Innovate in your . DMX IN, 1/8¢â‚¬â€Œ stereo auxiliary input,...

download Innovate in your . DMX IN, 1/8¢â‚¬â€Œ stereo auxiliary input, XLR 1/4¢â‚¬â€Œ COMBO Pro audio IN/THRU, USB audio

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Transcript of Innovate in your . DMX IN, 1/8¢â‚¬â€Œ stereo auxiliary input,...

  • Aurora Pro is a standalone, plug-and-play sound reactive lighting controller. Aurora analyzes audio in real-time to generate dynamic lighting designs.

    Innovate in your industry. Public spaces are seeking new ways to connect people in an increasingly digital world. Choose sophisticated interactive lighting that engages audiences and positions you as an innovator.

    Connect people. Spark deeper connections with a “heads-up” social platform. Encourage audiences to create lasting memories with their voices, motions, and social media interactions. Increase visitor turnout and keep audiences coming back for more.

    Avoid unnecessary costs and steep learning curves. Nobody should have to hire programming experts to create memorable experiences. Aurora creates interactive lighting out-of-the-box. Easily customize lighting effects using the Aurora Mobile App. Reconfigure the platform to reinvent displays year after year.

  • From lighting designers and industry experts:

    “We see very large potential for Aurora and its possibilities in the China market. Over the next year we would like to introduce this technology across many cities”

    — M. Zeng, Han Yuan Group, China

    “In my decades of experience in the lighting industry, this is the most exciting product that I have ever seen. I am impressed with the creativity and knowledge of the team at Limbic Media and I am thrilled to be partnering with them”

    — Darren Vader, CEO, Lumyn/Extreme Lightscapes, TX

    “For synchronizing music to lighting displays, Aurora is a sophisticated and easy to use solution. I can’t wait to spread the word through my 1300+ strong network of holiday lighting installers in 2018”

    — Josh Trees,, CA

    “The Aurora product was a great fit for the project. It was effective and easy to set up. We didn’t need to spend hours programming, yet it still had a feeling like the sound activated lights had been programmed to the music that was playing.”

    —Kerrigan O’Neill, Production Lighting Manager, Hollywood Lights Inc.

    From end users:

    “The lights are one of the key elements in this charity fundraising event. On behalf of Belford Properties, we are very pleased with how the addition of the lighting has attracted a tremendous amount of attention to our Charity Art Wall project.”

    —Chris Ba, Belford Properties

    “For the last 4 years, we have installed the Aurora system outside at the Burnaby Village Museum for both Christmas and Halloween events. It has been a huge hit, visitors really enjoy being able to interact with the lights through sounds and musical performances.”

    —Amy Wilson, City Of Burnaby

    “...We exceeded guest expectations as the Dallas Zoo hosted record crowds in the months of November and December.”

    —Sean Greene, Vice President of Guest Experiences, Dallas Zoo


  • Powerful sound-responsive lighting design • Uses patented algorithms to create real-time lighting designs based on audio input • Subtle audio features are visualized more distinctly and fluidly than anything in the

    market • Additional modes of light interaction available, including social media input, voice

    recognition, and motion detection • Contains a 2D and 3D geometric mapping engine to create spatial effects for

    volumetric LED installations

    Standalone, user-friendly technology • No external computer required • No need for expensive custom programming or lighting design • Creates sophisticated lighting design autonomously

    Easy customization • The Android or iOS Aurora Mobile App offers wireless control over lighting design • Control lighting effects, like color palette and pattern, in real-time • Contains a library of highly customizable patterns • Adapt lighting design in minutes for corporate colors, different events, holidays, and

    seasons year-round

    Large-scale RGB LED control • Controls up to 25,000 LED pixels, or more if using repeaters • Supports a variety of LED fixture styles to fit your installation needs

    3rd Party integration • Lighting professionals can take advantage of Aurora Pro’s DMX IN/OUT/THRU

    functions • Supports network-based LED pixel output including:

    • DMX • Art-Net* • KiNET* • NDI* • DDP • sACN* • WS2811/12b* • LDP8806*

    • Supports video frame output for media server integration*

    Waterproof and cold-weather rated • Operates from -25° - 50°C • Certified outdoor enclosures available • Ideal for permanent or temporary installations outside

    Multiple I/O options • USB Mic • ⅛” Audio IN/THRU • Balanced XLR ¼” COMBO Pro audio IN/THRU • DMX IN/OUT/THRU • Wi-Fi • Android and iOS mobile app

    *Contact Limbic Media for details.

  • AURORA MOBILE APP Design a sound-responsive lighting show in minutes

    Connect wirelessly to Aurora Pro

    Adjust lighting parameters like

    pattern and color palette in real-time

    Control lighting parameters in

    real-time in Live Control Mode

    Use Show Mode to create light

    cues that play in a sequence


    Retail & Marketing

    Cities & BIAs Gardens & Zoos

    EventsCommercial Holiday Lighting

  • DIMENSIONS Wireframes

  • SPECIFICATIONS Control, Electrical, Physical, Certification, Safety





    Input Voltage (NA)

    Max. Input Current (NA)

    Input Voltage (EU)

    Max. Input Current (EU)

    Max. Power Output

    DMX IN, 1/8” stereo auxiliary input, XLR 1/4” COMBO Pro audio IN/THRU, USB audio interface + Mic, USB 2.0 connector x 2, microUSB, panel mount buttons x 2, recessed button

    USB 2.0 connector x 2 (USB-to-Ethernet adapter available), 1⁄8” mono THRU, XLR 1/4” COMBO Pro audio IN/THRU, DMX OUT/THRU, 8 built-in RGB LED connectors

    120 VAC 60 Hz

    6.8 A

    240 VAC 50 Hz

    3.4 A

    348 W

  • Physical







    Operating Temperature



    Lighting/Native Protocol


    Operating Temperature





    2-Year standard Aurora Pro warranty on manufacturer’s defects. Extended warranties are available on request.

    See the Aurora Product Guide for a full list of Aurora accessories and add-ons

    299 x 158 mm x 85 mm (11.75 x 6.25 x 3.35 in)

    2.6 kg (5.7 lb)

    Acrylic/PVC blend

    -25° - 40°C (13° - 104°F)

    20~90% RH, non-condensing

    12V @ 35mA - 250mA (depending on fixture)

    5V UCS8903 (16 bits per channel addressing), 5 V WS2811x


    -20° - 50°C (-4° - 122°F)

    IP 65/66/67

    cLCus, CE

    cLCus, FCC, CE

    Indoor/dry location (Outdoor cases available for outdoor deployment. See the Aurora Product Guide for details.)

    Other light fixtures are compatible using modified versions of the Aurora Pro built-in RGB connectors. These reflect general specifications.



    Overview Aurora SE Aurora Pro Aurora Unlimited

    Price $ $$ $$$

    Maximum pixel count 25K 25K Unlimited

    Plug-n-play audio reactivity ✓ ✓ ✓

    No programming required ✓¹ ✓ ✓²

    Aurora mobile app ✓ ✓ ✓

    Standalone system X³ ✓ ✓⁴

    Lighting Control Protocols

    DDP ✓ ✓ ✓


    Color Kinetics KiNET X ✓ ✓

    Art-Net X ✓ ✓

    sACN X ✓ ✓

    WS2811/12b X ✓ ✓

    LPD8806 X ✓ ✓

    Physical I/O

    ¹/₈” Audio IN/THRU ✓ ✓ ✓

    XLR 1/4” COMBO Pro audio IN/THRU X ✓ ✓

    Built-in RGB LED connectors 0 8 0


    Ethernet ✓ X ✓

    USB ✓ ✓ ✓

    1 Network Distribution Box (NDB) configuration required ² Large scale installations may require custom programming support ³ Requires Network Distribution Box (NDB) and external power supply ⁴ May require additional components depending on requirements