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    Innovative Technology for Hostels - Streamline Operations and Increase Security

    International Headquarters 891 Amsterdam Avenue Suite 105Suite 105 New York, NY 10025 888-692-4262

  • TTI has been effectively implementing self serviceTTI has been effectively implementing self-service technologies since 1991 serving hotels, resorts, hostels, airports, retailers, and more.

    Office Locations:

    New York City Miami Phoenix San Francisco Boston SeattleBoston Seattle Sao Paulo, Brazil Mumbai, India

    TTI Technologies 888-692-4262

  • TTI Technologies 888-692-4262

  • Hostelling International NYC, Boston, Chicago, Pigeon Point, Sacramento, Santa Monica, Sausilito, City Center, Downtown, Fisherman’s Wharf, DC, Pt. ReyesReyes

    Jazz Hostels Lenox, Park, South Beach, Montreal

    NYC Hostels Fresh, Chocolat, Candy

    YMCA of New York ymcanyc orgYMCA of New York Harlem, West Side, Flushing, Vanderbilt

    YWCA of Boston B k l Cl d

    TTI Technologies 888-692-4262

    Berkely, Clarendon

  • NYC Hostels:NYC Hostels:

    Hostel 104 1291

    Pink Hostel Pink in the City1291

    Big Apple Central Park Chelsea International

    Pink in the City Upper West Side Pearl Tone Gershwin Hotel

    Star Hotel Wanderers West CC Hostel Dexter House

    Lotus Grace Hotel Alexander NY Hostel 99Dexter House NY Hostel 99

    TTI Technologies 888-692-4262

  • TTI’s Solutions Streamline Operations & Enhance Guest ServiceTTI s Solutions Streamline Operations & Enhance Guest Service Our self-service solutions are easy to operate, require minimal staff interaction and include design, installation and on-going 24/7/365 management and supportsupport

    • Driver’s License, Passport and ID Scanners (Scan2PMS™) • Self-Service Business Centers

    • Boarding Pass Printing Stations

    • Self-Service Concierge

    • Luggage Solutions

    • Prepaid Phone Card Kiosks

    ATM’ (N Y k)• ATM’s (New York)

    TTI Technologies 888-692-4262

  • Vend Time for your local Hot Spot

    Vend PINs for Prepaid products like:

    Discounted International Calling, Mobile

    top-ups (and more...)

    TTI Technologies 888-692-4262

  • •Frees up time of front desk staff •Has shown to increment sales by 250%,

    lti i f t ROIresulting in a fast ROI. •Accounts for all sales and secures cash. •Products can be loaded on-site or remotely•Products can be loaded on-site or remotely. •Allows for sales of variably priced products. •Most International currencies accepted.p •Prints then delivers product on thermal receipts •Fully customizable POS signage areas

    TTI Technologies 888-692-4262

  • Flexible Options to fit your Business Center needs

    Platinum – A lucrative revenue share program with no out-of-Platinum A lucrative revenue share program with no out of pocket expense. Hostel guests pay a nominal usage fee.

    G ld E h h t l d i t b f li t i tGold – Each hostel designates number of complimentary minutes per guest per day with the potential to earn revenue for extensive Business Center usage.

    Silver – Hostel guests receive unlimited complimentary access to the Business Centerthe Business Center.

    TTI Technologies 888-692-4262

  • Empower Guests and Increase Loyalty

    • Premium Dell equipment with Microsoft Office® products • VOIP and easy access USB Ports

    • Credit card and cash payments • Complete privacy and security • Boarding pass printing • Customizable screen savers• Customizable screen savers • Fax, copier and scanner options • ADA and PCI compliant

    TTI Technologies 888-692-4262


  • Our Commitment to Success • 24/7/365 support24/7/365 support

    • Proactive remote monitoring

    • Creative design options• Creative design options

    • Worry-free installations

    S ft i t• Secure software environment

    TTI Technologies 888-692-4262

  • Streamline Front Desk Operations • Instantly scan driver’s licenses, passports and ID’s • Capture guest images for added security and lost room keys • Reduce check-in time

    E h t i• Enhance customer service • Obtain accurate address information • Eliminate need for photocopiesEliminate need for photocopies • Capture business and travel cards images

    Fujitsu fi-60™

    TTI Technologies 888-692-4262

  • Innovative Technology • Scan data instantly into most Property Management Systems • Customized fields for data capture • Preview and edit scanned IDs

    S ti i j t f i l h t• Save entire image or just facial photo • Driver’s license authentication • Seamless remote installationSeamless remote installation

    SnapShell Camera™

    TTI Technologies 888-692-4262

  • Added Security for Both Hotel/Hostel and Guest • ID picture stored in Guest Profile • Use as proof of Guest stay for Chargebacks • Can interface to watch lists

    S G t i i f ID• Some Governments require copies of ID

    Fujitsu fi-60™

    TTI Technologies 888-692-4262

  • •Croatia •Czech Republic

    •Ecuador •ChinaCzech Republic

    •Hungary •Denmark

    •China •India •Hong Kong

    •Greece •Finland S i

    g g •South Korea •UAE

    •Spain •Sweden •UK

    TTI Technologies 888-692-4262


  • Photo stored on Company PMS Interface Photo stored in PMS

    Photo stored on  HD Sample Installs

    Micros Opera 4.0 Typing yes ‐ unlimited N/A Thompson Hotels, Wyndham, Holiday Inn

    Micros Opera XML yes ‐ unlimited N/A Thompson Hotels, Wyndham, Holiday Inn

    Micros Fidelio Typing No yesMicros Fidelio Typing No yes

    Softbrands Epitome Typing No Yes Independent Hotels

    Hotel Concepts Brilliant Typing yes yes Days Inn Morrow

    Autoclerk Autoclerk Typing No Yes Hotel San Carlos

    SoftHotel SoftHotel Typing No ‐ see below Yes Wyndham

    SoftHotel SoftHotel XML Yes N/A Non‐Wyndham properties

    RoomMaster RoomMaster XML yes ‐ up to 6 N/A Hostelling Int, several Independent hotels

    Choice Profit Mgr Typing No Yes Choice properties

    Choice Advantage Typing No Yes Choice properties

    Amadeus Amadeus XML no yes Taj Hotels

    Skyware Skyware Typing Yes  yes Independent Hotels

    Remco (now MSI)Nitevision Typing yes yes Independent Hotels

    TTI Technologies 888-692-4262

    Remco (now MSI)Nitevision Typing yes yes Independent Hotels

    ASSD ASSD Typing No Yes

    Springer Miller Springer Miller Typing no yes

  • Scanning Demog

    TTI Technologies 888-692-4262

  • Contact Info:Contact Info:

    Nancy Carle Regional Sales Managerg g

    (206)659-4119 Direct

    TTI Technologies 888-692-4262