Insights into Action – recent examples leveraging big data in the automotive industry


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Transcript of Insights into Action – recent examples leveraging big data in the automotive industry

  • Presentation to EMCWorld 5th May 2015

    Nick Gill Chairman, Global Automotive Council

  • 2 AutomotiveConnect Driving Digital | January 15, 2015

    The automotive industry is booming, but also facing significant disruptive change

    Martin Winterkorn, VW

    Our sector faces a disruptive change... those who are not willing to change will not exist in the future

    Ian Robertson, BMW Michael Gorriz, Daimler

    The Auto industry will see more change in the next five years than in the previous 100 years

    We are very close to a radical change in our industry

    Andy Palmer, Aston Martin

    We are on the cusp of one of the most radical changes in the way that you buy cars in 125 years

    Earl Hesterberg, GroupOne

    Our USP is having the best systems, processes and data in the industry

    The fun has just started

    Warren Buffet, Berkshire Hathaway Automotive

    (On the purchase of Van Tuyl Group)

  • 3 AutomotiveConnect Driving Digital | January 15, 2015

    The automotive world of the future

  • 4 AutomotiveConnect Driving Digital | April 2015

    Capgemini sees three areas driving customer management in the automotive industry

    Interest Purchase Ownership Repurchase

    CONNECTED CUSTOMER Putting the customer at the centre of your company

    CONNECTED VEHICLE Making the vehicle a node on the network

    CONNECTED INSIGHTS Transforming data into competitive advantage

    We want to listen to the consumer and learn. Dieter Zetsche, Daimler

    We need to work with companies from outside the sector. Sergey Brin, Google

    Data is the new currency for our industry. Luca de Meo, Audi

  • 5 AutomotiveConnect Driving Digital | April 2015

    Connected Customer: Our assets show our capability to shape the change together with the OEM

    ! Put the customer at the center ! Make the customer unique ! Focus on governance, not


    ! 3D technology ! Excellent buying experience ! System integration

    ! Augmented reality ! Individualized information ! Ownership experience

    ! Central hub for information ! OEM service integration ! Cloud based

    ! Survey in order to get end customers expectation of mobility services

    ! OEM relevant results extracted

    ! Supporting Cars Online with focus on the challenges and barriers to online sales

    ! Looking at ways of making it work

    ! Enhance after-sales experience ! Workbench integration ! Improve service quality ! Up-selling and cross-selling

    Customer Data Management Customer View on Mobility

    Services Automotive Online Sales

    Lead Management Best Practice

    Virtual Showroom AR Owner's Manual Customer Portal Service Inspection

    Ignite Envision ! Increase new vehicle sales

    ! Increase dealer revenue ! Potential cost savings

    associated with third-party leads



    ! How to mobilize the company around the consumer

    ! How to break down the internal silos

    ! Governance, organization

    Connected Customer

  • 6 AutomotiveConnect Driving Digital | April 2015

    Connected Vehicle: Our assets are demonstrating innovative and state of the art solutions

    V2V Communication Location-Based Services Fleet Mgt Driver Mgt Real-time Service Care




    MQTT Server

    Connected Service Exp. Fleet Mgt Temp Control Clickable Demo Cybersecurity Connected Vehicle

  • 7 AutomotiveConnect Driving Digital | April 2015

    Connected Insights: Our Connected Insights assets allow the rapid generation and evaluation of innovative ideas for OEM headquarters, importers and dealers



    Micro Targeting

    Loyalty Prediction

    Renewal Prediction

    Price Optimization

    Social Insights


    Automotive Insights Lab

    Warranty Prediction

    Sales Forecasting

    Connected Insights Social Insight into Action

    Price Transparancy

    Analytics Service Unit

  • 8 AutomotiveConnect Driving Digital | April 2015

    Connected Insights: We have proven that Connected Insights delivers tangible results

    Pricing & Demand & Warranty prediction

    ! Proven cases of 7 times more effective targeting ! Over 20% increase in average revenue per campaign, with 10% cost

    reduction Profiling & Targeting

    ! Improved stock replenishment due to more robustly predicted demand on vehicle model, parts and geographical level

    ! Improved warranty claims prediction accuracy by >100%

    Pricing & Demand & Warranty Prediction

    ! Success rate of identifying customers to repurchase increased by > 300% ! About 2-3 times more conversion due to up-sell and cross-sell analytical

    models ! Decrease in churn rate by 15-30%

    Renewal & Loyalty



  • 9 AutomotiveConnect Driving Digital | January 30, 2015

    Connected Insights: Our Analytics Lab will allow global access to use case demos and client bespoke service delivery and accommodate a Capgemini Automotive Data Hub

    Automotive Data Hub

    Use Cases Demo Area

    Global Access

    Restricted Access Private Data Areas (on

    premise, local or regional)

    Social Car Community Digital Automotive Markets Commercial Data Providers

    Feed back engagement data and benchmarks (masked)

    Design / Build / Run

    Client 2

    Platform-as-a-Service self-provisioning

    Virtualized converged infrastructured

    Elastic big data analytics environment

    Client 1 Client 3

    Micro Targeting

    Social Insights

    Sales Forecasting

    Price Optimization

    Warranty Prediction

    Renewal Prediction

    Loyalty Prediction

    Automotive Insights Lab

    Connected Insights PoV

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