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Innovative Electronic Manufacturing Solutions. Company Vision. To be a customer’s first choice as the best in Class Global Electronics Manufacturing Solutions Provider (EMS) your strategic global partner. Certified ISO18001 Thailand Lean Award Lean Best Practice Award - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Innovative Electronic Manufacturing Solutions

2005Manufacturing Solutions Provider (EMS)
your strategic global partner
Design Functional Testers
Est. in Thailand Fujistsu is the 1st Customer
Export to International Markets
Deloitte Award
Major Expansion
Total Factory space
In Singapore
Our Facilities
International standard quality assurance is applied to ensure high quality commitment.
Raw Material
CFC free factory since 1998
Non Smoking factory
Clean Operation Conscious
ISO 14000 Certified
All workers are certified for skill level
2 In-house IPC A-610 certified trainer
1 Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt
2 Certified Six Sigma Black Belt
2 Certified Lean Master
86 Trained Green Belt
2006 Pioneer - Best Supplier Award
2006 - Nominees by Stock Exchange of Thailand and Money & Banking Magazine for Best Performance award – Technology sector
2007 Pioneer - Best Supplier Award
2007 Forbes Asia Business Magazine -
Best under a $Billion Award
2007 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu –
Excellence Safety, Health & Environment in Workplace 2009
Zero Accident 2009 & 2010
Cooper Industries Strategic Supplier
Pioneer - Thailand Strategic Supplier
Build sport playground for local schools
How You Benefit From Our Program
Being Part of Team Precision’s Solutions Program, You Can Expect to Experience a Measurable Difference in the Value You Receive From Your EMS partner
World Class capabilities