Insider Tips For Plagemann: Surviving The Concrete Jungle ... Concrete Jungle Of NYC How To Snag...

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Transcript of Insider Tips For Plagemann: Surviving The Concrete Jungle ... Concrete Jungle Of NYC How To Snag...

  • Susan

    Plagemann: Resident




    Insider Tips For

    Surviving The



    Of NYC

    How To Snag Your

    Dream Publishing Job

    With A Journalism


    Marlow Reese

    En Vogue: April 2014-vol. I


    photo by Sebastian Kim

  • a glimpse into the world of

    Vogue magazine





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    Table of Contents

    On The Cover Susan Plagemann, editor of Vogue (see pg 8)

    Letter From the Editor 4

    Introduction 5

    Vogueing in Manhattan 6

    Publishing Palooza 8

    Vogue Takeover 10

    Conclusion 11

    References 12

    Magazines are a journal- ism medium seen everywhere around the world. Newsstands, supermarkets, and convenience stores o!er a slew of options depending on what the consum- er’s interests or hobbies are. "e homemaker may want Good Housekeeping, the car enthusi- ast would turn to Car and Driver, but for the fashion worshipper, Vogue magazine is the ultimate guide and look-book. "e Vogue empire spans the nation and the globe; documentaries and #lms have been made paying homage to the sta! of Vogue, as well as

    higlighting how the magazine is pieced together. It is my hope that this project gives informa- tion about the magazine itself, what working in the publishing department for a magazine en- tails, and how to survive the con- crete jungle of New York City. "is project shows how to use a Journalism-based degree to obtain a job in a highly ranked magazine.

    he degree of strategic commu-

    nications opens up a world of

    opportunity for a college student

    in the 21st Century. This de-

    gree leads to the development

    of multiple skills in several fields such

    as marketing, advertising, journalism,

    business, and many others. This project

    focuses on Vogue magazine—specifically

    on how to get a job within the magazine

    that utilizes a strategic communications

    degree, what living in New York in order

    to work for the magazine would entail,

    and the impact that the publication has

    on the world. The world of fashion is

    constantly changing and evolving as

    trends arise; journalists are vital in order

    to create stories and articles that show-

    case the current lines from prominent

    designers or artists. This project will

    also give a glimpse into the inner-work-

    ings of a magazine such as which posi-

    tion produces each component within a

    single issue of Vogue. Additionally, this

    project will show what it would be like

    to live in New York City; it will tell where

    the best housing is on a budget, tips on

    commuting, and other information that

    allows someone to embrace urban life to

    the fullest. The goal for this research

    project is not only to give an insider

    scoop on how to get a dream job at a

    top magazine like Vogue, but also to give

    a new perspective on the lifestyle that

    comes with working for this magazine

    and the possibilities that are intertwined

    with this publication. This research proj-

    ect will show how a journalism degree

    with a major in strategic communications

    can be used practically and thoroughly

    within Vogue magazine.



    Photo (right): comparison between Vogue editor Anna Wintour (pictured above) and the film Devil Wears Prada

    Photo from

    Photo (above): April, 2014 issue of Vogue magazine, online


    Postcards from Vogue: 100 Iconic Covers By Vogue Editors


    Insider tips for living in NYC

    Journalism in the magazine world

    Global prominence of Vogue magazine

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    Vogueing in Manhattan

    Photo by James Petrille, Flickr 2011


    Vogueing: verb ( vogues, vogueing or voguing, vogued ) [ no obj. ] dance to music in such a way as to imitate the characteristic poses struck by a model on a catwalk. [1980s: from the name of the fashion magazine Vogue .]

    ogue magazine is globally considered one of the pinnacle magazines within the fashion in- dustry. "e headquarters for Vogue magazine is located in the middle of New York City in Times Square. Condé Nast, the publishing house for Vogue, houses Vogue’s o$ces as well

    as several other magazines (, 2014). "e world of Vogue has been critiqued, analyzed, idolized, and even been used as a model of sorts for the movie "e Devil Wears Prada (Frankel, 2006). "e #lm shows the transformation that an ambitious journalism grad- uate undergoes while working for a magazine company in New York as an assistant to an editor that is said to resemble Vogue’s own Anna Wintour (Mau, 2012). "e city of New York is iconic and legendary, but also requires a certain amount of clever logic and smart budgeting in order to save what little money a job-seek- ing individual possesses. "e cost of living in Manhattan is the highest of any urban neighborhood in the United States (Dee, 2013). New York realty is also higher than the majority of states, so it is important to #nd housing with- in monetary mean. "is may lead to hiring a professional service to #nd housing that is a!ordable, but in the end the a!ordable housing in the middle of New York City will be worth the cost of hiring a potentially pricey ser-

    vice to scout out inexpensive housing solutions for mod- est budgets. Even in the movie "e Devil Wear Prada, the main character, played by actress Anne Hathaway, lives in a smaller apartment outside of the city and commutes into work via the subway in order to save money. Accord- ing to New York Magazine, if someone rides the subway two times a day that equals a total of $4 and yearly equals approximately $1000 (NYMag, 2008). If someone takes a cab every day for a year, it equals approximately $6000 at the end of the year. "e technologically connected world of the 21st century is rife with tips, guides, and blogs on how to live life to the fullest in a city such as New York (NYMag, 2008; Steel, n.d.). Times Square, the location of the Vogue o$ces, is a center of constant activity; the neon signs, steady stream of pedestrian tra$c, and all of the stores and shops earned New York City the title of "e City "at Never Sleeps. "e world of fashion is constantly shi%ing and reinventing itself. Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of the magazine, joined Vogue in 1988; she was unprec- edented in the covers that she created for the magazine ( Vogue has been in songs, such as Ma- donna’s 1990 hit song “Vogue”, and referenced in popular television shows such as Sex and the City.


    Carrie Bradshaw, the main character of Sex and the City, said of Vogue, “When I #rst moved to New York and I was totally broke, sometimes I would buy Vogue instead of dinner. I felt it fed me more” (Carrie Brad- shaw, n.d.). "is sentiment shows the role that Vogue plays in the lives of its subscribers as well as in the fashion industry. Although the magazine in !e Devil Wears Prada was not Vogue, the experi- ences that Anne Hathaway’s char- acter went through mimic those of actual interns for the magazine; working for Vogue requires a vast amount of hard work and diligence according to former Vogue intern Emily Sanchez (Berger, n.d.). For many, working for Vogue is the dream job; interning for Vogue is both highly anticipat-

    ed and dreaded due to the immense workload and long hours that interns for the magazine endure (Mau, 2012). "e Twitter handle Conde Elevator (shown below) uses Twitter to tweet the conversa-

    tions overhead on the elevator up to the Vogue o$ces in the Condé Nast building (Hutchinson, 2011). "is account gives the outside world a brief yet satirical look into the world of Vogue employees and the day-to-day situations that they face. "e prospective Vogue em- ployee must learn to navigate the

    streets of New York on a budget, survive the work- load that a Vogue intern or beginning employee fac- es, and keep in mind that Vogue is a pinnacle maga- zine among the fashion industry.

    Photo by Pascal Lebègue

    Photo from

    This still of Madonna is from the music video of her iconic song “Vogue”. This song brought the word Vogue into popular and everyday conversation during the 1990s.

    Aerial view of the Condé Nast Building in 4 Times Square, New York, New York

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    Before Anna Wintour, magazines typically

    only showed the model’s face. Anna featured

    three quarters of a model’s body on the cover

    of Vogue and changed magazines thereafter

    Vogue was founded in

    1892 by Arthur

    Baldwin Turnure

    Actress Meryl Streep’s character

    in movieThe Devil Wears Prada

    is somewhat based on

    editor-in-chief Anna Wintour

    Facts about Vogue Magazine Model and actress Lauren Hutton (right) holds the

    record for appearing on the

    cover of Vogue more than

    any other person. She has

    been featured 28 times!

    he creation of a magazine such as Vogue is a multi-step process that in- volves a team of editors, publishers, writers, photographers, and sever- al others pieci