IndustrIal Cranes

    nuClear Cranes

    Port Cranes

    Heavy-duty lIft truCks


    MaCHIne tool servICe


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  • konecranes serviceropeQ


    Benefits of ropeQ inspections> detecting non-visible rope failures helps to

    increase safe use of the crane> More reliable, accurate and repetitive

    inspection results> Compatibility of the inspection with the crane

    maintenance programme> Helps to increase safety of lifting equipment by

    optimized rope change intervals> fullfillment of the statutory requirements when

    lifting equipment is in occasional use

    In applications with a higher safety risk it is necessary to measure both the inner and outer surface of a wire rope. the magnetic-inductive method of inspection is a practical and reliable method of assessing the condition of a wire rope.

    ropeQ is applicable in various industries > Process cranes in steel and paper industry,

    steel service centers, foundries and waste energy plants

    > Port cranes> Cranes in a corrosive or otherwise

    hazardous environment such as pulp mills and chemical plants

    > High capacity service cranes with a long rope changing interval and the highest request for maximum safety, such as power station service cranes and nuclear power plant service cranes

    > applications with long wire ropes or with known rope constructions with an increased risk of inner core damage

    Konecranes is the worlds leading crane supply and service organization. We provide expertise and products to increase the value and productivity of our customers operations. Konecranes is committed to technology and innovative engineering along with local professional customer care.

    konecranes has the engineering resources that combine over 60 years of research to provide recommendations throughout the overall lifetime of the ropes. for that we use the latest non-destructive wire rope testing methods.

    Wire ropes contain up to 400 individual wires. throughout a wire ropes working life, the wires are subject to bending and abrasion wear. If too many of these wires are broken, the safety of the rope is jeopardized.

    only the outer surface of a wire rope is checked during a visual inspection. It is impossible to inspect the inner core using standard methods of inspection. for this reason, many wire ropes are classified as safe even when they should be discarded because of heavy internal damage. It is also worthwhile knowing that Iso4039 standard requires the ropes to be inspected if the lifting machinery is not use in three months. ropeQs comprehensive inspection shall fulfill all inspection requirements.

    to increase safe use of the equipment and the wire ropes, konecranes has developed ropeQ inspection service. With our service the condition of the inner wires is also measured. the observations and results of the ropeQ inspections are demonstrated in a wide report with recommendations for the rope change schedule and next inspection.

    this publication is for general informational purposes only. konecranes reserves the right at any time, without notice, to alter or discontinue the products and/or specifications referenced herein. this publication creates no warranty on the part of konecranes, express or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranty or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

    RopeQ_Wire_Rope_Inspection_ME_CIS_2013_CMYK.indd 2 6.6.2013 11.21

  • RopeQ delivers excellent inspection accuracy and helps to ensure economical and safe rope operations.

    clear graphs illustrate the rope defects. Permanent magnets induce a magnetic flux. rope faults cause discontinuities to measured signal as depicted in the traces above.

    sophisticated measuring equipment is used in ropeQ analysis.




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  • 2013

    IndustrIal Cranes

    Port Cranes

    Heavy-duty lIft truCks

    servICe MaCHIne tool servICe

    nuClear Cranes

    konecranes is a world-leading group of lifting Businesses offering lifting equipment and services that improve productivity in a wide variety of industries. the company is listed on nasdaQ oMX Helsinki ltd (symbol: kCr1v). With over 12,000 employees at more than 600 locations in almost 50 countries we have the resources, technology and determination to deliver on the promise of lifting Businesses.

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