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Transcript of Inorganic Chemicals operational excellence - Chemical.pdf · PDF fileand sodium chlorate...

  • Petrochemicals Polymers Inorganic Chemicals Specialty and Fine Chemicals Consumer Chemicals

    Your challenge: operational excellence

    With proven technologies and local organizations, Veolia Water provides a total service solution

    Safety first

    Environmental compliance and sustainability

    Process and utilities reliability

    Cost efficiency

    Flexibility with continuous improvement

    Wastewater TreatmentProcess Water Treatment We optimize the quality and the reliability of the purified water produced for your utilities. We provide:

    Complete water treatment systems from pretreatment to purified water distribution

    Alternative water sources through recycling or seawater desalination

    Cooling tower water treatment systems, make-up water and blowdown treatment systems

    Process Water for boiler feed water and steam generator applications

    Condensate treatment for reuse

    Water production for diluting, dissolving and hydrolysis

    Pure and ultrapure water production

    Each technical solution we offer is tailored to: Meet your production requirements whether large volume or multipurpose production, organic or inorganic chemicals, facility upgrade or production expansion Comply with your process effluent characteristics such as hydraulic load, organic/inorganic load, priority substances, toxicity, hazardous/cross-media effects, temperature or pH

    We provide: Improved and guaranteed environmental compliance

    Cost-effective solutions such as segregation and selective pretreatment, joint pre-treatment platform for wastewater, anaerobic treatment and biogas energy recovery

    Increased focus on your core business by managing side-stream activities such as groundwater reclamation or phosphogypsum stack leachates treatment

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  • Veolia Water provides you with tailor-made water and wastewater management solutions. Our focused approach and in-depth knowledge ensures a high standard of safety, compliance with environmental requirements, high reliability and long-term cost-effectiveness to fulfill the most demanding HSE requirements.

    Our unique portfolio of differentiating technologies includes desalination, cooling water, process water, ultrapure water, wastewater, solids treatments and evaporation-crystallization. With over 600 patents and our world-renowned Research and Development Center, Anjou Recherche, we provide innovative water solutions and services.

    Letting us worry about your water treatment requirements will allow you to focus on your core business and maximize efficiency.

    Premium Chemical ProductionCoping with Water Shortages Veolia Water helps you cope with water shortages using alternative resources.

    We deliver desalination solutions:

    Using treated wastewater, brackish water or seawater instead of potable water

    Combining customized pretreatment (ActifloTM, MBR, conventional and pressurized filtration) and desalination units (multi-effect distillation and/or reverse osmosis)

    With experienced operators and maintenance services that optimize the reliability of the plants

    Water recycling can increase your profitability and reduce your effluent volumes by:

    Reclaiming treated wastewater, rainwater, cooling tower blowdown, condensates for reuse on site or for landscape irrigation

    Using reclaimed municipal water as an alternative supply during drought conditions

    Relying on our experience of over 100 recycling projects around the world

    Fully-integrated evaporation and crystallization systems for the production of premium chemical products, recovery of valuable by-products and reclamation of treated wastewater are our specialties:

    Chlor-Alkali such as high purity brine treatment, sodium and potassium hydroxide concentration systems and sodium chlorate crystallization

    Fertilizer such as crystallization of potash and potassium carbonate, potassium and sodium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, phosphoric acid and MAP-DAP

    Salt such as high-purity sodium chloride crystallization, calcium chloride concentration, high purity brine treatment

    Soda Ash such as pretreatment system for solution-mined natural ores, sodium carbonate and bicarbonate crystallization, purge minimization and alkali recovery

    Specialty Chemicals such as herbicides, amino acids, synthetic sweeteners, ibuprofen, bisphenol-A, metabisulfite and thiocyanate

    Our solution: aligning our resources to meet your needs

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  • ion

    By-Product Recovery Residuals Management Treating waste streams for recycling or to create valuable co-products is a vital factor in a chemical plant's cost optimization.

    We develop tailor-made plant applications to meet your requirements using our crystallization and membrane technologies for:

    Recovery of valuable solids from carbonate, acids and inorganic salts such as CaF2 from fluoride and white gypsum from sulfate Regeneration of effluent such as KOH from ‘spent’ KF, NaOH and caustic recovery in spent liquor Salts: purifying sodium sulfate from chromium, high-purity sodium chloride and high-purity brine treatment

    Safety, traceability, odor control, volume reduction, landfill authorization and cost, and energy recovery have all become major factors in the processing of solids generated by the chemical industry.

    In response to these challenges Veolia Water has developed, tested and implemented durable cost-effective solutions:

    Organic solids are energy sources (biogas), which can be used to produce heat and/or electrical power in your facilities Inorganic salts are treated by our crystallization technology with the objective of reducing volume and increasing dryness in order to maximize the recycling process and/or optimize the disposal costs

    Berkal filter





    HPD Evaporation-Crystallization


    BiosepTM / NeosepTM

    Reverse Osmosis UASB, EGSB

    Absorption chillers

    ds A full range of technology solutions: meeting your current and future plans

    HardtacTM crystallization process

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  • Our know-how our capabilities

    Our core business a source of competitiveness

    Standardized solutions

    Water production systems - purified, softened, demineralized water - potable water

    Complete treatment solutions - wastewater treatment - sludge treatment - odor control

    Mobile and modular units

    After sales services

    Chemical treatment of water

    Rental contracts

    Building a long-term partnership

    Integrating into your HSE initiatives

    Maintaining environmental compliance

    Utilizing the latest technologies and optimizing the performance and reliability of the treatment process

    Controlling all costs related to water production, wastewater treatment, evaporation-crystallization and solids management

    Providing flexibility to achieve technical, economic and environmental progress with a commitment to continuous improvement

    Reporting and management review, ongoing evaluation of performance and open communication

    Aligning our resources and providing operational excellence

    Developing investment solutions for future expansions and up-grades

    Turnkey installations Process audits

    Needs assessment

    Water resource management

    Risk surveys

    Effluent characteristics validation

    Bench scale and full pilot studies

    Design evaluation

    System design and engineering

    Construction management

    Commissioning and start-up support


    Outsourcing is based on the long-term transfer of the operating and maintenance responsibilities for a new or existing water or wastewater treatment plant.

    Transferring the responsibility for water treatment management to a water specialist provides you with guaranteed results, cost savings and gives you the opportunity to focus on your core business.

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