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2. Determining Point-of-Need Where is everybody? 3. Innovative Reference Services Localized Reference Hotspots Progression Stopping Points FAQs Virtual Services 4. Innovative Reference Services Community Outreach Local Collaborations Shared Promotion of Services Serving New Populations Determining Needs Library as HQ 5. Roving Reference Goal: continue to develop and expand our ability to reach patrons who would not normally approach the desk. Proactive customer service focused approach to delivering information Delivering a targeted service at the point of need Increased visibility of library staff and resources available with a focus on providing for the individual needs of the user. Enhance/personalize quality of patron-librarian interaction Patrons needs can be addressed by directly approaching them on their terms Increases quality of reference that reaches users 6. Creating a Roving Reference In House Service Plan Identify areas that users may need assistance Determine specific information needs of users Conduct an assessment of types of information users are requesting throughout all areas of the library Upload all digital content (including apps, videos, and eBooks) to any type of mobile device Train staff on how to engage users in conversation and meet their specific information needs 7. Samples of Preloaded Content Roving Reference Service Newstand-Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Publishers Weekly (reviews), Consumer Reports 3M Cloud Library instructional purposes, check holdings, patron account Connect This app includes a directory of business listings and events for the Central New York area. Goodreads-use for book suggestions, reviews and to get info on our upcoming author Skypes SnapGuide Includes How To videos from a number of different sources 8. Implementing an In House Roving Reference Service Approach users using the library Be identifiable as library staff Engage in a conversation with the user Create a personalized experience Create a hands on experience-Train on the spot 9. Roving Reference Outside the Library Library as Headquarters for Service Area Police Headquarters vs. Police Department Traditional vs. Virtual Campus Brick-and-Mortar vs. Distributed Services 10. Roving Reference Outside the Library Purpose Increase Awareness of Librarys Role Form New Community Partnerships Advocate for Library Support Identify Needs of Community 11. Roving Reference Outside the Library Points of Need in Your Community Civic Organizations Rehabilitation Programs Support Groups Schools Small Businesses Shelters Journalists 12. Roving Reference Outside the Library Is your primary goal: To remind people that the library exists? To increase brick and mortar library visits? To initiate an ongoing collaboration? 13. Innovative Reference Services Virtual Reference Existing Delivery Systems Social Media Platforms Live vs. Archived Assistance New Technologies (Mobile, AR) 14. Setting Up a Virtual Reference Model NJLA 2011 Virtual Reference Task Force Systems Evaluated: QuestionPoint LibraryH3lp Oracle Live Help Springshare RefChatter OpenFire/Drupal/Mosio 15. Setting Up a Virtual Reference Model Choosing the Service That Fits Your Library Elements of Service User Practice Software Functions 16. Setting Up a Virtual Reference Model Free alternatives Digsby This slide, or the next, needs information on the concept of driving people to our services or meeting people across the services they already use 17. Virtual Reference & Social Networks It is more than just booklists Create a social networking plan for how often to post, what content to post, etc. and implement schedule using Hootsuite. Post links to free credible resources and explain why you recommend them or how they can be useful to your community. Ask questions, survey community wants/needs/expectations of reference services and/or resources Create a conversation with library users-for example What are you reading this weekend? or do you have any recommendations of local tutors? 18. Virtual Instruction Opportunities In House Create a self serve digital learning station for users to view instruction guides created by community members. i.e. Youtube video on how to download an app to your device created in a program using our green screen. Record your own 3 minute video clips on how to (download an eBook to a Kindle Fire, etc.) and upload to a YouTube account. A great way to personalize the instruction and promote it on social networks as how to of the day. Offer live Skype instruction right from the Reference desk during designated hours 19. Virtual Instruction Opportunities Archived Information Screencasts Topical Lists http://rtlibrary.org/earthday.html Instructables format 20. Virtual Instruction Opportunities Live Assistance Live Chat Webinar Software (Adobe Connect, WebEx) Online House Calls via Skype 21. Social Media (Expanded) Reaching a Global Audience 22. Social Media (Expanded) Reaching a Global Audience 23. Social Media (Expanded) Reaching a Global Audience 24. Social Media (Expanded) Reaching a Global Audience 25. What Comes Next Now? Expansion of Knowledge Bases Augmented Reality Full Mobile Integration