Inside this Issue - Fresno Camera 2016... case-Escalante National Monument. This was shot with a...

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Transcript of Inside this Issue - Fresno Camera 2016... case-Escalante National Monument. This was shot with a...

  • Calendar of Events ........................... 2

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    Competition Results ........................ 4

    Meeting Recap ................................. 5

    Top Images of the Night ............... 6-8

    Fresno Fair Help Needed ................. 8

    Member News ............................ 9-10

    Upcoming Events and Workshops . 10

    Judging as a Learning Experience .. 11

    Fresno Fair ................................ 12-13

    Council ........................................... 14

    Civil War Reenactment .................. 14

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    Inside this Issue

    Since 1891

    Fresno Camera Club

    Volume 59, Issue 8 September 2016

    Calf Creek Falls by David Hunter

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    Fresno Camera Club—September Highlights

    Meetings for September: Program Night will be a Nikon presentation by a Nikon Representative at 7 pm Horn Photo Education Center 230 W. Fallbrook Avenue #105 in Fresno Monthly Meeting September 20th at 7 p.m. 550 E. Shaw Avenue in Fresno Digital Competition Dinner before the meeting: At the Spaghetti Factory, 1610 E. Shaw Avenue in Fresno before the monthly FCC meeting at 5 p.m. We will be done in time for the meeting. FCC—Fresno Camera Club SJVCCC– San Joaquin Valley Camera Club Council

    Upcoming Dates: September 2—SJVCCC Digitals Due September 10—Fresno Fair Entries Due September 12—Online Fresno Fair Entries Due September 10-17 PSA Conference September 11—SJVCCC Meeting September 13—Program Night September 13—Digitals Due September 13-15—Photos Due to Fairgrounds September 20—FCC Meeting Digital

    Meeting Location: University California Center 550 E. Shaw Avenue in Fresno

    Don’t forget, dinner at the Spaghetti Factory, 1610 E. Shaw Avenue in Fresno before the monthly FCC meeting at 5 p.m. We will be done in time for the meeting.

    September 2016 SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT

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    4 5 6 7 8 9 10

    11 12 13 14 15 16 17

    18 19 20 21 22 23 24

    25 26 27 28 29 30

    SJVCCC Digitals Due

    SJVCCC Meeting 10 a.m.

    Monthly Meeting 7 p.m.

    Program Night 7 p.m. Digitals Due

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    Fresno Camera Club—September Highlights

    Hello all, hope your summer has been going well. I mentioned last letter that I was going to San Francisco to get out of the heat and to take photos. Well here’s a quote that sums up that weekend, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer San Fran- sisco.” Oh my good- ness, fog and wind like

    I’ve never seen in the city.

    Needless to say, our photography wasn’t what we thought it was going to be. So we thought we would go north and get out of the fog and wind. Off to Point Reyes we go. Side note, don’t drive up highway 1 if you get car sick, just saying. As we ap- proached Point Reyes Shelley decided to Google it to see any info. As we pulled into the parking lot she reads “ Point Reyes is the foggiest and windiest point on the western states.” And it was. To top it off there is this staircase equal to 30 stories down and UP! We chose not to climb the stairs. UGH.

    My life long dream trip is coming up real soon, off to Africa and Amsterdam for 3 weeks. I’m sure you will be sick and tired of seeing my animal pho- tos in the coming year. We had a wonderful turn out at the summer BBQ, best turn out ever. Great food and Gary Stewart did a great job judging. Soon we will be back to our nor- mal monthly meetings. I know you all had a wonderful summer. Fall will be upon us before we know it. Mov'n On

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    Fresno Camera Club—September Highlights

    Monochrome Prints David Hunter Fallen Roof Ruin 10 #2 Elizabeth Bedard Pitcher and Basin 10 Downtown Fresno Loft 9 Loye Stone Cheeta Stare 10 Billowing Stacks 10 Patrick Rhames Eureka Dunescape #1 10 Color Prints David Hunter Taking it all In 10 Calf Creek Falls 10 #1 Patrick Rhames Suitable for Framing 10 Virginia Farmscape in Fall 10 #3 Art Serabian K9 Training Cruiser to Bad Guy 9 Where’s my Bike? 10 #4 Good Job Venado 10 Jonathan Rollins Grand Tetons 10 Bison 10 Heavy Weather 10 Dean Lawrence Preening Parrot 9 Young Tiger 10 Bird Calling 10 Jim Coppinger Available Light 10 Mosaic Rock 8

    Phyllis Walker Farragut Island, Idaho 9 Bridge Over Lake Coeur d’Alene 10 Live Street Entertainer, London 10 Nikolle Brown Sunrise on a San Joaquin Kit Fox Western Fresno County California 10 Who’s There? Kitfox looking Out from its home on a hot Day in Arizona 10 Shelley Stone Independence Day 10 Sands of Time 9 Colorado Riverbank Abstract 10 Dee Humphrey Cloudy Monument Valley 10 Guenter Krueger Ace Tug Awaiting Orders 9 Seagull Chick 9 Ladies Section Racing in Visalia 10 Karen Emerich Mother Nature’s Bad Hair Day 9 The Golden Hour 9 Spring on the China Creek Trail 9 Tom Fowler Proud Peacock 9 Inner Calm 8 Cactus Bloom 8 Carey Johnson Along the Not so Blue Danube 8 Vienna Highrise 8 CHP Helicopter in Yosemite 8

    Harris Hays Fall Colors in New Hampshire 9 Spring Rain on a Yellow Beauty 9 Dave Youngs Fireworks forming Faces and Figures 9 Neon Zebras 8 Fireworks Priest 9 John Greening Bellinzona Rooftops 9 Lava Field and Islandic Cove 9 Judy Krueger Cranes Waiting for Containers 9 Church Clock tower 9 Crowing Rooster 9 Elizabeth Bedard Bamboo Pathway 9 Loye Stone Tiny House, Bodie 9 Dee Humphrey Storm Coming In 10

    Gary Stewart judged 55 images and selected Calf Creek Falls by David Hunter as print of the night.

    July Competition Results

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    Fresno Camera Club—September Highlights

    July Meeting Recap

    Judge: Gary Stewart The July Meeting was our annual BBQ. A big thank you to Harris Hays and Carey Johnson for barbecu- ing the TriTip. After dinner Dee started the meeting. Dee thanked everyone for coming and bringing dishes. It was great to see all the friends and family in attendance. Dee asked again for someone interested in being Print Chairman. We were lucky that Paul Smiley volunteered after the meeting, thanks Paul! Gary Stewart was our judge for the evening and he selected Calf Creek Falls by David Hunter as print of the night.

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    Fresno Camera Club—September Highlights

    Image of the Night

    Calf Creek Falls is located 3 miles up a trail out- side Escalante, Utah as is part of the Grand Stair- case-Escalante National Monument. This was shot with a 14mm, 1/800 sec @ F8, ISO 400.

    Fallen Roof Ruin By David Hunter Fallen Roof Ruin is an old Puebloan site tucked away in Road Canyon, 14mm, 0.6 sec @ F16, ISO 50

    Calf Creek Falls By David Hunter

    Calf Creek Falls by David Hunter

    Fallen Roof Ruin By David Hunter

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    Fresno Camera Club—September Highlights

    The image was captured October 27, 2011. It is of a horse ranch/farm near Culpeper, Virginia, on a mild- ly stormy day at 10:00 AM. It is a single frame capture and all elements actually existed at the time of capture. (Nothing composited nor HDR rendering). As per usual, the camera was mounted on a tripod. The camera was not my trusty Nikon D800E, but the Nikon D700 I used before I acquired the D800. Still a great camera and I still have and use two camera bodies of that ilk. The lens used was a Nikkor 24-70 mm, f/2.8, focal length set to 42mm. Aperture setting was f/22 and shutter speed was 1/320. The image was processed using Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop and Nik Software (Viveza, ColorEfex Pro and Sharpener Pro 3). The image was cropped as a panorama primarily to eliminate the top of a fence running the length of the frame at the bottom. I was attracted to the scene by the range, mixture and variety of fall colors, including the reds of the buildings and the blue greys of the sky. Colors were enhanced in post processing to reflect what my eye saw as I stood there.

    Fall Virginia Farmscape By Patrick Rhames

    Fall Virginia Farmscape By Patrick Rhames

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    Fresno Camera Club—September Highlights

    This image was taken at a BMX completion held at Fresno’s Woodward Park. The riders are on a course similar to what a motocross rider might find with banking, straights and a series ramps (bumps). These two riders were in a tight race for first when the rider on the left hit a ramp too hard, lost control, and flew into the air. I was fortunate enough to catch the action within a burst of shots. I was using a Nikon D300 with a 70-300mm lens (at 140mm). The ISO was at 200 with speed at 1/1000s and f-stop at f/5.6. The image is pretty much a straight raw (NEF) conversion processed in Adobe Lightroom and printed on Kirkland glossy photo paper.

    Where’s my Bike? By Art Serabian

    Where’s my Bike? By Art Serabian

    Fresno Fair

    It is that time of y