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Transcript of Innovative aluminium systems to fulfill customers’ desires · PDF file Rolling Shutters...

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    Innovative aluminium systems to fulfill customers’ desires

    Outdoor living

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    Effie Karras Export Director

    As the market constantly changes and maximizes its demands, our strategy has become more customer-oriented with a single goal; to provide customers innovative products, with quality, design, functionality and reliability, in order to meet and exceed its needs granting the highest respect towards the environment. This is a prerequisite for Aluminco’s ability to create added value for both customers and owners.

    The focus in 2014 is to vigorously challenge the uncertain market situation, by improving the performance through the following key drivers. Key drivers in improving the performance: 1. Increasing Local Market Share 2. Establishing International Footprint 3. Managing Customer Value

    ALUMINCO S.A. is a pioneer, healthy, familial aluminium industry that changed everything in its field. Company’s main characteristic is the wider range of certified products in the marketplace, combined with human and efficient service.

    Since its establishment in 1982 the purpose of ALUMINCO is the innovative activity in the field of research, development and production, of aluminium products with high quality and aesthetics. By this choice ALUMINCO progressively became one of the most respected and recognizable company among the leading Greek and worldwide aluminium industry.

    ALUMINCO’s distribution network serves the key markets of Europe, Africa, Asia and U.S.A. distributing ALUMINCO products globally, in more than 60 countries.

    Innovative aluminium systems

    Discover the world of ALUMINCO at Big 5 in hall 7 at stand A321 and see how our unique products are

    going to advance your construction productivity.

    Utilizing decades of industry experience and functional expertise, ALUMINCO envisions beyond standard solutions to develop new insights and drive tangible results through a combination of innovation, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

    Serving efficiently the Greek market, followed by exporting our unique products in the key markets of Europe, America, Asia and Africa, with pioneering applications always pursuing high quality and service credibility with a great respect towards the natural and social environment. To accomplish our goal, we build mutually rewarding relationships with our customers, associates, business partners and the community.

    Our Vision

    Our Drive

    Core values

    Represent our heritage and the continuity that has been so important to our success. But they also reflect who we are today and who we want to be in the future. We are committed to:

    Innovation Find new & improved ways in order to provide smart

    solutions to problems and opportunities

    by researching and developing upgraded innovative products.

    Honesty & Trust Create sincere

    relationships with our customers promoting trust with mutual benefits as a result. Behave with dignity

    and respect towards all social groups.

    Customer Orientation Realize that everything must be based on the needs of the customer & the market. Only by

    focusing on our customers we will obtain true

    commercial value in our operations.

    Environment, Health & Safety

    Provide a safe and healthy workplace for

    all our employees while constantly seeking to limit the environmental impact

    of our operations.


    Inox Style Railing Systems F50

    Thermal Break Sliding Systems

    Traditional or Modern Pergola

    Glass Supporting System Crystal Line

    Aluminium Fences & Gates

    Entrance Door


    Thermal Break Opening Systems

    Integrated Aluminium Solutions


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    Aluminium Building Systems

    Download the latest catalogue in pdf format from our website or order your free copy from our customer service line.

    Innovative aluminum

    systems to fulfill

    customers’ desires

    AL 200 Sliding with


    AL 205 Sliding

    AL 220 Lift & Slide with Thermalbreak

    AL 230 Sliding

    AL 250 Lift & Slide with Thermalbreak

    AL 410 Opening

    AL 450 Opening with Thermalbreak

    AL 510 Opening

    AL 540 Opening

    AL 520 Opening with Thermobreak

    AL 570 Opening with Thermobreak

    AL 590 Main entrance with


    PA 460 Folding Door

    SR 700/750 Rolling Shutters

    EW 50 Curtain Wall


    At Aluminco, you will find a wide range of products and systems -- from open- ing and sliding doors and windows to curtain wall and rolling shutter framings and accessories – that fulfill every construction and architectural desire.

    Maximum insulation, fine designs and ease of operation are important criteria to which the aluminium systems of Aluminco adhere. In order to meet the highest standards of these criteria, all of our systems have been thoroughly tested and certified for thermal insulation, air permeability, watertightness, re- sistance to wind load, sound reduction and security. All certifications are enti- tled by internationally accredited certification institutes such as ift Rosenheim (Germany), Instituto Jordano (Italy), etc.

    Moreover, you can choose from hundreds of different colours and finishes, ranging from a matt, gloss or metallic finish. Even a realistic wood effect be- longs to the possibilities. This choice is available for both the inside and the outside of the system, matching perfectly with the interior and exterior look of every property.

    Architectural Aluminium Systems Certified in 6 categories:

    Air Permeability

    Water tightness

    Resistance to Wind Load

    Thermal Insulation

    Sound Reduction

    Antitheft Security

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    F50 Railing System is based on an extremely simple design and constructional concept: a tubular system of anodized or polyester powder coated aluminum, which is elaborately bonded with connectors and supports creating a discrete, distinctive and high aesthetics result.

    F50 inox-type is a clever and very versatile system, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

    Available in three basic lines: ACCORD, HORIZON & VERTICAL, featuring a wide range of tubes and accessories, suitable for balconies and staircases.

    For minimal style lovers, glass and clear polycarbonate sheets can be imple- mented with glass clamps and fittings. Designed and produced according to UNI EN 10807:1999, NF P08-301:1991 & NF P01-013:1988 standards.

    All components are available in brushed anodizing of 20μm and in RAL finishes, according to QUALICOAT SEASIDE CLASS specifications applied by ALUMINCO

    F50 Railing System is anodized according to the Sulfuric acid method and the production meets the standards for moderate thickness coatings MIL-A-8625 Type II..

    F50 Railing System, inox line

    Download the latest catalogue in pdf format from our website or order your free copy from our customer service line.


    Stylish Unique

    a fully integrated railing system

    Available Finish

    209 ColorsΙΝΟΧ

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    ALUMINCO, a leader in the design and production of aluminium railings, presents a new patented glass support system with aluminum profile. Crystal Line system is ideal for applications on balconies and stairs with high architectural requirements. It offers an impressive aesthetic and operational result without restricting the view. No maintenance is required; it is easy to clean and is manufactured according to UNI ΕΝ 10807:1999, NF P01-013:1988 & NF P08-301:1991 standards.

    Crystal Line system is available in 3 basic types (floor, in-floor and external) with many variations. It can be placed on the final floor or on a parapet accommodating a glass of 16 or 20mm thickness (triplex, securit) with special finishing or even be combined with 4 different aluminum balustrades. Round Ø50, oval 76mm with channel for the glass and 2 with external support for a Ø50 balustrade.

    Crystalline, glass supporting system

    Download the latest catalogue in pdf format from our website or order your free copy from our customer service line.

    Simplicity and quality


    design and safety

    Type Α

    Type Α10

    Type Α20

    Type Α20u

    Type B

    Type C2

    Type C2u

    Type D

    Type Ds

    Type Dc

    Type E



    ER T I F I E D B







    ER T I F I E D B


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    Download the latest catalogue in pdf format from our website or order your free copy from our customer service line.

    Stylish Prestigious

    Romantic Harmonious

    Railings in traditional forms

    ALUMINCO railings are available in a wide range of traditional and modern designs and are made of a long-life aluminium alloy and profiles with anti-corrosion properties. An extensive number of accessories and profiles, powder coated according to seaside class standards; make any kind of application possible.

    The system is certified for its sound engineering des