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Transcript of Information value chain InformationEnd user. Information value chain Raw Information Listed

Information value chain InformationEnd user Information value chain Raw Information Listed Clustered Prioritized Clustered Prioritized Abstracted Alerted Key UsersCommunities & User groups Portals Knowledge Base Shares and ratios Trend and development Benchmarks Analysed Conclusions Recommendations Information Listedclusteredprioritised abstracted Alerted analysed recommended concluded Information value chain Intelligence van externe bronnen listed clustered prioritised abstracted analysed concluded recommended costs added value Trends / benchmarks / on-going 0.3man-day t= mdy t= mdy t=1.1 1mdy t=2.1 3mdy t= mdy t=5.5 +0mdy t=5.5 Externe intelligence Per project opstart cumulatief SEARCH Stakeholder knowledge map Specialist s Industries Key people Institutions / Organisations Stakeholder / relevance map 2010 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu klant Klassieke verbinding klantrelatie verdiepen dienstverlener Adviseur K-map I-map Kennis Kenners Klant Een verbinding erbij = klantrelatie versterken Intelligence Project / core process The knowledge cycle capturing labelling best practice transparency mapping sharing synergy storing Core documents Context documents Debriefing New insights Mistakes Learned lessons Knowledge base archive Business intelligence External information Knowledge base acceleration support Start up Schiphol airport Stakeholder monitoring Politics National govt Local govt Investors Airlines Suppliers Passengers Environmental groups Staff VK NRC FD VN HP/de tijd Elsevier aviation logistics trade Grey lit websites Daily papers Opinions Trade & industry Etc. 8 1)Anxxxxamide 2)BeexxN 3)Cheexxxxing Enzyme 4)Cholxxxxxxxptide 5)Labelxxxxxflavours 6)Deexxxxaste 7)Novxxxx Prebiotic 8)Lysxxxxdase 9)Mooxxxx Peptides 10)Mxxxx 11)Nytaxxxxxxxxxxnanas 12)Nxxxxxn for flxxxer bxxxxs 13)Nooxxxxxxxredients 14)Waxxxxxnding 15)Glxxxxxxxxpment Feasibilities product market capability exist new exist new Intermed new Business Intelligence Competitor Intelligence Supplier IntelligenceCustomer Int. Knowledge base researchCore process Past current future Technology Science Stakeholder intelligence (business, environment, political) Market intelligence Strategic intelligence Media Intelligence (comm.&PR) (sourcing) (CRM) (KM) Client of client Info-S responsibility BI mgt. responsibilityInterface (visualisation, interaction, capturing) Informed decisions Resource Intelligence (core process)