Innovative DR Technology for Innovative Steelmaking

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Transcript of Innovative DR Technology for Innovative Steelmaking

Innovative DR Technology for Innovative SteelmakingThomas Scarnati MB North African Steel Conference June 2-5, 2008 Cairo, Egypt

Overview The ENERGIRON Alliance Direct Reduction technologies and services Innovative solutions for energy and efficiency The importance of a strong technology partner

Technology Sustains Survival Becoming cost-efficient is key to sustaining market share. Inefficient technologies are unsustainable Environmental factors are critical Reducing raw materials costs, increasing product quality and providing higher returns on investment imply of necessity the use of the best technologies and practices For steel companies to improve and succeed, the importance of a strong technology partner cannot be overstated. ENERGIRON brings the combined support of two premier companies Tenova and Danieli to the world iron and steel industry.

ENERGIRON is the innovative HYL direct reduction technology jointly developed by Techint and Danieli, and whose name derives from the unique DRI product which distinguishes this technology from other available processes.

ENERGIRON Alliance HYL Technologies, the pioneer of DRI Technology now known as Tenova HYL, has joined with Danieli to serve the direct reduction plant market. ENERGIRON is the innovative HYL direct reduction technology, jointly developed by Techint/Tenova and Danieli. This strategic alliance allows the companies to join their own know-how and technology for the design and construction of Gas Based Direct Reduction Plants, offered worldwide, under the new ENERGIRON trademark. With this collaboration, HYL and Danieli can offer any project approach from any size DR plant to a complete integrated minimill facility; from technology packages to EPC turn-key projects.

ENERGIRON Alliance The combined resources and potentials of these partners in the field of DRI include: A heritage of 47 direct reduction modules built or contracted for, including the first commercial plant worldwide, built in 1957. A major steel maker, the Techint Group, with a production of over 7.5 Mtpy DRI and HBI, and over 15 Mtpy of annual steel production. Patented DR technologies of HYL and Danieli as well as future developments. Impressive plant making capabilities and powerful international networks of Danieli and Tenova.

ENERGIRON DR TechnologyFlexibility for using different sources of Reducing gases with the SAME Basic Scheme Selective removal of oxidants from the reduction process (H2O and CO2): Optimisation of energy consumption Iron Ore Size: 3.2 - 18 mm

Iron OreMinimum iron ore losses in top gas: